What Is the Role of Digital Currencies and Blockchain in Achieving Social Change?

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As technology develops, the opportunities it offers to expand. Instant access to information fosters education. It also fosters social change, as people can organize and take part in events where they connect with others and their ideas. The world of blockchain has expanded tremendously during the last couple of years and it gained more momentum not only among youngsters but among all people passionate about technology.

Having a passive income is always beneficial as it allows you to explore the world and all the possibilities it comes with. However, many people associate crypto digital currencies and bitcoins only with transactions. As they can be followed online, the perspective on this innovation is kind of biased.

You should know that digital currencies have an extraordinary role in achieving social change, even though people fail to notice this. Let’s see what their role is in achieving this.

International Aid

One of the roles of digital currencies and blockchain in achieving social change is that they can be used everywhere. You can buy or receive digital currencies if you have a crypto wallet and this helps you achieve your goals.

Here, we are talking about organizations around the world whose goals are to provide equal educational opportunities to children, protect the environment and animals, and build safe homes for people affected by natural disasters.

Even though it might seem strange to not receive donations in the form of money as we know it, a lot of organizations keep up the pace with technological advancements and now have their crypto wallet. They can receive donations in the form of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and they can change it afterward.

What’s nice is that some organizations have even created their own cryptocurrency in the form of charity coins that help them raise money for their projects and initiatives around the world.

As a student who wants to find out more about these changes in the financial and monetary world, you can discover a lot of information online. However, if you are a business or finance student, you might be asked by your professor to take a deeper look into these topics.

Producing social change is not always easy, but it is always good. Changes do not come easy as everyone likes comfort, but they actually help individuals and communities grow. You can find unique examples of argumentative essay in social issues that help you make an impression on how social changes are produced.

There are free samples online, many written by a free essay service that offers valuable insights into the world of blockchain and social change.

Democracy and Choosing Your Leaders

Social change has to be made not only in the universe of organizations that are fighting for a healthier planet but in the world of democracy and government too. Blockchain technology is not only about creating crypto coins and exchanging digital currencies. It is about technologies that help manage elections clearly and democratically.

There is always someone who wants to fraud the elections, there are people who attempt to vote for more than one time. Which can, in turn, lead to choosing leaders who are not right for the country. Well, blockchain technology helps manage all this transparently, making sure the election process is not frauded but is integrity.

Final Words

Digital currencies and blockchains have changed the world a lot. Even though the perspective of the mainstream media is that they are only contributing to the rise of crimes around the world, this is not an absolute truth. Indeed, blockchain technologies do not track digital currencies so anyone can donate or send crypto coins to anyone’s wallet without the coins being tracked.

However, they have an essential role in achieving social change. International organizations are accepting donations in the form of digital currencies and many of them have even created their own crypto coins. It becomes increasingly easy to support the mission of environmental and humanitarian organizations around the world.

At the same time, blockchain technology comes with the transparency that many countries and governments need. Election frauds are more and more common, but these technologies help manage the process and prevent people from voting more than one time.

Bio lines: Angela Boggs is a content writer and blogger. She is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and she has already invested some money in some digital coins. Even though the crypto market is pretty volatile, Angela thinks it contributes to a better future and can be a source of passive income.


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