1961 Quarter Value and Worth Today

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Pay attention your old Quarter might have some more value than they are just a simple quarter, with the 1961 quarter value nowadays starting from $3.21 at the minimum in the underlining of the silver price for moving your old coin at this level. So we’re going to lay out some information about the 1961 Washington quarter.

The Mints

There are two different minting facilities that produce this 1961 Washington Quarter, which are the minting facility of Philadelphia (P) and the minting facility of Denver (D). Philadelphia has a P whereas Denver has a D mintmark located in the reverse.

Where both of them have relatively the same value in less than the high Gem quality of the coin’s conditions.

1961 Quarter Value

How do you know if your coin is in tip-top shape conditions? 1961 quarter value is the same as any other coin in the matter of price if the coin is in collectible conditions. Dealers will pay for collectors and premiums price when it is found in the uncirculated conditions.

There is a chart for coin value in which the prices are defined by date, mintmark present, and the conditions of the coin. A 1961-D Quarter will mean that the quarter is the one minted in the minting facility in Denver in 1961. As we explained briefly above, the D mintmark will be located on the reverse and below the wreath.

Generally speaking, the 1961 quarter value is as conditional as it is in brand-new conditions or in very worn conditions.

This is a simple tip to know in what condition your coin is, you need to line the quarters in a row, determine their state of preservation then assign each to a Grade.

To be noted, as you proceed with that tip, you ought to handle each and every coin carefully because the 1961 uncirculated coins have the highest value on the market.

How to detect the 1961 uncirculated quarter? By looking at its conditions, visibly the conditions of the coin will appear to be unaware since the coin is being minted, and it can be seen on its surfaces.

The quarter with these conditions is clearly the most sought out by dealers and collectors, and the rarity of this coin makes the 1961 quarter value pretty high.

The Washington 1961 Fine conditions Quarter, you can look in the quarter is the chin where you then extend up and through the hair details if it is worn flat while also reaching into the curls above the ear.

If the coin is in that condition, it is in fine condition because it has been worn but not overly worn. This will give this version of the quarter, a fine kind of price.

The Washington quarter’s in good condition, shown with the coin conditions of the major detail is seen as flattened because of how often it was being used, with the top letters have begun to fade and merge into the rim. With these conditions, the 1961 quarter value is only their silver content.

The 1961 quarter value is closely related or tied to the silver’s price. Although, in the Washington series of quarters a few rate mintmarks and dates stand out and have been found in high conditions. The coin then can be compared to a grading image system and then separated by the conditions by checking rare dates on the value chart.

The Historical Background

Did you know, that the first-ever silver quarter of George Washington was issued in 1932? It was to honor the late first president of the united States’ birth in 1732, it was originally only going to be a one-year commemorative thing but then something happened, and they never changed any of the design, and then turned out people liked it so they keep producing it to this day.

1961 Quarter with No Mint Mark

Become the permanent quarter coin, replacing the Standing liberty design.

Although in the year 1999 the effigy of Washington’s quarter was slightly altered with the 50-state quarter program, the Washington quarter is still in use.

That is also why the coin is still the most popular coin to be collected, or in another word, being collectible, especially true for the high quality and uncirculated coins that can also be called a mint state grade.

One of the first rules of George Washington’s 1961 quarter value, is to look for coins worth more than the face value in circulation is to look for silver coins. 90% of silver dimes, half dollars, and quarters are being made through the year 1964 in the United States.

These coins, now worth so much more than face value, it doesn’t affect how damaged or worn the coin may be.

This brings us to the point of the case with 90% of silver quarters made from 1960 through 1964, due to the melting value of the content of the coins, these coins have worth around $4 to $5 each, but then when the silver price value is up it can get to $20 an ounce.

Added pieces of information are that, if you are going to collect these coins we advise you to also collect the coin with the D mintmark, the D is symbolizing the place the coin was minted which is in Denver minting facility.

1961 D Quarter Value

The mintmark is located on the reverse or the back of the coin and just below the heraldic eagle, the quarter with this mintmark have more or less an equal value in term of the silver value.

How To Sell A Coin Or Find A Good Dealer

Firstly, every step before making any sale is determining the real range value of the coin that you want to sell, then after you do some research and know the minimum and maximum value of your coin, your next step is to find the dealer.

Always do research for more than one dealer, and make sure you find a good candidate for the dealer, because it can be hard since the internet makes it hard to know for real when they have the title of “the best coin dealer for you!”.

So, never settle on the first dealer that pops up, due diligence and find the dealer that will pay you a fair price for your coin or the one that will have the ability to help you out when you want to buy any other old coin.

The one thing that you shouldn’t do is sell your coin to a pawnshop, why? Because when there might be good pawn shops that have a good record of buying and selling things about many objects and things.

But for collectible things, pawn shops will not give you the best price on them, especially for silver quarters.

The 1961 quarter value, will not sell at a good price in these types of shops, more of it is the jewelers, they should stick to what is their best specialty, which are brooches, necklaces, and rings as well as diamonds.

For coins, you will need to find a coin dealer having a good amount of years of experience and expertise in their name. The one with the track record of buying and selling coins regularly, one with the rare coins deals on their pocket of expertise, gold bullion coinage, silver coins, and any other numismatic things.

Choose a coin dealer that has a good list of connections with experts in the coin field, it will be better if you look for a coin dealer that has been authorized as a professional coin grader.

Dealers that are reputable, have a good chunk of past customers as well as return customers while also being a dealer who is well connected, that will go the extra mile for their customers will be a good parameter for your search.

A stunning 1961-D in a GEM quality will have a value of $184 on an internet auction. The coin with soft golden toning splashes makes the bright silvery-blue surface of the coin looks fantastic for collectors because this coin is a true Washington quarter with GEM quality. Having no abrasions or any distracting marks from contact with any other coins.

That gem value of a price is one of the reasons why you need to inspect your coin closely and determine if your coin has premium quality or only silver value quality. Because thousands of the 1961-P coins survived in the Mint state but the majority of it riddled with contact marks.

That’s why the Gems quarter above the MS66 is highly sought after because of how rare it is. The Philadelphia quarters between 1956-1964 struck from the type B reverse (the retired proof dies) and the quarter from 1961 is one of the years least often seen.

Per the NCG Price Guide in November 2022, the Washington 1961 quarter value in circulated conditions has a value price between $4.30 and $6.75, but the 1961 Quarters in uncirculated and pristine conditions, have a value of around $4,950 on the open market.

Fun fact to close up our article, earlier issues of the Washington quarter from the 1934 double die and the 1943-S doubled die are valued more than any 1960’s quarters on some list of collectibles.

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