1981 20 Dollar Bill Value

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Could you locate an old 1981 20-dollar bill in your house? Star notes can sell for more money than the majority of 1981 twenty-dollar bills. The bills are described in greater detail in the following sections.

1981 20 Dollar Bill Value

Most bills in circulation are only worth their face value of $20. If a bill is in the better condition grades it will sell for more money. What’s more, Star notes often sell for a higher price.

1981 20 Dollar Bill Value

The most common 1981 series $20 bills are worth about $25. An uncirculated bill that has received an MS 63 grade will sell for around $65. From time to time, the bills issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis can sell for more money.

$20 bills from the 1981A series have a selling price of about $25. Uncirculated $20 bills from the 1981A series in the MS 63 condition sell for about $55-60.

1981 20 Dollar Bill Worth: Star Notes

US Star Notes are bills the US Federal Reserve prints that are a replacement for any worn-out dollar bills in the federal money supply.

They are rare, thus more valuable. If there’s a star symbol at the end of the serial number, then you know you’ve got a star note.

A $20 note from the 1981 series typically retails for about $30 to $40. A $20 note in Extremely Fine condition will have a worth of about $45 to $50.

An uncirculated example sells for around $95-125 in an MS 63 grade but is much more valuable for uncirculated notes from the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

1981 Twenty Dollar Bill Worth

If you happen to have a 1981A Series $ 20-star note in your possession, you can make around $30 if it’s in very fine condition.

If it’s in excellent condition, you can get closer to $50. To give you an idea, uncirculated notes with an MS 63 grade are typically around $100.

You can learn more about the value of banknotes (20-dollar bills) in the link below that we have provided:

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1981 20 Dollar Bill Errors by Grading System

This note has been in circulation for a while but is still relatively crisp. Light smudges, folds, or creases may be present.

The note will be bright and crisp, with almost all of its original crispness. It shows very little sign of circulation. The item may have a few minor creases or folds, but there are no stains, discolorations, or tears.

An MS 63 choice uncirculated note shows no signs of ever being circulated. It is still crisp and clean. A good centering is also evident in the note.

What is a 1981 $20 bill worth? for example, $20 in 1981 was worth $65.30 in 2022.

How can you tell if a 1981 20-dollar bill is real? Notes with embedded threads are visible both upward and downward, running vertically to the left of the Federal Reserve Bank seal. The thread has the words USA and TWENTY alternating in an alternating pattern. Ultraviolet light illuminates the thread, which glows green.


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