1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Value: Types and Condition

1886 Morgan Silver Dollar - This year's mintage of the 1886 Morgan dollar was just under one million coins. The majority of these coins are intact with minor issues that do not affect value or collector interest. There are also quite a few coins that have been severely damaged including broken limbs and complete loss of silver content. 

As with all coins, the condition is very important when determining the 1886 Morgan dollar value. 

By understanding the types and conditions of 1886 Morgan dollar coins you can make an informed decision on what you would like to sell or keep in your own collection.
History: Morgan Silver Dollar

Investors and collectors alike are drawn to the 1886 Morgan silver dollar for its low value and history. There are four types of these dollars - proof, uncirculated, circulated, and melted down - with different values associated with each. 

Proof dollars are the rarest and have the highest value, while circulated dollars are the most common and have the lowest value. Investors can purchase certified pieces from dealers or auction houses to get the highest possible return on investment. 

The 1886 Morgan silver dollar is one of the most popular American coins because of its low value and history.
1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Types

The 1886 Morgan dollar is a rare coin that has a significant collector value. If you're looking to add one to your collection, start by doing your research! There are several different types of 1886 Morgans, each with its own collector market value. 

To get an idea of what to expect, start by identifying the type of 1886 Morgan dollar you have. This will help you determine its condition and value. 

1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Coins in good condition have little wear and retain most of their original color and design. For more information about 1886 Morgans and their values, be sure to check out our blog post on the topic!
1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Without A Mint Mark

1886 Morgan Silver Dollars without mint marks are usually in better condition and have a higher value. This is because these coins were not mass-produced, meaning there are more of them available in the market.

Furthermore, these dollars were minted during the period when silver was at its highest value (1885-1889). As such, they fetch a premium over those that do have mint marks. 

Additionally, 1886 Morgans with no mint mark from the 1885-1889 series are especially valuable. These dollar coins show an eagle on a shield with thirteen arrows above it and date below within a wreath. Their rarity increases even further due to their lack of mint mark - only 10% of all issued silver dollars from this era carry one! 

So if you happen to come across one of these elusive pieces in your collecting adventures, don't hesitate to pull the trigger!
How Much Is 1886 Silver Dollar Worth?

1886 Morgan Silver Dollars are some of the most popular silver dollars in circulation. This is mainly because they contain a large amount of silver - up to 90% - and they're also beautiful coins with intricate designs. 

However, it can be hard to determine its value due to the variety of 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar types and conditions that exist. 

If you're looking for a high-grade example, then you'll need to spend more money. However, if you focus on examples with good histories and high silver content, chances are your coin will go up in value quite significantly. 

So it's always advisable to get an appraisal done so that you have an accurate estimate of its worth
1886 S Morgan Silver Dollar

Are you interested in collecting silver coins? 1886 S Morgan Silver Dollars are a great choice as they are rare and have different values depending on their condition. 

Proofs represent the highest value, followed by Gems and then Uncirculated Morgans. Be sure to research which type of 1886 S Morgan silver dollar is right for you before buying!
1886 O Morgan Silver Dollar

1886 O Morgans are among the rarest and most valuable of all Morgan Silver Dollar types. They were minted in small numbers, making them highly sought-after by collectors. So if you're looking to invest in silver coinage, 1886 O Morgans should definitely be at the top of your list. 

On average, these coins can sell for up to $10,000 each on the open market. However, beware of coins that are heavily worn or damaged - they may not be worth as much as you think!
1886 Morgan silver dollar value by Gainesville coins

When it comes to 1886 Morgan silver dollar values, collectors generally focus on the well-struck and lustrous examples. However, coins with significant damage or those that have been washed in dirty water will usually bring down the value significantly. 

So, before spending your hard-earned cash on a coin like this, be sure to Inspect all of its details - from the obverse (heads) portrait to the tail feathers of Liberty - for accuracy. 

There are several different types of 1886 Morgan silver dollar worth noting as well; so take some time and study up on them if you're interested in acquiring one for yourself!
1886 Morgan silver dollar value by JM Bullion

1886 Morgan silver dollar values can be significantly different depending on their condition. In fact, some coins in great condition could be worth more than those in poor condition. So it's important to take all the necessary factors into account when making an estimate. 

Some of the key factors you should consider include wear, toning, mint marks and more. However, don't just rely on surface appearances - look for signs of careful handling and preservation over time as this will often denote a higher value coin. 

If your coins don't meet your expectations or fall outside of what you expected them to be worth at least somewhat, then it is ok to sell them off - there is always a market for quality silver dollars!
1886 Morgan silver dollar value by USA Coin book

There is no doubt that a 1886 Morgan silver dollar is a beautiful coin, and its value reflects this. In fact, it can be in very good condition or it can be heavily damaged. 

It's important to know the different types of 1886 Morgan silver dollars so you can accurately value it. Many people are interested in acquiring this coin because of its rarity and beauty - which makes up for any flaws it may have. 

So if you're looking to add one of these beauties to your collection, do your research first!
1886 Morgan silver dollar value by CoinStudy

As with any other collectible, the value of a 1886 Morgan silver dollar depends on a variety of factors. The condition of the coin is one such factor that determines its worth. A badly-damaged or corroded coin will be worth less than an undamaged one. 

Another important consideration when it comes to 1886 Morgan silver dollar values is the specific variation that you are looking for. 

For example, some collectors prefer mint state coins while others prefer proofs or uncirculated specimens. Finally, always consult a reputable coin dealer to get accurate information on how much your particular 1886 Morgan silver dollar is worth. 

There are many potential buyers and sellers out there, so it's important to have someone who can give you an unbiased opinion - after all, they know best!
1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Condition

1886 Morgan Silver Dollar values can vary greatly due to their condition. Some are in great condition and worth a lot of money, while others may be in poor condition and be worth much less. Always keep your silver dollars in a secure place to protect them from theft or loss. 

Additionally, look for coins that are well-maintained with a clean surface and no wear or tear. This will help you determine their value more accurately. 

Compare prices online and in stores before making a purchase. When it comes to silver dollar values, it's always a good idea to be prepared for anything!
Good 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars

1886 Morgan Silver Dollars are one of the most popular silver coins in the world. They are prized for their historical value as well as their aesthetic appeal. 

If you're looking to add a rare and valuable coin to your collection, then 1886 Morgans should definitely be at the top of your list! When it comes to condition, most 1886 Morgans have been struck in Very Good or Excellent condition. 

However, there is no such thing as a perfect minted dollar - some will grade higher or lower depending on wear and tear (scratches, nicks, toning). 

So it's important to look for any signs of wear before making a purchase. Ideally, though, you should aim for an 1886 Morgan that has not seen much circulation - this will give you the best chance at obtaining an eye-catching and highly collectible coin without having too much trouble with grading/value fluctuations down the road.
Uncirculated 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars

Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars are a very rare and valuable coin. They come in a variety of condition values, with coins in Uncirculated condition being the highest grade and therefore commanding the highest price. 

Coins that are only slightly circulated or have been heavily graded against other dates will typically not be considered Uncirculated examples. Most 1886 Morgans in circulation are in circulated condition. 

Morgan silver dollars are incredibly valuable, with some mint state coins worth over $1 million! It is important to do your research before buying any coin as there is no guarantee of getting an Uncirculated example - even if it's your favorite denomination!
Fine 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars

There is no one right answer when it comes to figuring out the value of an 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar. This is because there are many factors that can affect its price - including its condition, rarity, and minting year. Generally speaking, coins in Fine condition are more desirable than those in other grades. 

However, this doesn't mean that they have a higher premium over circulated or worse-conditioned coins. In fact, most 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars can be found in circulated or better conditions (depending on their particular grade). 

So if you're looking to purchase one as part of your collection, don't worry too much about finding the perfect fit - just focus on getting one that's well-maintained!
Extra Fine 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars

When it comes to collecting Morgan silver dollar coins, quality is of the utmost importance. That's why it's important to try and find a coin that has been certified by one of the leading coin grading organizations - PCGS or NGC. 

In terms of condition, perfect examples would have all letters of the date and mint mark visible. Damage such as bends or cracks will mean that a coin in this condition is worth less than one with no damage at all. 

Coins graded AU (authentic) are considered highest-quality, followed by XF (extra fine), EF (eccentric finish), and Uncirculated.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if my 1886 silver dollar is valuable?

The value of a silver dollar depends on the condition and rarity of the coin. Refer to the source of information for more information.
What makes an 1886 silver dollar rare?

A silver dollar minted in 1886 would be worth between $15 and $25 if it were to be sold today. Which Morgan silver dollar is worth the most? The 1903 Morgan dollar is worth the most.
It is worth $20.68 as of September 30, 2018.
What are some good places to look for rare coins like an 1886 morgan silver dollar?

Some good places to look for rare coins are coin dealers, coin auctions, and coin shows. 1886 Morgan silver dollar value can depend on a variety of factors such as condition, rarity, and mint mark.


With so much information available about the 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. To help make your decision a little easier, we've outlined the different types of 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars and their value. Plus, we've also included a handy FAQ section to answer any of your questions! Ready to start your silver dollar hunt? Then check out our website now!

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