1949 Nickel Value: Error List, D, S, Rare, and No Mint Mark

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1949 Nickel Value – The Philadelphia Mint produced almost 60 million Jefferson Nickels in 1949, making it the most common Nickel ever minted. The Philadelphia Mint produced this year’s issue, which was distributed across the country. Between 1940 and 1964, coins were noted for their shoddy craftsmanship.

As a result, the 1949 Jefferson Nickel is one of the most difficult to find in Mint State 66 or above ( foreign coins worth money ).

Furthermore, is a silver 1949 nickel in existence? Between 1942 and 1945, Nickels were produced in the United States, with 35% silver content. These are known as “silver war nickels” because they contain 75% copper and 25% nickel.

History of the 1949 Jefferson Nickel

Well-struck with attractive surfaces will be difficult to find in 1949 Jefferson Nickels. If you want your collection to have certain items, it’s worth looking for them. After winning a design competition, Felix Schlag created the first Jefferson Nickel.

On the obverse, his coin has Thomas Jefferson facing left, and on the reverse, it has Jefferson’s Monticello home.

At this time, except for the few wartime nickels a few years before, there is no mint mark for Philadelphia-minted coins. Although the designs have evolved somewhat throughout the years, the Jefferson Nickel is still in circulation today.

Here’s a list of 1949 nickel values, as well as a list of 1949 error nickels and information about your own 1949 nickels.

How Much Is A 1949 Nickel Worth?

For the highest Mint State and Full Step grades of the Jefferson Nickel available, which seems to top out at Mint State and Full Step 66, the value ranges from approximately $1,100 to upwards of $6,300.

1949 nickel value no mint mark

By looking for circulated or lower-grade coins that usually sell for less than $100, it is feasible to construct an affordable Jefferson Nickel series collection.

Any nickel series collection would benefit from the 1949 Jefferson Nickel.

-1949 Nickel Value No Mint Mark

The condition and grade of the 1949 nickel will determine its value. The worth of nickel is not too high because more than 60 million of them were minted. This nickel will be worth between 10 and 20 cents if you find it in circulated conditions.

In uncirculated circumstances, on the other hand, a coin with an uncirculated condition worth will range from $3 to $5. Of course, their value would climb even more if the condition and grade are both excellent.

For instance, nickel with a grade of MS 66 and sold in 2011 had a record price of over $6,000. It was graded by the PCGS.

-1949 D Nickel Value

The value of the 1949 D nickel is less than that of a coin with the S mint mark since it was produced in Denver. This nickel will only be worth 10 to 15 cents if you find it in circulation.

1949-D Nickel Value

If the coin, on the other hand, is in uncirculated status, it will be worth $2 to $3. Of course, this will be determined by the coin’s condition.

This specimen had an MS 67 grade and was properly certified by PCGS before it was sold. It had the highest record price for a 1949 D nickel, exceeding $8,000

-1949 S Jefferson Nickel Value

The 1949 S nickel had a lower mintage than the D, as well as no mint mark. That’s why this nickel has slightly greater worth than the other two. It might range from 15 to 20 cents if you find this coin in circulation.

1949 s nickel value

A typical uncirculated 1949 S nickel, on the other hand, will cost between $2 and $3.5 in good shape. Of course, if the grade is high and the coin is in uncirculated condition, it will be worth even more. It is possible to sell them for thousands of dollars.

The 1949 S nickel had a record price of more than $15,000. This specimen was categorized as MS67 when sold at an auction in 2014. Nickel in MS67 grade is extremely uncommon to come across.

1949 Nickel Error List

1949 errors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some of which are extremely rare and valuable, such as an over-mint mark on a very uncommon 1949 nickel. The most famous 1949 coin errors (and their current worth) are listed below.

-1949 Doubled Die Nickel

Everyone seems to want the error coin, but what is it? That’s the doubled die! When a working die is imprinted by a hub twice and at two distinctively different angles or orientations, doubled die coins are produced.

As a consequence, the design on one side of a coin or portions of it is doubled.

On nickels, Jefferson’s eye on the obverse (head’s side) or the inscriptions “MONTICELLO” or “FIVE CENTS” on the reverse (tail’s side) are typically where you’ll find evidence of a doubled die.

Keep your eyes open for tiny doubled dies that frequently sell for $25 to $50, since no significantly rare or valuable doubled dies are known for the 1949 nickel.

-1949 Nickels with Die Cuds/Die Breaks

Cracks that develop across part of the die’s surface are a common sign of damage to the die. As raised lines or bumps, these cracks transfer to the struck coin.

Die breaks may cost from $5 to $100 or more, depending on their location, severity, and prominence.

A die cud is a flattened piece of protruding metal that originates from or is connected to the rim and is the most valuable kind of die crack. A 1949 nickel die cud error might be worth $150 to $250 or more based on the size.

-1949 Off-Center Nickel Worth

1949 nickels with imperfectly struck centers exist. As a result, the coin’s crescent-shaped pattern is gone. It will not be possible to get more than $5 for the off-center mistake ranging from 3 to 5%

Since the off-center is tiny, the mistake isn’t too great. The coin will be worth at least $100 if the off-center is 50% or more. Off-center nickels with more than 50% off-center and a full mint mark and date will be the most coveted 1949 specimens.

-1949 D Over S Nickel Value

On the 1949 nickel, the D mint mark was punched over the S mint mark, resulting in the D over S variety. We don’t know why the mistake happened, so we can’t say whether it was deliberate.

1949 D Jefferson Nickels - D Over S

According to some experts, a mint employee may have mistakenly struck a Denver die with a San Francisco mint mark punch and overpunched its mistake.

This error coin might be worth at least $30 and up if you find it in a circulated grade. An uncirculated version of this nickel, on the other hand, may be worth up to $150.

This variation includes an error coin that has been marketed for thousands of dollars.

This mistake nickel has a maximum record price of $32,900. This nickel was professionally graded by PCGS to guarantee its authenticity, and it was offered in 2014 with a grade of MS67.

Learn More About Jefferson Nickel Value Depth:

1938 1945 1952 1959

1939 1946 1953 1960

1940 1947 1954 1961

1941 1948 1955 1962

1942 1949 1956 1963

1943 1950 1957 1964

1944 1951 1958

The mint year is the simplest technique to determine if a nickel is made of silver. From 1942 through 1945, the only alloy used was copper-silver-manganese.

However, examination of the mint mark may also be used to identify them. On the rear, on top of Monticello, only silver nickels bore the mint mark.

Among the numerous odd error coins, you might discover are clipped planchets, die clashes, and broad strokes. Yes, 1949 nickels contain all of these errors, and yes, they are valuable! Of course, expecting every 1949 nickel that does not look precisely right to be an error is unrealistic.

Damage is visible on the majority of unusual-looking coins.

  1. The high price for Jefferson Nickel, 1952-D/S MS in Auction Record by Heritage Auctions MS67 sold for $32,900 in 2014.
  2. The high price for Jefferson Nickel, 1951-S MS in Auction Record by Heritage Auctions MS67 sold for $15,275 in 2014.
  3. The high price for Jefferson Nickel, 1949-D MS in Auction Record by Heritage Auctions MS67 sold for $8,625 in 2006.
  4. The high price for Jefferson Nickel, 1949 MS in Auction Record by eBay MS66+FS sold for $7,695 in 2012.

Of course, find 1949 rare nickels value are just as difficult to come by as common ones. Be sure to keep it if you ever get your hands on it because you’ll certainly make money. So, keep an eye out for these types of mistake coins to make money.


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