Everything About 1949 Canadian Penny Value

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1949 Canadian Penny – The 1949 Canadian penny is priced using a grading method that has been developed and agreed upon by the worldwide Numismatic Association. Comprised of professional collectors as well as other experts, they all set a standard that can be used by everyone to prevent them from being scammed and manipulated by the 1949 Canadian penny value.

1949 Canadian Penny

Before going any further, it would be better if we know the background of the making of this penny. The maker of this penny was Krueger, who was accompanied by Paget at the time.

In an effort to maintain the track, the 1949 Canadian penny KG was made which shows the initials of Krueger’s name.

History of Canadian Penny Making

Krueger made pennies during the reign of George VI who was colonizing Canada. That’s why the face of the king of Great Britain was engraved on the 1949 Canadian penny, and it is this historical value that collectors and business people have used to make the 1949 Canadian penny worth it.

Calculating The Penny Worth

How much is a 1949 Canadian penny worth? Please note that there are two varieties, namely 1949 – A off denticle and 1949 – A to denticle.

The following is the 1949 Canadian penny price range for your reference to find out what is a 1949 Canadian penny worth. The first type is 1949 – A off denticle.

Penny in circulation:

  • Grade V-8: USD 0.15
  • Grade F-12 : USD 0.15
  • Grade VF-20 : USD 0.25
  • Grade EF-40 : USD 0.50
  • Grade AU-50 : USD 1.00

Penny in an out-of-circulation state:

  • Grade MS-60 : USD 3.00
  • Grade MS-62 : USD 4.90
  • Grade MS-63 : USD 13.00
  • Grade MS-64 : USD 19.50
  • Grade MS-65 : USD 42.70
  • Grade MS-66 : USD 519

The second type is 1949 – A to denticle.

Penny in circulation:

  • Grade V-8: USD 6.70
  • Grade F-12 : USD 8.70
  • Grade VF-20 : USD 13.60
  • Grade EF-40 : USD 23.80
  • Grade AU-50 : USD 41.00

Penny in an out-of-circulation state:

  • Grade MS-60 : USD 71.00
  • Grade MS-62 : USD 90.90
  • Grade MS-63 : USD 203.00
  • Grade MS-64 : USD 421.50
  • Grade MS-65 : USD 2,410.70
  • Grade MS-66: USD –

Canadian Penny Valuation

After we look at the reviews and details about the price, then we can know what Canadian pennies are valuable. It is clear that the higher the grade, the higher the price.

You could say the 1949 Canadian penny is one of the most expensive. You can look for ways to find the highest-grade coins and sell them at a higher price in the future because their prices fluctuate and tend to go up.

Are there any rare Canadian pennies? Rarity depends on the high quality of the penny. Penny with a high grade will be difficult to obtain.

In addition, the penny with certain error conditions can also be considered rare ( most valuable Canadian pennies list ). The 1949 Canadian penny A to denticle has the same price as the other type.

We must be careful in examining this variation, to distinguish which one is a penny error, and which one is included in the A to denticle variation so that the price is not mislabeled.

Canadian Penny Description

The following is a description of the 1949 Canadian penny to consider:

  • This penny is made from a combination of copper (98%), zinc (0.15%), and tin (0.15%).
  • Weighs about 3.3 grams and its diameter is 19.05 millimeters
  • Smooth edges
  • Not a magnetic material

Judging from the percentage of the material it is made of, it is 1949 Canadian penny copper. At that time the price of copper was high, moreover gold was only the property of the royal party that could not be owned by just anyone.

Those are some of the factors in choosing copper as the main material for making the 1949 Canadian penny.

Of course, even though it is made with a high-priced raw material that does not make this 1949 Canadian penny values exceed the value of gold even today. The assessment that makes the penny have a high price is none other than the grading and historical value.

Rarity Effect on The Value

The historical value and rarity of the penny are also closely related to the Mintage. 1949 Canadian penny mintage for 1 cent 1949 – A to denticle is 33,128,933. As for A off denticle, the exact amount is not known. Maybe then we can also classify it as a rare 1949 Canadian penny.

How valuable is a 1949 Canadian penny? It is a question that seems to never stop echoing. The price of antiques is never known for sure.

Online sales may have a clearer price range, but when it’s at auction, no one ever knows if suddenly a rich collector is bidding at a super high price.

So to know exactly how much is my 1949 Canadian penny worth would be very difficult. Of course, it’s beyond the price it should be.

Try Your Luck on This Business

Try your luck when you have a 1949 Canadian penny with some kind of error. You can probably tell how much is a 1949 Canadian penny worth in the eyes of collectors who are super-rich and only see contentment as the main point rather than money.

Even if you look and imagine how much a 1949 Canadian penny cost during the reign of George VI at that time, you will not imagine.

The large quantities of Mintage and even the absence of any mint marks on the penny indicate that the 1949 Canadian penny was made in only one place.

Looking at this fact, the 1949 one-cent Canadian penny is considered a rarity. Such rarity would make the 1949 one-cent Canadian penny value higher than the original face value stated in the penny itself.

That was the discussion on “What Canadian pennies are valuable?” The conclusion is that you need to learn about scoring, that way you will be able to find the best penny.

Compare the image with your description. If the image in the photo is still not convincing, try to see it in person so you can judge for yourself. Learn about the types of errors that have a high value. Don’t let you just throw away pennies that you think are useless but are actually of high value. Hope you are successful in this penny business!

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