Basic Question: Is 1976 Silver Penny Valuable?

1976 Silver Penny - Many have discussed and assumed that the 1976 silver penny had no price whatsoever. But that doesn't mean there aren't some other people who think that the 1976 silver penny also has value especially when it is still in very good condition.

In addition, the silver penny has had many variations and releases for years. One variation is the 1976 penny which has a Liberty bell that can make you a lot of money. 1976 silver penny with liberty bell is great value if in excellent condition.

History Behind The Silver Penny

The purpose of this penny is to commemorate the formation of the Stamp Tax Act of 1776. At this moment the Liberty Bell is rung, which is why it was then engraved on the coin. 

The Stamp Tax Act contains the imposition of taxes for the circulation of newspapers and the release of legal documents. Of course, this was also used to suppress the invaders at that time.

The Tax Act ended in 1776 and it was decided to make a penny in 1976 to commemorate this past event. A 1976 penny with Liberty Bell engraving can answer "Is the 1976 silver penny worth anything?" Precisely a high historical value as a warning of the Stamp Act Tax makes it highly valued.

1976 Silver Penny Value

The meaning of the Liberty Bell is the freedom granted by the British Empire to the American people. In 1976 silver penny was engraved with a map of the United States as well as the Liberty Bell on it. 

A penny with a luxurious design, that sticks in the hearts of people in the United States. How much is a 1976 silver penny worth will be discussed further.

Size and Shape 1976 Silver Penny

On the 1976 silver penny, there is a picture of Abraham Lincoln facing the front side. There is also a map of the United States engraved with the date of issue of the penny on the right.

On the right side of Lincoln's image is a mint mark as well as the date of publication. Then on the left, there will be a picture of the Liberty Bell engraved and there is the word "Liberty" nearby written in bold capital letters. 

Above, there is a sentence that forms a curve, namely "In God We Trust" in capital letters. A very attractive design becomes a distinguishing factor of the 1976 penny value especially if it is in very good condition.

On the back of the 1976 silver penny, the name of the country is easily seen by someone at the top of the coin and at the bottom is the face value of this currency. The engraving of the text forms a curve which makes it even more beautiful.

Price 1976 Penny With Liberty Bell

The 1976 d silver penny is worth more than a penny marked with the United States and Liberty Bell engravings, by far more than 1 cent. 

The diameter of this penny is 19 mm and is about 1.30 mm thick. The weight of this penny is only 3.11 grams and the main material is Bronze.

The design of this coin is the best and the engraving is very smooth. The engravers of this penny were named Victor David Brenner and Frank Gasparro.

Penny Quality That Affects Price

The 1976 silver penny that can make the most money is the one that has the Liberty Bell and United State stamp engraved. Denver is where this penny comes from. In good mint condition, the 1976 silver Lincoln penny will cost even more.

Penny produced on a very limited basis makes it rare and priced quite high. That's because pennies are only made in one place. This is what makes the mint penny less important, the most important thing is the condition of the penny.

Good & Excellent

This penny functions as a commemorative coin, even though the condition is not very good, the price is still high. The penny made of bronze is worth more than the number on the coin. How much is a 1976 d silver penny worth?

The signs of wear are still good if the penny is in good condition. Penny with the United States Liberty stamp in good or very good condition will cost 0.1 dollars.

Paying Attention to The Mint Mark Details On The Penny

1976 silver penny or there is also a type 1976 bicentennial silver penny that has a mint code that is only made in one place, this is proof of the scarcity of this penny at this time.

The mint mark "D" can be found at the top of the coin section of the United States map. The meaning of the letter D is mint which comes from Denver. There is great importance to the Denver Mint on currency in America.

Cause the Material of Making Penny Is Changed

Copper has been the main material for making coins since ancient times, but over time, the United States mint decided to change the material for making the 1976 silver penny. The soaring copper price was the reason for this decision.

Of all the main materials used to make penny coins, it turns out that copper is the highest raw material. Of course, it would cost a lot of money and the state budget to produce coins at that time. 

The durability of copper was an important factor at that time imagines how much the 1976 bicentennial silver penny worth is rare and made of copper.

Origin of Coins Apart from Denver

Then there is another area for the manufacture of 1976 silver penny, namely in the Philadelphia area. This is what is known as the 1976 P silver penny.

This step was taken following the scarcity of the 1976 D silver penny coin and to encourage coin production at the time. However, with the increasing price of copper, it is necessary to look for alternatives or substitutes for other materials other than copper.

Trial Steps of the Government

Steps to conduct experiments were carried out, namely by making a 1976 silver colored penny. The trick is to use silver material but given a black color or something else.

Not only that, but the 1976 bronze coin was also one of the objects of research. Then the 1976 silver penny with the picture of Liberty Bell and the United States stamp on the top has a higher value than the nominal value of the money because the Bronze material is also getting more expensive. Under these conditions, an even rarer coin, namely the 1976 d silver penny, value increases, because when it was made it was in a more special and rare condition.

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