1974 Quarter Value, Pricing, and Rarity

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1974 Quarter – In this article, we will show you the value, worth, and pricing of the old quarter, and the 1974 quarter value, and worth. Even though the quarter might only be worth its initial prices, depending on the rarity and grading, the prices could increase more than twice, and even ten times their initial pricing. However, we need to know each grading, and the value for every quarter too.

The 1974 quarter value is around the same as its initial pricing, around $1.32, however many derivations, changes, and rarity should be calculated, therefore many changes in pricing depending on its size, grading, and some error pennies.

The real worth of the 1974 quarter value lies in its specifications and the metal value inside it, some people also melt it to get into the precious metal, however, it is highly illegal to do it.

However, before we begin, let’s delve deeper into the old coin collector hobbies, what makes people collect old coins, and what value they can bring.

This way, we can understand better why many people have valued old coins better than even some gems, and some luster’s pristine quality of the non-regulated pieces could be the same prices as precious jewels and metal.

What’s The Deal With Old Coin Collections?

Coins, shiny metal, and gems are always bringing many people, as they interest them not just because of their luster, and shine, but also for their intrinsic value behind it.

For many people, coins might just be another piece of metal, but for some, they have certain intrinsic values, such as rarity grade, historical value, and the rarity of metals themselves.

1974 Quarter Value

For example, the 1974 quarter value seems not worth so much, as they are fairly new coins compared with many other older coins. However, if we delve deeper, there are certain historical values behind it, the value behind the metals used, as well as the culture and history behind it.

Many people even begin to think that old coins can be used as investments, as they have certain intrinsic, historical, and rare values. Unlike with many other investments, such as cars and homes, the value of old coins can’t go down, especially because they aren’t made anymore.

This means the older the coin, the more intrinsic value it has, and the more prices spike it could bring, for the 1974 quarter value.

That’s why many people starting to think of old coins as investments, and many others also starting to hunt for old coins ( foreign coins worth money ), just for the value inside them.

Many have bigger value, from the 1940s coin, 1970s coin, and the 1947 Washington quarter value and pricing. Plus, with the inflation of metal prices, the pricing could be always increased each year, along with its melting prices.

The 1974 Quarter Value Specifications

Most of the time, the 1974 quarter value would be at least worth only 25 cents, or $0.25 depending on the circulated conditions, coin category, and also its rarity. It is probably safe to assume that most of the time you will only get the 1974 quarter value no mint mark that has a slightly lower or higher value than its initial face value. A good or extremely fine MS grade could be valued at least $0.75.

First, let’s take a look at the 1974 Washington quarters specification. Keep in mind, that even though some people call this a silver quarter, it isn’t made from silver it is made from copper with a mix of nickel, so it is kind of misleading for some people. Here are the complete specifications of the 1974 quarter value coin.

  • Total coin mintage: 801.455.000
  • Minted in: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco
  • Designer: John Flanagan
  • Total metal composition: 91.6% copper and 8.3 Nickel
  • Weight: 5.67 grams
  • Diameter: 24.3 millimeter
  • Melting value: $0.05

Grading: Good, Very good, fine, very fine, and extremely fine, AU (about uncirculated), uncirculated MS, Proof PR.

To make sure we understand the 1974 quarter value, we need to take a look at the category, and different mint marks that this type of quarter has.

First, there are three categories, the 1974 quarter no mint mark, the D mark 1974 quarter, and the S mark 1974 quarter. Each of them has a different minted location, minted total quantity, and hence different rarity, and grading.

• 1974 Quarter With No Mint Mark 

More than a million quarters have been minted in Philadelphia with the no mint mark coin, therefore the no mint mark variety is the same as its initial face value, around the same as $0.25. According to history, however, one of the most valuable Washington quarters from the year of 1974 quarter a value high with more than $2.000, was called Philly mint.

• 1974 D Quarter

1974 D Washington Quarter Value

Denver mint or the 1974 D quarter was minted in Denver, with more than 353 Million struck this year. The 1945 silver quarter value for the D variety is based on its grading, with the highest grade could be valued at more than $260, with the record-breaking prices could reach more than $1.450, as the uncirculated MS grade for the 1977 quarter value.

The uncirculated MS grade, however, could be valued at at least $15 to around $50 for the Denver quarters, with the MS 65 could be worth more than that.

• 1974 S Quarter 

It was minted in San Francisco, hence the nickname, San Francisco mint, as the 1974 S-proof quarter coins. It was minted for more than 2.6 Millions quarters struck.

1974 S Quarter

With the recent years of the PR69 Proof, the Washington quarter could reach around $100, and the good 1974 p quarter value could reach around $8 – $10.

The Frequently Asked Questions About the 1974 Quarter

If you want to collect for the year 1974 Quarter, then you should know about most of the most precious pieces of the 1974 quarter value, such as with the 1974 quarter value error, as well as some of the best graded 1974 pieces.

The general thing you should know is that the rarest pieces of this year will be the Denver penny; with some Philly, mint can be graded as uncirculated MS grade, and very rare.

How Much Does A 1974 Quarter Go For?

Questions that many people could ask for, like how much is the 1974 quarter worth, and How much is a 1974 d quarter worth? The no mint mark coin that was minted in Philadelphia was at least worth its initial face value, of $0.25, while the D quarter could be worth around $15 to even $50 for the MS grade.

The Proof S quarter, however, is pretty rare as they can go from $10 to even $100, therefore it is some pieces you are looking for. The grading should be at least extremely fine for it to be worth more than $5, and even it is very hard to find compared with good grades.

Is There An Error In The 1974 Quarter?

There are many error quarters, with the 1974 quarter error such as with the MS, as well as the close quarter. Refer to our error list to get to know which better error coins you should look for, and which are worth more.

How Much Is My 1974 Quarter Worth?

The initial face value of the 1974 quarter was 25 cents, or $0.25, however some good to fine grades could reach at least $3.15, while the extremely fine grade could reach around $4.15, these are the circulated piece prices though. So if you are wondering about are quarters from 1974 are worth anything, then it is probably worth around $0.32 for its usual circulated grade.

For the uncirculated price, the value would be much higher, thanks to its pristine condition, as such it could reach more than $35 to even $82. Some MS grades or AU grades could even reach $100, and one of the most expensive 1974 quarters ever sold was in 2016 when the 1974 quarter worth $35 000 was being sold in the auction.

Does 1974 Quarter Silver Contain Silver?

No, it has zero silver contents, unlike some of the other Washington silver Bullion varieties. The quarter was made from copper, encased with the nickel layer, along with the receded edge. Even though the nickname is sometimes called the silver quarter, some of the newer quarter doesn’t even contain silver at all, therefore it is kind of misleading.

Where Is The Mint Mark On A 1974 Quarter?

If the quarter wasn’t an error quarter like with the 1974 quarter error in the god we trust piece, then the mark should be under the logo of the United States government, under the bald eagle logo. The D and S marks indicate the location it has been minted, with the D mark minted in Denver, and the S mark minted in San Francisco.

So, there we go, about our discussion regarding the 1974 quarter value as well as the discussion regarding its worth, pricing, and grading. Even if it isn’t the rarest or most valuable piece, some of them can be quite rare and valuable too.

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