About The 1977 Quarter Value: Error and No Mint Mark

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1977 Quarter – Maybe you’ve never heard that there is a rare coin made in 1977 that can be valued at more than $4,900. According to information, several quarters from 1977 were worth hundreds to thousands of dollars, and that is a crazy fact that is hard to believe.

How do I know if my 1977 quarter is worth the money? How do you know if you have one of those 1977 quarter coins which are quite rare and very valuable with great 1977 quarter value for money?

You can know which features to look for in the 1977 quarter to get the highest value coins ( foreign coins worth money ). There will be a review of all scores from the 1977 Washington quarter value.

Facts About 1977 Quarter

On the surface of the 1977 quarter, there is an image of the face of the first president of the United States, as well as Revolutionary War general George Washington on the front or side of the head, and then there is an image of a heraldic eagle on the back or side of the tail.

The Washington quarter was first designed by John Flanagan in 1932, after which it underwent many changes over the years.

The first and biggest change was in 1965 when the United States Mint decided to stop circulating quarters using a 90% silver composition for coin making, which has been going on for decades.

The next major change was a temporary change that occurred in 1975, namely the appearance of a design for a biennial honoring the bicentennial of the United States in 1976.

You can’t find quarters with 1975, there are only coins with the years 1776-1976 celebrating the anniversary of the 200th state year and this moment can increase the 1977 quarter value. All of the 1776 – 1976 Bicentennial quarters have an unusual inverted design and show a colonial child.

The 1977 Washington quarter was the first coin since 1974 to use the original heraldic eagle design found in many quarters of the time. The United States Mint continued to manufacture quarters using the heraldic eagle design until 1999 when the first commemorative quarter program began.

Apart from the rare silver quarter error, all 1977 quarter coins are made of copper and nickel-plated materials, and the 1977 quarter weight must be 5.67 grams. Maybe you can start to calculate the 1977 quarter value and resolve the question in your head about “How much is a 1977 dollar quarter worth?” by reading the above explanation.

1977 Quarter Value Without Mint Mark

1977 Quater Value

How much is a 1977 quarter worth with no mint mark? 1977 quarters that do not have a mint mark or mint stamp were made at the Philadelphia Mint which totals 468,556,000 coins. The Philadelphia Mint doesn’t make coins by adding a mintmark at the time of creation, so the 1977 P quarter value without a mint mark is normal and not an error.

Most of the coins in circulation or obsolete since 1977 without the mint mark have no faults and varieties of any kind, are in general condition are made with inexpensive base metal, and generally cost only 25 cents.

The 1977 quarter value is in uncirculated condition and has no mint marks with no signs of wear has a higher price. A typical 1977 uncirculated quarter is worth $1 to $5.

The 1977 Quarter value no mint mark that didn’t have a 1977 mint mark was priced high at MS67+ according to the Professional Coin Grading Service and was purchased for $2,550 at the 2021 auction.

1977 D Quarter Value

1977 D Quarter

1977 quarter value D bearing the mint mark “D” and made in the Denver Mint, made 256,524,978 quarter coins at that time. Many 1977 D quarters are worth a face of 1977 quarter value of 25 cents when in use and have no variations and errors; almost all 1977 quarters will be found in coins.

How much is a 1977 quarter worth today? If you find the 1977 quarter uncirculated and never used for transactions as money it will be worth $1 to $5. The 1977 D quarter with the highest-priced MS67 according to the Professional Coin Grading Service sold for $431 at a 2007 auction.

1977 S Quarter Value

Only a portion of the 1977 quarters was created for circulation and used as common money. Others are made only as collectibles for coin collectors. The San Francisco Mint made several quarters in 1977 for this purpose. This quarter has an S mint on the front of the coin which is to the right of Washington’s hair tie.

1977 quarter proof was made using very fine, purposeful blanks twice using a specially installed mold in a high-tonnage press to help bring out every detail.

A total of 3,251,152 1977 S quarters were made and all were sold in collectible evidence sets. Most 1977 S quarter value was $2 to $5, and some were more expensive.

1977 S quarter with the highest price and value PR70DCAM according to the Professional Coin Grading Service and purchased for $575 at auction in 2006. The 1977 quarter value is quite high even though it is not as high as the 1977 Washington quarter no mint mark value.

1977 Rare Error Quarter

What is the error on 1977 quarter? You can find many kinds of variations and valuable mistakes in the 1977 quarter that you should look for. Here are some of the most sought-after 1977 quarter errors and their scores:

1977 D Silver Quarter Error

During the booming Bicentennial quarter of 1776 – 1976, several coins were made in the San Francisco Mint in a 40% silver combination specially made for collectors. The silver planchet was processed by the Denver Mint and inadvertently made several quarters dated 1977 on a 40% blank silver that was intended for the 1976 quarter only.

The extremely rare 1977 D silver quarter errors and the 1977 quarter value can be worth thousands of dollars or more.

One of the coins received an EF40 Details rating cleared according to the Numismatic Guaranty Company and sold for up to $4,935 at the 2016 event. That is a devastating 1977 quarter value error.

1977 Double Die Quarter Error

Many already know about double dice as a rare variation of the error made by impressing dice with two incarnations of the same image. Double dies that are not visible usually have less value than those that are visible.

In the 1977 quarter, there were no large double dice, but small doubles could be priced from $25 to $50 or more. It is far cheaper than the 1977 D silver quarter value.

1977 Off-Center Quarter Error

Speaking of big mistakes, few coins are more interesting than the off-center quarter. Different from the 1977 filled D quarter value, this condition happened accidentally, when the coin centering on the press was not done properly.

A distinctive feature that can be seen in off-center faults is that part of the design is missing on both sides of the coin’s face. In general, 2% or 3% of the base design must be lost for the coin to reach a price worthy of being called an off-center error.

A 1977 quarter with an off-center error showing a design loss of about 10% or 20%, and this 1977 quarter value could be worth $25 or more.

In the 1977 quarter, the highest-priced off-center error was a coin that had lost about 50% of its design. Even so, you can still see the complete date. Such quarter-off-center errors can cost $150 to $250 or more.

1977 Broad Strike Quarter Error

Find 1977 quarters with no stripes or bumps on the edges, but the average quarter coin diameter is 24.3 millimeters. Most likely, they are damaged coins or coins that are in a state of heavy wear from prolonged use in vending machines as well as other types of money circulation and are priced at a face value of 25 cents.

When you find a 1977 US quarter value with a smooth edge and slightly wider and thinner thickness than usual, it’s probably broad strike’s fault. The value of a coin with a broad strike usually costs around $20.

According to the topic that we have shared above, it can be concluded that the most valuable 1977 quarter in Washington is the 1977 no mint quarter value. This is because coins without mint marks are the most valuable and sought after by collectors. You can see in detail what you should see and the value so you don’t misjudge your coins.

By understanding this, then you can freely determine the initial price that you will put on the market.

You can also be more careful when watching other people rate your coins. There may be irresponsible people who try to trick you by lowering the quality of your coins so that they can be bought at a cheap price.

However, with the information you get, of course, you will have no more trouble. Even if you are lucky enough, you may also meet collectors at auctions who will buy your coins at their proper value. It is not impossible that the fantastic bidding that occurred at several past auction events could happen to you and the 1977 quarter value you have will make you rich.

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