1988 20 Dollar Bill Values In The Market Today

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If you are collecting old coins and bills, there are many designated years of the bills, and each of them has a different value and worth in today’s antique coins and bill market. If you wanted to know the value of each coin, you can refer to our official website here. Now, we are going to discuss with you the value and worth of the 1988 20 dollar bill in the market today.


1988 20 Dollar Bill Value

Here are the specifications of the 1988 $20 bills:

  • Denomination of bills: $20
  • Type: reserve notes bill
  • The portrait used in the bill: Andrew Jackson
  • Bill Series: 1934 20USD, 1934A 20USD, 1934B 20USD, 1934C 20USD, and 1934D 20USD.

How Much Is A 1988 Bill Worth With Inflation Calculated?

First, we need to know the value of $20 in the years of 1988, as it has changed due to inflation past 34 years and now its value would be calculated based on its inflation value for the 34 years.

According to the inflation chart and calculations, in 1988, $20 is now equivalent to at least $50 today, it was increased by more than 115%, with increases of 30 dollars over 30 years.

In the US, the USD has an average inflation rate of its USD of at least 2.75% per year, and now it is affecting every year, producing its cumulative price for each dollar and labor for 151.91%.

So, if the inflation rate was calculated, the $20 would be as much as $50, however, if the number holds, the next year’s $20 from 1988 20 dollar bill value would be at least $51 to $55.

However, if you are looking for antique dollar bills, with the 1988 20 dollar bill, many things will be calculated into its price and value, such as how it was graded, the condition, and if it is circulated or not. So, if you are looking for an antique dollar bill value, such as with 1988 $20, then you have come to the right place.

How Old Is A 1988 20-Dollar Bill Worth In The Current Market?

If it is circulated grade, and t has much damage, or just at least in good value, it would be worth the same as its initial face value of $20. As it is an old dollar bill, you couldn’t also use it for the transaction, and sell it to the pawn shop.

If your dollar bill is just a regular $20 bill from 1988, forget about selling it, as it won’t be worth anything more than its face value.

However, if the money is at least a fine grade, the value would be around $30 to $45, with different grading, and conditions.

If the money is actually in uncirculated grade, it could be worth a lot, as it is rare, uncirculated, and pristine condition grade money, and it would be worth at least $70 to $100.

1988 20 Dollar Bill

Don’t make this fool you, however, it would need to be the rare specified type of the dollar bill, such as with the 1998 C, and D type, along with a special serial number. Other than that, it wouldn’t be valued more than its initial face value, and you will be delusional if you bring it to the auction.

How Do Some Serial Numbers and Stickers Make Rare Paper Money?

If you are trying to sell some old dollar bills, such as the 1988 20 dollar bill and the claim is random money to be worth more than $50, then the cashier will scratch their head, call their manager, or probably laugh at you.

The 1988 dollar bills are worth just as much as the initial face value of $2.00, and they will remain so for more than years later.

What makes some of the 1988 $20 bill value is the paper serial number and stickers on it, as some of them have their special serial number, designated stickers that would make them rarer, and their grade of uncirculated.

However, this special number and uncirculated grade of bills are only a handful, with at least 100, and no more than around 300 in the US market, so it is pretty rare.

Frequently Asked Questions About A 1988 20-Dollar Bill Worth

To get the best value and worth of the 1988 dollar value, you need to understand about few of these questions. To help you answer any questions and confusion regarding the 20-dollar bills from 30 years ago here, let us answer some questions.

How to find the 1988 twenty-dollar bill value? You can find it in many places, in the old antique shop, sometimes in a pawnshop, as well as receiving it as the changes in many places. However, to find valuable pieces, you have to work harder than that, hunting for rare paper money in auctions, etc.

How to know our 1988 20-dollar bill is valuable? Visit our site to get more info on rare paper dollar money and coin.

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