How Much is a 1936 Penny Value UK?

1936 Penny Value Uk - There are still many people who keep ancient coins at home and hope to get a higher value than face value. The 1936 penny UK coin is no exception, which is one of the coins that deserves to be kept.

Even the 1936 penny value UK increased over time because the condition of the coins was still good. As we know to determine the value of a coin requires various important considerations.

In addition, another factor that can be considered is the availability of coins with a market demand level of 1936 penny. 

1936 Penny Value UK

If you have it at home and want to know how much value you will get, read this article to the end. Because we are going to give some of the factors that determine the value of a 1936 penny.

1936 George V Penny Facts

Before we discuss further the 1936 penny value UK that you can get, you must also know its history first. 

These bronze coins were made by private companies which replaced the coins with a copper main composition.

These bronze coins tend to have a relatively softer texture. So this will affect the condition of the 1936 penny you may have today.

1936 was the year England had three different kings namely George VI, George V, and Edward III. Of course, 1936 was a historic year in Great Britain.

Therefore, this 1936 penny is one of the oldest pennies that you can find in historical records. Most 1936 cents were Brilliant Uncirculated or uncirculated.

This is what makes the 1936 one penny value UK has a fairly high price because of its uncirculated condition. 

Even today, you can still see this coin in very good condition.

Most of these coins were minted when Edward III became king, although the design of the coins retains the earlier penny design of King George V's head.

However, this did not cause much debate until new coins were minted after the coronation of the new king. 

If you have this coin, then you can witness the history behind the coins that were minted by the three kings who ruled Great Britain.

The number of 1936 pennies printed at that time reached 134,160,000 which made this change common and used as a transaction tool. So how much is a 1936 British penny worth? Of course, you can get different prices.

How Much is a 1936 George V Penny Worth?

Just like the article, we discussed earlier 1912, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1921, 1937, and 1971 new penny value, determining the value of a penny requires many factors. 

Such as the condition of the coin that can be seen from the luster, design, coin frame, surface, and so on.

Under certain conditions, the 1936 British penny value has a high value, one of which is an uncirculated coin. 

Although minted in very large numbers, many people still keep these coins at home and expect a high price.

If you store it but don't take care of it properly, then the condition of the coin you have maybe damaged such as scratches or certain parts are missing.

This coin has lived for almost a hundred years and is one of the historic coins in Great Britain. That's why many people choose to keep it instead of using it.

1936 penny value UK can increase when you own it in certain conditions and meet the criteria of valuation by coin collectors. 

Although this coin is not rare, because of its beautiful shape, many people keep it.

This coin has gone through a long time and many coins are lost, damaged, burned, buried, spilled, and so on. Some people find these coins and keep them by accident.

If you now have this coin, here is the George v penny 1936 value that you can get under certain conditions, namely circulated and uncirculated:

• 1936 Penny Circulated

Because it was minted in very large quantities and made a coin that is generally used for transactions, many people still keep coins in different conditions.

Coins are circulated meaning they have changed hands and are subject to very high wear and tear. There are some missing details on the coin or there are scratches on the surface of the coin.

This allows you to earn £0.80 in the EF-40 condition, £3.20 in the AU-50 condition, and the highest price is £3.50 in the AU-55 condition.

• 1936 Penny Uncirculated

Unlike the uncirculated penny, of course, it has a different value because most of these coins are stored and cared for. 

Although not especially cared for, at least this coin has not changed hands and has minimal scratches.

The 1936 penny value UK you can get is £3.70 in MS-60 condition, £9.30 in MS-62 condition, £19.00 in MS-63 condition, £45.80 in MS-64 condition, £46.90 in MS-65 condition, and price peaks at £120 in MS-66 condition with various considerations and coin surface conditions.

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