1978 Quarter Value: Histroy, D, S, and No Mint Mark

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The 1978 Washington quarter value is still found in circulation to this day, some coins having a value slightly higher than face value. In 1999, there was an increase in collector interest in this Washington coin. The 50 State Quarter program that was introduced to make interest in this coin increased rapidly, including finding out the 1978 quarter value.

There are approximately 160 million people interested in collecting a complete set from the State Quarter.

History of the Washington Quarter

The face of President George Washington was first placed on the surface of the United States quarter coin in 1932. Its purpose is to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth and to serve as a one-year commemorative coin. The onset of the Great Depression brought coin production to a halt for a year.

The demand for coins re-emerged in 1934, and then the United States Mint decided to continue making coins with special designs for the 1932 anniversary.

Some maybe want to know about the 1978 copper quarter value. The Mint was the first to make Washington quarter coins using a combination of 10% copper and 90% silver.

In 1964 the price of silver increased and the United States Congress passed a law as a measure to remove silver from many currencies circulating in the United States and then modify the composition of coins on an outer layer of 25% nickel and 75% copper to become a core of pure copper.

1978 Quarter Value

The creation of this coin continued until 1998 and contributed to the 1978 quarter value until the following year the United States Mint introduced the 50 State Quarters Program. How much is a quarter dollar 1978 worth? Especially after those events happened.

Coin Market Analysis

The U.S. The Mint is known to issue millions of banknotes in Washington and is still in circulation today. Banknotes in circulation have a nominal value only, while coins in an uncirculated condition are very large and widely available in various regions with values slightly higher than their nominal values.

Some astute and conscientious coin collectors may be lucky to find 90% of the silver in the Washington quarter in circulating condition and are there any 1978 quarter value error?

Coin Dates, Rarity, and Varieties

Proof coins include those that are difficult to find in circulation because they are only issued specifically for coin collectors. Including the 1978 Washington Quarters made of 90% silver with a fairly high 1978 quarter value. Silver coins are sometimes in circulation and are commonly found.

The following Washington Quarters are of higher value than coins in circulation and are commonly found, regardless of condition:

  • Any Proof Coins
  • All coins are 90% silver, from 1932 to 1964, and Special Proof Silver Edition Coins
  • All coins are 40% silver edition, from 1776 to 1976 Special Bicentennial Issues
  • 1977, 1978-D, 1978, and 1977-D quarter coins uncirculated

Mint Mark

Did the 1978 quarter have a mint mark? U.S. Mint makes Washington quarter coins in three different mints, including Philadelphia which has no mint mark, Denver with a D mint mark, and San Francisco with an S mint mark, many wants to know about the 1978 S quarter value.

1978 S Quarter Value

The mint mark can be seen on the front of the coin, behind George Washington’s head. , and there is also next to the image of the bow in the ponytail.

Average Value & Price of Circulated and Uncirculated Coins

How much is a 1978 D? You can find out the purchase price of coins so that you can know the standard price that should be given by coin collectors when you are going to buy coins from collectors. You can also find out the selling price of coins, and you can determine the right 1978 quarter value standard when collectors want to buy coins from you.

The average purchase prices as well as the selling price for circulating and uncirculated coins are then listed by creation date and mint mark.

Is there a 1978 quarter worth $35,000? Estimated prices shown are retail prices as well as wholesale values. The quote you will get from the collector of that coin depends on the face value of the coin as well as some special conditions that could affect its value.

The exact offer you get for your Washington quarter dollars from the dealer of coin will vary based on the actual condition of the coin.1978 quarter value of the coin and several factors.

Another determines its value and you can also look for 1978 D quarter filled mint mark value information.

DateCirculated BuyCirculated SellUncirculated BuyUncirculated Sell
1978-S DCAM Proof$3.00$2.00


Condition or Grade

You may be able to see that your coin is obsolete and begin to show evidence of circulation occurring in trading, such conditions are considered coins in circulation. 1978 Quarter Error Value. If your coin looks smooth and has no signs of wear and the surface design is pristine, then it is considered an uncirculated coin.

Mint Mark

The United States Mint mints Eisenhower Dollars in three different mints: Philadelphia 1978 Quarter No Mint mark, Denver has a D mark, and San Francisco has an S.

The mint mark can be seen on the obverse of the coin; it is located just below the image of President Eisenhower and is located just above the date.

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Average Eisenhower Dollar Price and Value

By looking at the table below, you will see the purchase price from the 1978 quarter value. This can be used to determine the 1978 D quarter value and the fee you will pay the dealer when you buy the coin, and the selling price to determine the selling price and the payment you will receive from the dealer when they pay the coins you sell ( foreign coins worth money ).

1978 D Quarter Value

These prices are estimates for retail and wholesale values.

The exact offer from the dealer of coin will vary based on the face value of the coin and several other factors that can affect its value and 1978 quarter value D or 1978 P quarter value.

Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. SellUnc. BuyUnc. Sell


US Mint Proof Set

What is the 1978 US quarter value? U.S. Mint has been making proof sets since 1936 until now. Gradually, the average 1978 quarter value influenced by current market conditions fluctuated very low.

When you sell or buy your United States proof set, you must ensure that all US Mint packaging is an original, original box and original documents, most importantly a Certificate of Authenticity or COA must be included.

There must be no damage, and the coins must be in an uncirculated condition or maybe there is information regarding the 1978 quarter with dot mint mark value.

What is a United States Evidence Set?

The United States Mint has been making proof coins since the early 1800s. This particular coin was crafted with great care and required special touches to surface the coin until it was eventually sold to coin collectors at The U.S. Philadelphia Mint to gain more 1978 quarter dollar coin value. As time went on, the mint started to make commemorative coins.

Many sets incorporate multiple coin denominations for commemorative purposes and different finishes are available for collectors.

You can order proof coins directly by visiting The United States Mint website and seeing the 1978 quarter value.

Important Dates, Rarity, and Varieties

Many proof coins, under various conditions, have a much higher value than proof coins in general. Such conditions make these coins often counterfeited and changed from ordinary coins. It is very important that you request the authentication process by a credible and reputable coin dealer or use the services of a third-party appraisal service to get the proof of 1978 no mint quarter value.

All proof sets from 1936 – 1951. You need to be careful when buying this set. The coin is not packaged using modern Evidence Kit packaging which is made using a hard plastic case. Most evidence sets are sent in plastic or paper envelopes.

The acid present in this material can react with the coin and can damage the coin. You should open and carefully examine the initial proof set before deciding to buy.

Modern US Proof Set Coin Value

How much is a 1978 Quarter worth in 2021? The purchase price is what you can expect to pay the dealer when you buy the coin. The selling point is what you can anticipate the dealer will pay you if you sell the coins. These are the approximate wholesale values and retail prices.

The exact offer you get from the dealer of coin for your Washington quarter dollars will vary based on the actual condition of the coin, conditions of the set, and several other factors that determine the 1978 proof quarter value.

Date & TypeTotal Sets SoldTotal CoinsTotal Face ValueOrig. Issue PriceAvg. Buy PriceAvg. Sell Value
1979-S Filled S3,677,1756$1.91$9.00$8.00$6.00


That is the explanation about the 1978 quarter value you need to know and will give you so much information to upgrade your ability to value the 1978 quarter Washington. When you get this kind of information or knowledge, so you will have a broader chance to get a big deal which leads you to a way become a very rich person, and it is just because of the coin business.

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