1980 Quarter Value In 2022

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1980 Quarter – The Quarter Dollar is a currency coin from the United States that has a value equal to 25 cents. The 1980 Quarter value is equal to 25 cents. Quarter dollars have been off and on since 1796 and perenially since 1831.

The denomination was released in silver from its inception to 1964 and underwent several design changes ultimately the Washington silver quarter (1932 – 1964) which featured the first President of the United States on the obverse and the American Eagle clutching a bundle of arrows on the reverse.

Originally, this design was made to design within a year to commemorate 200 years since George Washington’s birth in 1932, the obverse being the definitive design for the denomination and has been in use ever since.

1980 Quarter Value


The reverse was issued in this form until 1998, after which the series of outstanding commemorations “State Quarters” began to be issued instead. 1980 Washington quarter value of 25 cents has now been in circulation for 42 years.

Washington Quarter Overview

The Washington Quarter is one of the most widely used coins in trade and has a very interesting history. The quarter was created to celebrate the 200th birthday of the first US President, George Washington. The United States Mint began production of the Washington Quarter in 1932 and the coin was entirely designed by sculptor John Flanagan.

The coin designed by Flanagan shows a very detailed statue of President Washington facing left, with the word “LIBERTY” embossed in the center. In the left column is the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” and the date is written below the left-facing Washington statue.

A mint mark appears to the right of the ribbon on the hair of the Washington statue if the coin is minted in Denver or San Francisco.

The reverse side of the 1980 Washington Quarter value either the 1980 quarter d or the 1980 quarter value no mint mark features an eagle with outstretched wings and a bundle of arrows and a wreath in its talons.

At the top center of the eagle designed by Flanagan are the writing “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and also The denomination “QUARTER DOLLAR” is written on the bottom of the coin.

Although still in print, Washington Quarters has had little change since its introduction in 1932. The reverse type was then replaced in 1999 at the time the United States Mint decided to start producing quarters with a design that commemorated the history of each state.

1980 Quarter Mint Mark

1980 Quarter value 25 cents has three types which are distinguished by the mint mark where the mint mark indicates where it is minted.

The 1980 quarter value of 25 cents was the first time a coin had the mint mark P for a coin that was produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

  • The letter P denotes the Philadelphia Mint with a total mintage of 635,832,000 (635.8 million)
  • The letter D denotes the Denver Mint with a total mintage of 518,327,487 (518.3 million)
  • The letter S denotes the San Francisco Mint with a total mintage of 3,554,806 (3.6 million)

The 1980 Washington Quarter Details

The first mint mark P to mark a coin minted in the Philadelphia mint was in the 1980 Quarter value of 25 Cents at its face value. It was reported that 635,832,000 or 635.8 million were minted in the Philadelphia Mint during 1980. The Denver Mint minted another 518,327,487 or 518.3 million for the 1980 Quarter value of 25 cents with the mint mark “D”.

1980 D Quarter


Although the recent quarter mint is much higher, the 1980 Washington Quarter can still be found. Many examples can still be found in daily circulation. Each 1980 Quarter value of 25 cents weighs 5.67 grams.

What is a 1980 quarter made out of? It is made of Copper-Nickel clad copper. It also has a diameter of 24.3mm with reeds on the edges.

How Much Silver is in a 1980 Quarter?

Many have questioned how much silver is in a 1980 quarter and 1980 silver quarter value.

In fact, quarters printed in the U.S. during 1964 or earlier everything were made of 90% pure silver. However, there are other instances where your quarters may contain silver.

The simplest method to tell if your quarter is silver is to check the date. you can check it on the front or obverse the coin. Any quarter with a date earlier than 1965 will be silver.

Apart from checking the date, you can also check the edge or side of the coin. If there is copper that is see-through, it can be ascertained that it is not silver. This might be useful for quickly scanning large piles of quarters for any possible silver.

Two other factors can indicate that your quarter contains silver:

  • If it is a proof coin dated 1992 or later
  • If it is a bicentennial (1976) coin with a mint mark “S”

With the above explanation, it can be concluded that no proof of silver was minted this year.

How Much Is A 1980 Quarter Worth in 2021?

1980 Quarter value d and 1980 copper quarter value have inherent rarity values which make them sought-after coins by collectors. Then, how much is a 1980 quarter worth in 2021?

1980 quarters are usually found and sold for between $0.26 – $15.00. The price is determined by conditions, certification, and current demand. Other factors that can also affect price are location, inventory, and urgency of selling.

Here is a Price Chart or estimated value by scale

  • VG-8 $0.26
  • F-12 $0.29
  • VF-20 $0.30
  • EF-40 $0.35
  • AU-55 $0.45
  • MS-63 $1.15
  • MS-65 $15.00

1980 S Washington Quarter Proof

Internet sources estimate a 1980 s proof quarter value to be worth 25 cents in average condition, while the mint state quarter coin could be worth around $3.50. Then, how much is a 1980 25-cent coin worth? In Average Circulated (AC) 1980 Quarter value is about 25 cents, but when in mint state (MS+) certified it can fetch as much as $4 at auction. The price does not refer to the standard coin rating scale.

1980 S Quarter


So, what I mean by Average Circulated is that it is in a similar condition to other coins that were circulated in 1980, and mint status means being certified MS+ by one of the top coin grading companies.

1980 Quarter Value Error

1980 quarter value error became the target of many collectors of rare coins that have a high price. In one source, there is an offer for the 1980 quarter error minted in the obverse section for up to $36. While in 1980 p quarter error value on a site stated the price was up to $24.

Errors that occurred in the 1980 quarter can be seen from various sides, ranging from errors in lettering, eagle designs, Washington statues designs, or bad edges.

These errors can provide a high auction price compared to the average circulating price, especially for collectors of rare coins ( foreign coins worth money ).

How Much Is A 1980s Coin Worth?

A “modern era” coin is any Quarter coin minted after 1964. Thus, it indicates that the 1980 Washington Quarter is a modern coin and is included in the modern Washington Quarter collection. The modern Washington Quarters are coins that were minted between 1964 and 1998.

After that year, the US mint began producing Washington Quarters which have an obverse with Flanagan’s original design, but with a reverse designed to commemorate the 50 US states. It makes the collection of modern Washington Quarters all the more interesting.

Almost any year and mint mark from Washington Quarters can be found in circulation so that means the coins are easy to collect. Each year the coins can also be found and purchased from coin dealers and online stores. As already mentioned, most modern collections focus on the original Washington Quarters minted from 1964 to 1998.

Then, how much is a 1980s coin worth? The 1980 quarter value was worth 25 cents in the year it was issued, however, today one can find the 1980 quarter between $0.25 and $15.00 according to several influencing factors, such as location, inventory, and urgency of selling.

What Are Precious Coins Made Of?

Some coins are worth no more than their original face value but some can be more than that. It should also be understood that the value of a coin may change from time to time, depending on various factors, such as:

  • What is the current demand for coins?

As with commodities, the purchase of coins also follows the Law of Supply and Demand.

  • How good is the coin value

There is a standard that distinguishes between valuable coins and less valuable coins. The coin value is one of them.

  • What unique features does the coin have

In some coins, for example, the 1980 quarter value having special markings and features that are a source of interest to collectors such as Mint marks, or minted coins, is one of the specifications sought.

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