1983 Quarter Value Discussion And Worth

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1983 Quarter – When you are looking at the most valuable pieces of coins and pennies, you might not even be aware that the usual 1983 quarter value would be higher than its initial face value. For some avid collectors and coin hunters, they understand that sometimes the 1983 quarter value and any other older coins, pennies, and a quarter can be much higher depending on their grade, rarity, category, and many more.

For the 1983 d quarter value the prices could be worth around $3.12 to around $4.12, while the poorer grade would only be worth around its initial face value.

However, some of the rarer grades like the P quarter or S quarter could be worth much more than that, therefore you should know the coin before you start rolling and hunting for it. Here are a few things you should know first before hunting for 1983 coins.

1983 P Quarter no mint mark value

One thing to keep in mind is, that if you are fine with collecting old money as a hobby and fine with spending hundreds and thousands of hard-earned money on pieces of paper and old metal, then it should be fine.

However, coin rolling and hunting aren’t equal to working hard, as they are gambling, and the chances of earning money from it are vanishingly small since it is also a gambling activity too.

What You Should Know About The 1983 Quarter Value And Coin Hunting In General

For those who don’t know, coin hunting and coin rolling are thrilling activities, in such, you will bring a coin rolling pack from an online shop such as eBay or Amazon and then hope on getting some rare coins and even better value coin for their prices.

This is a thrilling activity, but some people consider this gambling, and addictive, as such, it has a thrilling but sometimes dangerous on its side.

When you are doing coin hunting or coin rolling, sometimes you might encounter older coins and quarters such as with the 1983 quarter value. Sometimes they can be much worth than you think, and sometimes they are utter garbage. It all depends on how you look at it, how they can be graded, and wanted by any collectors out there.

Day by day, the value and chances of finding the 1983 quarter worth of money are getting slimmer as valuable pieces would be bought, and out of circulation, hence finding a good one sometimes might take a while, and even you might not get any valuable pieces of quarters or pennies after spending more than $100.

The best chances you got might be from other collectors and coin dealers that sell the coin you are looking for.

In this article, we will discuss the 1983 quarter value with the true worth in the market.

Is it a rare find? Or is it yet garbage you wasted on the $10 pack of coin rolling because you can’t control your urge for gambling?

We will discuss with this specific 1983 quarter value how much they are valued by collectors, and is there any worth in it with good or finer grade?

1983 Quarter Value And Worth In The Current Market

Most of the time, 1980s coins like the 1983 Washington quarter value would be the same as their initial face value of just $0.25, however, some of the rarest minted struck can be valuable with a higher grade. For example, the Philadelphia mint, sometimes dubbed as Philly mint could be graded as high as an MS uncirculated grade of 67 that could be worth around $45 to even $167.

The 1983 quarter value itself, however, is not the rarest, as well as not the most valuable piece of the quarter.

Nonetheless, when timing, situation, and category are correct, some of the 1983 quarter could be valued high, with more than $45, but in normal, poor to good grades, the prices of each quarter have been standardized at just around $3.12.

According to our data source, the 1983 quarter wasn’t the most valuable piece, however, it is quite an uncommon find, as such, some of the quarters could potentially have good value, such as the 1983 s proof quarter value that could reach around $15 to $20.

However, normally you will get around $0.30 for around $0.8 for just poor and good grades for the 1983 quarter.

As for the pricing guide, you can refer to our pricing chart for 1983, with the average prices for each grade, divided into Poor grade, good, very good, fine, very fine, Xfinity, and the MS as well as AU grade that has been considered as uncirculated with highest of 1983 no mint quarter value.

For the circulated pieces, like with the 1983 p quarter value circulated the pricing might vary, depending on conditions and grading, but most likely because of grading.

The circulated coin always has a drop-off value, which is why it won’t be worth that much compared with some uncirculated grades. Some of it’s could at least worth around $5, but normal poor grades would only be around $0.30.

There is also the error quarter that can be defined as a deficit, and very rare pieces of the coin as they are quite rare, and possibly the chances of finding some 1983 d error quarter value are vanishingly small. These error pennies can be worth more than $10 to even $50, as they are pretty rare, but very hard to come by.

In some extremely rare cases, however, there is one 1983 quarter worth $15 000 that has been sold in the late 2018 auction and has been bought up again in the near 2022 for around $20.000 for one piece.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 1983 S Quarter Value

Whenever you are hunting the most valuable foreign coins, pennies, or quarters from the late From 1970s to the 1980s, you will sometimes observe some questions and things that you have missed out on about coin rolling and hunting.

1983 d quarter

So, to help you get better in coin rolling, to make sure you can have valuable rolls on your coin gambling, and then here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the 1983 copper quarter value.

Why Is The 1983 P Quarter Valuable?

There are three different varieties of the 1983 quarters, the no mint mark quarter, the D quarter, and the S proof quarter. Each of them is different depending on its minted location, and also the total quantity minted this year. The most common quarter of this year is the no mint mark quarter, minted in Philadelphia, and then also nicknamed Philly mint.

However, there is also the 1983 P quarter, or the Proof quarter that was minted in San Francisco, however, it is quite rare as it is minted in quite limited amounts, hence its rarity, as well as its value. That’s why some of the most valuable pieces of 1983 are from the Proof penny, which ranges from around $4 to $15.

Are There Any Valuable 1983 Quarters?

Normally, you will only get around the usual worth of the coins, with around $3.12 at max, and if it is in poor circulated grade, you might only be able to sell it for around $0.25 or its initial face value. However, there are also some rarer grades, more valuable pieces of the quarter that you might be wondering how to get for so long.

Some of these valuable pieces are the uncirculated grade (Pristine grade that hasn’t seen any circulations, therefore the condition is as pristine as it was first minted), the proof quarter (the rare proof type quarter coins), and also the error quarters.

For example, how much is a 1983 spitting eagle quarter worth? For this type of error, and depending on its grading, it could reach around $5 to $25 at least.

Why Is The 1982 Quarter Valuable?

One of the reasons that some of the 1982 quarter is valuable is because of its high content of copper. Back before the 1970s, the Washington quarter was made from silver, hence it is much more valuable than the newer one, but the 19803 quarter value is still pretty good, and can be quite valuable, especially if you have a better good grade.

Another reason why some of them are valuable is also caused by the historical value behind them, the collector’s value, and what quarters from the 80s are worth money.

The answer is that some of the Proof quarters, as well as the error quarters occasionally show up in the market.

How Much Is A 1983 Quarter Worth In 2022

Some of the extremely rare 1983 “d” quarters could be worth around $800 – $2.500, but that is only the extremely rare grade, as the chances of finding one are very hard and vanishingly small to find. So, normally you will get at least $3.12 to around $7 for normal to good and fine grades.

So, these are our complete discussions regarding about 1983 quarter value, how much it is worth in the current market, how to find a buyer for your 1983 quarters, and how to distinguish between the valuable quarters with the junk ones.

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