1964 Quarter Value And Worth

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1964 Quarter – In this article, we will discuss the 1964 quarter value and worth in the current market. Even though most of the time you will not find the special, and 1964 quarter value worth more than its initial face value of $0.25, some of the best grades of the 1964 quarter could be valued at more than $5 to even $15 if you are lucky.

If you like an article about coin hunting and coin rolling, then you have come to the right place. Here, we give you the most up-to-date guide and information regarding old coin hunting, coin rolling, which coins you should look at, which coin can net you more than hundreds of dollars, and many more.

1964 Quarter

We can also give you updated information regarding coin auctions and local coin dealers.

However, keep in mind, that coin hunting, and coin rolling is considered gambling, with the chances of finding valuable pieces, like the 1964 quarter value very slim, and to make it worse, each day the more people roll and hunt for valuable coins, the more rare coin will be out in the circulations, then you will find it hard to find any valuable coins at all.

But luckily, we could help you out with some guidance; help in finding the best coins you can get from coin hunting, and guide you about what is special about a 1964 quarter. Find out more by reading our article further here.

The Valuable 1964 Quarter Value

Before we answer What is the most valuable 1964 quarter? We need to take a look at the 1964 coin quarter specifications how are they minted, how much they are minted during the year 1964 as well as how they are designed. What makes them special and what makes a 1964 quarter valuable? We will answer all of these questions shortly.

The quarter dollar of 1964 was one of the first commemorative coins that have been minted in the US. As it was designed in the year 1932, then later changed its design due to regulating issues, as well as some regular problems on the coins, then it change its design slightly in the year 1934. John Flanagan was a skilled sculptor that designs the coin and later changes it again.

So, Are 1964 coins worth anything? Most of the time, you can only find the most common coins, and get the value for their initial face value of just $0.25.

However, some of the finer or extremely fine grades could reach for around $3 to $6 for the 1964 quarter value, and the uncirculated minted pieces can be worth around $12 to even $25 for the 1964 quarter value.

How can you tell if a 1964 quarter is a text? First, we also need to know the specifications of the 1964 quarter to know exactly on 1964 quarter value.

We would also need to know how much silver is in a quarter from 1964. The metal composition of it, as well as how much it is valued by collectors and on the market.

So, here are the complete specifications of the 1964 quarter value, and how it was initially designed.

  • Coin type: American quarter dollar
  • Year of minted: 1964
  • Minted Location: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco
  • Metal composition: 90% silver and 10% nickel
  • Variations: No mint mark, D mark, and S proof mark
  • Initial face value: $0.25
  • Normal market value: 3.12

For the 1964 d quarter value it is worth around $3.12 with some exceptions that could be worth around $4.5. If you have some of the no mint mark quarter that was minted in Philadelphia, the 1964 quarter value no mint mark would also be the same as the D mark, and would only reach around $3.12, with some exception that could reach for around $5 depending on how it was graded.

Some of the error quarters could also be found in some of the 1964 Washington quarters. These are some very rare, and the chances of finding a 1964 quarter error are vanishingly small.

You shouldn’t get your hopes up on finding the 1964-d quarter error value as day by day, valuable error coins will be out of circulation and bought by other collectors, therefore you shouldn’t be worrying too much about some error coins.

Frequently Asked A Question About The Quarter Dollar 1964

To help you in your hunt, and coin rolling, here are a few of the frequently asked questions that you might stumble upon when you are buying, and hunting for coin collections.

These frequently asked questions will surely help you with the coin collection, how much some of them can be valued in the market, and how to find the best and most valuable quarter dollar of the year 1964.

How Much Is The 1964 Quarter Value In The Current Market?

With the current market prices, NGC coin pricing for the standard valued grade, and collector’s coin, the value for the 1964 year of the quarter is around the same as its initial price, around $0.30. However, this is for the poor to good grades, as it is one of the most common 1964 quarter values you can find. Depending on grade, category, and condition, the pricing might change with current market prices too.

For the better grade, up to extremely fine grade, the pricing for the Washington quarter dollar would be around $0.8, however, some of the Washington quarter dollar 1964 silver top condition could reach more than $10 to even $15.

The highest prices for the 1964 Washington quarter were sold on the auction in 2018, with more than $850 for the MS uncirculated and pristine grades of the Washington quarter.

How To Sell 1964 Quarters

There are many ways you can sell your quarters, from selling them on eBay or selling it to local coin dealers. However, first, you need to know the grade and conditions of your coin. You can go to the local coin grading service to know about your coin grading, conditions, and its starting price on the market.

Coin grading service could help you with the standard value and pricing of the coin.

However, keep it in mind, that if you have regular coins’ 1964 quarter value with poor condition, and not even an uncirculated grade, then it is probably just junk, and not many people want it at all. It is still a piece of metal and one of the most common coins too.

So, the chances of finding junk and not a 1964 quarter value are much higher than finding a valuable one.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 1964 Silver Quarter

Whenever you are hunting some of the 1964 rare quarter 50 to 75 years then you might have some questions, like how to find some valuable uncirculated grades, how to find the best pieces and most valuable pieces on the market, while also making some money out of it.

How to Find The Uncirculated 1964 Quarter Value?

It is very hard to find the uncirculated grade of each coin, as they are very rare, and most of them are always out of circulation. You have better luck waiting for a meteor to drop on your house rather than hoping to find error coins in random places. Most of the pieces, most valuable foreign coins, valuable wheat pennies, and a quarter has been in collections by most collectors.

Your best bet to find the valuable pieces of the coin is through coin hunting and coin rolling, although the chances are very slim, and it is just the same as gambling, so you need to better control your gambling urge.

However, some people acclaimed to have found a 1964 quarter value that could reach more than $10 for each piece inside the coin rolling kit they bought on eBay.

How To Know 1964 Silver Quarter Value

To know the value of each silver quarter, you would need to go to the local coin grading services, as they can show you the standard grading chart for each of the 1964 quarters, as well as grading your pieces of coin. However, if you are wondering about the silver value to be exactly, the prices and value would be around the same as its melting value, around the same as $3.5 to $5 depending on the price of silver itself.

How Much Value For The 1964 Us Quarter Value

The US 1964 quarter value would be around the same as its initial face value of $0.25 because of some of its poorer and circulated grades, however, some of the extremely fine grades could reach around $3.12.

What Are The Differences Between The 1964 Proof Quarter Value With The No Mint Mark?

The difference is in their mark on it, the S proof has an S mark underneath the United States of America government logo, while the no mint mark variety has any mark. The Proof quarter was also rarer.

So, these are guides, and discussions regarding the 1964 quarter value, how much it is valuable, and how you can find worth it to buy a coin on the market.

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