1979 Quarter Value: Error List, P, D, and S Proof

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1979 Quarter Value – The 1979 quarter value coin may not be the coin that you looking for, because the 1979 Washington quarter value maybe cannot make you a lot of money. After all, it is not a rare or high-priced coin. The last time a coin was minted in the Philadelphia Mint was in 1979, and so hard to find the 1979 Quarter with no mint stamp.

Only coins with a special condition and a high value could achieve a value above common because the Denver and Philadelphia mint made as many as 1 billion Washington quarter coins in 1979.

1979 P Quarter Value

1979 Quarter Coin Value Overview

Today, most of the 1979 dollar coins that can still be and are widely used or purchased are worth a few dollars or even more. However, the 1979 quarter value will be greatly influenced by the condition and state of the coin; for example, the 1979 quarter value no mint mark in circulation has a value between $0.30 and $0.85.

The highest-priced 1979 Quarter Coin is the PCGS MS-67 1979 D Quarter which is in perfect condition and uncirculated condition and sold for $1,078 at auction in 2014. Then, how much is a 1979 Quarter worth in 2021?

At the beginning of the coin’s creation with the intention that the design was used to mark 200 years since the birth of George Washington in 1932, the portrait on the front was finally decided as the official design for the coin and has been in used ever since.

Until 1998, the backs of coins were also produced in this way. However, in 1998, a series of commemorations led to the release of “State Quarters” and production began.

There is a story that some people were mistaken and assumed that the coin has a picture of a woman and also looking for the 1979 quarter value of woman.

The number of 1979 P Washington Quarter coins minted by the US Mint reached 500 million, making it a widely circulated coin. Coins that are still common in some states are coins with an MS66 rating.

However, MS67 grading is considered quite rare as coins that have a 1979 quarter value of MS67 or better are considered to be uncommon coins just like the 1979 no mint quarter worth.

The most common and easy-to-find 1979 dollar types are the following:

  • 1979 P Washington Quarters
  • Washington Quarters 1979 D
  • 1979 S Proof Type 1
  • Proof Type 1979 S 2

How to identify the appropriate 1979 quarter value, and find out if the 1979 quarter worth money? In this section, we will review some of the methods for evaluating and valuing the 1979 Quarter Dollar and provide a more complete and detailed overview and information about coin variations.

Valuing the 1979 Quarter Dollar Coin to Determine Value

A different description of the 1979 quarter dollar and you can find out that is 1979 quarter worth anything:

1979 Quarter Uncirculated Mint State


In particular, a quarter of the Mint State is completely untouched and shows no sign of blemish or damage, and exhibits the brilliance and brilliance of mint. The cheek area just below George Washington’s eye image showed no signs of wear at all.

At the top of the cheeks, the metal shows a shimmer and texture that looks so beautiful and flawless. It will give the best 1979 quarter value.

The high-profile area is positioned just above and behind the ear. On both sides there is no sign of the metal refining process and also the color has turned dull. Similarly, the elevated features can be seen quite clearly on George Washington’s neck, situated between the shoulders and ears.

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The texture of the neck is the same throughout the low and high points. This can be the highest 1979 quarter worth.


Areas in the high relief are looked at carefully to see if there is any smoothness or wear. A high ridge stretching from the Eagle’s shoulders to the tips of its outstretched wings could be clearly seen. There is some wear along the contour. This can be seen from the smoothness and discoloration of the metal when compared to the rest of the wing.

There was no sign of loss of detail on the Eagle’s center chest. The reverse side of the coin also retains its original shimmer texture. Again, the high points of his feet showed no indication of damage.

Very Good


There is only slight wear on the high part of the coin. The flat territory in the coin has developed before Washington’s ears. Again, the tiny waves of hair above Washington’s ears flatten on top, and this evenness extends to the curls behind the ears.

Only the details at the ends of the hair are smoothed out and this 1979 quarter value condition is still high.

The top waves of Washington’s hair are carefully styled, but the larger waves are spectacular. Above the date, there is a slight smoothing in the neck area. Likewise, Washington’s high neckline is smooth and begins to lose its shape.


The beautiful features of the Inverted Eagle have become somewhat outdated. The Eagle’s chest no longer features feather details; this fine hairline was not daring at first. Still, the Eagle has a round chest.

The tops of the legs no longer have foot hair detailing.

On the top of the foot, there is a section of fine fur, while the rest of the leg is still round. The olive leaves covering the tips of the wings protrude and lift.



On this coin, much of Washington’s portrait area is now flat. The top of the head has fine hair details. Above the prominent back curls, some of the deeper lines are still visible.

Cheeks, temples, and forehead can be distinguished from hair by slight contrast. Flat cheeks and jaw define Washington’s portrait. However, the small curve that previously divided them is gone.


Due to average wear and tear, The Eagle’s look might begin to “fade”. A broad flat surface connects the head, chest, and legs. In addition, most of the feathers on the wings are divided, although the lines are soft and faded.



In the “good” coin, the image of Washington is still bold and tall. However, the hair lacks detail, and the smooth, even sections connect the hair to the face. Although related to the rim, the letters “Liberty” can still be read. The date is legible and distinguishable but still stuck to the edges.


The core of the wings still has many feather decorations. Although the Eagle is quite flat, its wings have a complete shape. One flat section forms the center of the Eagle.

This table is a summary of the general prices and the different 1979 quarter value.

Coin Condition or GradeAverage Price
Uncirculated 1979 Washington Quarter$1 to $6.65
Extremely Fine 1979 Washington QuarterLess than $1
Fine 1979 Washington QuarterLess than $1
Good 1979 Washington QuarterAbout 25 cents


It is so difficult to find a 1979 quarter worth $35 000.

The differences between the 1979 quarter value are the quarter dollar coin has a diameter of 24.3 mm and the weight is 5.6 gr. Here are the worth and varieties of the 1979 quarter dollar in common:

1979 P Washington Quarter

The 1979-P Washington Dollar can be purchased by visiting the coin dealer and the 1979 quarter value P can be at its nominal value with the circulated condition and $6.65 in uncirculated condition.

1979 D Washington Quarter

The 1979-D Washington Dollar can be purchased by visiting the coin dealer and the 1979 quarter value D can be at its nominal value in circulated pieces condition and $6.65 in uncirculated condition.

Type 1 1979 S Proof

The 1979 S Washington Quarter has worth an estimated $9.14. The Type 1 Filled 1979-S Washington Quarter is for proof coins.

The S mark has smaller features, is less distinct, and is partially filled. Less people are interested in this variant and the numismatic worth is lower than in the Type 2 variant.

Type 2 1979 S Proof

The 1979 S Washington Quarter or Type 2 Clear S Proof Coin has a worth estimated $11.

The Type 2 Clear 1979 S Washington Quarter is only for proof coins and has a more distinct S mark and features.

Here are the 1979 Quarter variants and prices:

1979 P Washington Quarter25 ¢–$6.65
1979 D Washington Quarter25 ¢–$6.65
Type 1 1979-S Proof$9.14
Type 2 1979-S Proof$11


The 1979 Quarter Dollar Coin Error

Coins that have mint errors because of degradation in the machinery, faults or mistakes in production, or deliberate actions by the mint staff. Many people are aware that error coins are more valuable than normal ones, which makes them extraordinary. In some cases, there is also a 1979 D Quarter Double Die.

Mint errors were found in many 1979 quarter coins like other coins. Most 1979 quarters were made without substantial errors. Coins with visible errors in this made series are very rare.

The huge error variants of 1979 quarter value error coins are shown in the following table:


Error CoinValue
1979 Error Quarter Broad Strike and Double Rim$90-ish
1979 ‘D’ Triple Error Washington Quarter$175-ish
Washington Quarter 1979 Version Error Filled D$149-ish
Washington Quarter 1979 Version Mintmark Error: Double Filling on ‘D.’$180-ish


That is the info about the 1979 quarter value, especially about the 1979 quarter error value.

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