1981 Quarter Value: How Much is Worth?

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1981 Quarter Value – One of the earliest types of collectible art is coin collecting. a traditional art style that inspires a sense of unity with historical eras, nearly extinct cultures, and ancient civilizations. Essentially, collecting coins awakens your need for knowledge and transports you back in antiquity.

Most individuals usually start collecting coins as a pastime, however, a small percentage of coin collectors eventually fall in love with the activity’s historical roots.

1981 P Quarter Value

While some people collect coins for financial gain and as a means of investment. People are beginning to understand that some coins, like the 1981 quarter, are quite valuable.

Why You Should Begin Your Coin Collection

Start a coin collection for a variety of reasons.

To start, increase your historical knowledge. Holding a small piece of history in your hands is unquestionably cool, whether it’s an ancient coin with an image of Alexander the Great or a 1943 US cent made of zinc-coated steel rather than the standard copper. Coins from the past have intriguing tales to share.

An investment comes next. The worth of a coin is determined by a few factors and, in certain situations, exceeds its “face value.” Some coins are composed of pricey metals, and among numismatic experts, uncommon coins frequently fetch high prices—the most precious ones may even fetch millions of dollars.

A high-quality, highly sought-after coin can be a wise investment. If your main objective is to eventually sell your coins for a profit, you must do in-depth research on currencies and market trends in order to choose the best feasible acquisition strategy.

Third, have fun! You could like the rush of finally finding a rare coin or completing a certain set, you might value a coin’s aesthetic and artistic worth, or you might enjoy socializing with other enthusiasts who share your interests. Many individuals enjoy and find satisfaction in the pastime of coin collecting.

About 1981 Quarter Value

The 1981 quarter coin, which was produced that year, is a collectible. It measures 24.26 mm in diameter and is constructed of 9.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. Due to its restricted production, this coin is prized as a desirable collectible.

How Much is a 1981 Quarter Worth

A 1981 quarter coin with a verified mint state (MS+) is worth $6. In the meanwhile, if the coin’s value is average, it may be worth 25 cents.

It’s no secret that the 1981 D Washington Quarter is one of the most well-known US coins if you’ve been collecting coins for a while. Unfortunately, though, its appeal to collectors has begun to decline.

It’s usually a good idea to carry coins in your palm or save money for rolls. On the other side, there may be times when you desire to sell certain collectible coins.

This page is for you if you’re interested in learning how much a 1981 quarter coin is worth. We’ll also assist you in getting acquainted with these coins so you can decide if they’re valuable enough to keep or sell.

The General Value of the 1981 Quarter Coin

If your 1981 Quarter penny is a certified mint condition (MS+), it may be valued at roughly $6. Expect the value to be 25 cents if it is average.

It is fair to presume that the coin is worth around 25 cents in average condition when estimating its value. You may thus sell it for $6 at auction if the coin is in perfect mint condition (MS+).

Keep in mind that a coin’s value is not determined by an established grading system. When a coin is described as typical and has been graded MS+ by a reputable coin grading service, it is in a similar condition to other 1981 coins in that year.

The condition of the 1981 Washington Quarter can have a big influence on the pricing. Damage or a scratch that hasn’t been cleaned up, however, is assessed at face value.

The History of the 1981 Washington Quarter

In 1981, the year that President Ronald Reagan was elected, the US Mint began issuing George Washington Quarters.

On June 1st of that year, the 1981 Washington Quarter was formally released. The Denver Mint produced the coin. One of the most often used coins in the 50 State Quarters Program is this one.

The George Washington picture, created by John Flanagan, appears on the front. Washington is facing away from the spectator as we are staring through a window. The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “Quarter Dollar,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” are inscribed along with the denomination on the reverse side.

George Washington is remembered, and the 1981 Quarter has a theme that celebrates his life and contributions. Even though he lived two centuries ago, his legacy continues today.

What is the 1981 Quarter Made Of?

John Flanagan created the 1981 George Washington quarter, which is made of 91% copper and 9% nickel.

The coin weighs 5.67 grams and has a diameter of 24 mm.

Does the 1981 Quarter Have Various Value?

The quality, date, mint mark, and other elements, as well as the 1981 Quarter, all affect its worth.

Coin collectors frequently start by examining the condition of the 1981 Quarter. The wording and mint mark are then taken into account for determining the coin’s worth.

1981 D Quarter Value

The coin’s value is also influenced by the year it was issued. Coins in circulated conditions are referred to as common coins in the numismatic community. Additionally, coins have never been touched or circulated.

Check out the following to get a wider picture:

  • Condition

The condition and grade of a 1981 George Washington quarter play a big role in how much it is worth. Depending on its grade and condition, the coin is worth between $3 and $44.

  • Mintmark

Numerous variations on the 1981 Washington Quarter indicate that it was struck in several locations.

Philadelphia struck the 1981 George Washington Quarter with a P mintmark. Both the 1981 D and 1981 S quarters were struck in Denver and San Francisco, respectively.

  • Circulation vs. non-circulation

George Washington quarters from 1981 that were in circulation are valued up to $6 apiece. It may increase to $18 just like the uncirculated coin.

  • Demand

Before purchasing the 1981 George Washington Quarters, coin collectors quickly researched the market. Just like the value of any other currency, keep in mind that the market fluctuates.

On the other hand, like other collectible coins, the price of the 1981 George Washington Quarters is greatly impacted by the coin’s supply and demand as well as the state of the market.

  • S Type 1 and Type 2 from 1981

The pricing range for the 1981 Quarter with the P mintmark and Type 1 Proof is $5 to $40. The Type 2 evidence is valued between $10 and $190, meanwhile.

What Makes the 1981 Quarter Collectible?

One of the most well-known commemorative quarters in US history is the 1981 Washington Quarter. It follows that the interest in collecting these coins among both new and seasoned collectors is not surprising.

Initially, coin collection was done to save your earnings. However, given their lengthy histories, more and more individuals are increasingly collecting coins.

If you can find really expensive or uncommon coins, like the 1981 Quarter, coin collecting may be a successful pastime. This specific coin was produced during the start of the 50-state quarter program. However, only 90% of the states had the currency in circulation. This indicates how uncommon these coins are.

These coins are worth looking for since they have values that range from $3 and above. This is particularly valid if you want to sell them.

Are 1981 Washington Coins High Value?

A 1981 George Washington quarter is worth a lot to collectors. This is due to the fact that just one design has been used on more than 50 million 1981 George Washington quarters since the coin’s 1967 debut.

Its distinctive design is now valued as a collectible. Its worth has also increased significantly over time.

These coins frequently bear distinctive mint markings. This indicates that the coins were specifically minted. These mint markings often show the location of the coin’s production.

Some mint markings imply that the piece was struck in Philadelphia, while others point to San Francisco, Denver, or West Point as possible minting locations.


One of the most expensive American coins ever produced is the George Washington Quarter from 1981. Therefore, whether you wish to collect or sell them, knowing their worth is essential.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is the error in the 1981 quarter?

Errors & Varieties at Collectors’ Clearinghouse On the rim of the coin, die-struck lettering are misinterpreted for die wear. This 1981-P Washington quarter dollar exhibits an example of rim-restricted design duplication on the northern arc of the design rim.

Are any 1981 quarters valuable?

The majority of well-known coin collector’s websites believe that an Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition 1981-P Washington Quarter is worth $6.65 or more.

Are there any valuable 1981 quarters?

What is the value of a 1981 D Washington Quarter? One in certified mint state (MS+) condition might get as much as $6 at auction, while one in Average Circulated (AC) condition is only worth around 25 cents.

Where is the mint mark on a 1981 quarter?

This coin’s mint mark is located on the front right.

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