1988 Quarter Value: The Price and Errors

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Coin collection has been one of the most fun hobbies to do. For some people, having a hobby like collecting coins will be much helpful to ease their worries and make them have a new activity. If you’re new to collecting coins, you will also have many things to consider. For example, you need to know the 1988 quarter value.

Understanding the value of the quarter and other coins circulated in the U.S will be a fun thing. Especially if you want to be serious about collecting coins through the years. As you might get some things to make it more fun.

How much is a 1988 quarter worth

Especially if you want to start getting rare coins, you need to be serious.

You might also want to know the collecting hobby works. So, you need to know first that collecting the coins is just like learning. As they are also parts of history, you need to know their value. For example, you need to know the 1988 quarter value. Their value can determine your overall coin collection value.

Your success as a coin collector is not determined by how many coins you have or how rare your coin collection is. The main point is how you can get a story behind each coin. You can learn how they are produced, and what events happened at the time the coins are produced.

Understanding the price of the coins will also help you to find a good seller and will not get scammed when you buy them. So, are you ready to get the most unique collecting journey in your life? Let’s start by learning what to do before you start collecting!

The Preparation for New Collectors

Having a hobby as a collector is quite challenging, as you need to follow the trend and what happened in the industry. If you want to be a collector, then you need to know what things to do for it. So, we have some things for you to try if you want to start your collecting hobby.

Here are some of the most important things to do:

  1. Learn about the coins. You might have a strong will to start your collecting journey, but you need to calm down and get the most comfortable start to your new hobby. Don’t push yourself. Just start low by learning the coin editions, mints, and other things related to the coins.
  2. You need to also know about the history. Indeed, collecting the coin is just like school; you need to learn to get the best. If you want to have a good collection, then finding the best coins with a certain value will be a good thing. In case you want to know the rare coins, you will need to get some historical knowledge.
  3. Understand the rarity of some coins, whether it is circulated or not. The 1965 silver coins can have a skyrocketing price as they are rare and you need to know why. They are expensive due to their rarity. In 1965, the inflation is unbearable and you need to know there was a shortage of silver coins. The silver coins are even circulated unnoticed by society.
  4. Understanding the price of rare coins will also be a good thing for you. For example, is when you know the 1988 quarter value. The coins are common, but some editions of them can be quite attractive to have. Some of the series are even priced at $2100.
  5. You will also need to know the terms of coin collection. Some terms like graded, ungraded, circulated, and mints are some things you need to know before you start collecting the coins. They are important as basic knowledge for collectors.

Being a coin collector is just like learning, just like what we said before. When you’re looking for a good collection, then you can find more exciting things here. You can also get some unique traits for it.

1988 quarter value

So, you don’t have to worry about anything. Make sure you understand the value, just like the 1988 quarter value for your collection.

The Value of 1988 Quarters

Start your collection by having the 1988 quarters. They are easy to find and affordable for circulated ones. The 1988-D Washington quarter can value from .25C to .50C if it is in its mint state. The circulated ones are worth $1.

Some of the 1988 quarters are also extremely valuable. The MS63 grade is worth quite expensive. The most expensive quarter can be the 1988-D Washington quarter with an MS67 grade in a PCGS holder. It is also worth expensive if in an NGC holder.

However, the uncirculated coins can value less than the others.

So, what makes the coins to be expensive? You can expect a high price for the circulated coins which have been cleaned and scratched. Some damaged coins can also value at a high price. So, you need to know the basic knowledge before you start collecting them.

1988 Quarter Specifications

If you want to know more about the coins, then you can also learn about the specification of the certain coin you want to have. In case you want to have a rare coin, then you need to also know the specifications before you start collecting them.

1988 quarter value can be quite popular due to its common design. It is also sleek and unique to see. It can sit perfectly in your collection. So, you will find how your 1988 coins look pretty all.

Here are the specifications you can get for your collecting journey:

  1. John Flanagan designed the coin and has his work with it. He has a simple design and timeless.
  2. This coin has a 24.3 mm diameter and weighed 5.7 grams.
  3. Just like any other coins circulated after 1965, the coins are made of a copper core with a copper-nickel alloy. Unlike the previous pure silver coins, you can find them to be different.
  4. The edge of this coin is reeded, which makes the design quite different than the notched ones. If you want to find a good coin, make sure to contact trusted sellers.
  5. You will also need to know about the mint mark. For your note, you can find the mint mark above the R in QUARTER in the coin editions at the year of 1932 to 1964. From 1965 to 1967, the coins don’t have a mint mark. At the beginning of 1968, the coins have a mint mark just behind Washington’s hair tie.

You can be a successful collector once you understand them. If you have some things that will be good for your collecting journey, you can start choosing some of the most important things to start your collecting hobby.

1988-D Washington Quarter Value

Now, we’re about to see how you can get some information about the coins. You will need some friends and acquaintances to guide you to a good collecting hobby. Just like how you know the 1988 quarter value, you will also need some things to bring your collection the best exposure.

Places to Buy the Coins

Being a new collector is hard and challenging. Especially for you who want to get some things that will make your collecting journey more comfortable. For newbies, starting collecting the coins is more than understanding the 1988 quarter value. However, you will also need to get some trusted companions for this new journey.

  1. Make sure you know the place to buy the coins. Some coins are available only in trusted, certified places. These rare coins are important for everyone who wants to improve their reputation as a coin collector. However, if you’re a new collector, make sure you buy them from a trusted seller.
  2. Get to some communities, as they will give you the latest news related to coin collection. The communities will share many new insights, just like the 1988 quarter value. It also gives you many easy steps you can enjoy them.
  3. If you want to do business in trading coins, then you need to know a trusted person who knows the industry. It is important because you will rely on them to do your portfolio. Thus, finding them will bring comfort as you can be sure of their originality and other aspects of it.
  4. Finding a good business is not a hard thing, but if you want to shift from a collector to a trader, you need to also know the rules. Understanding some things just like the 1988 quarter value will help you to find the best life.

Embarking on your journey as a coin collector is a fun thing. If you want to experience something fun, you can also get them for your collection journey. Being a collector will bring you many fun things. However, it is not only about the value.

Besides understanding the value, you will also know how to make a strategy for finding rare coins ( valuable wheat pennies ). These rare items will make you feel more confident about having them. In case you want to be a collector, you will also know how to get your wanted coins to be yours. So, just start by understanding the 1988 quarter value.

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