1912 Penny Value UK: One Penny Georgivs Value

1912 Penny Value UK - Most people think that old pennies are worth more than their face value. One of the coins that can get the highest price is the 1912 penny UK. This English coin was minted in 1912 and is now more than 100 years old. 

It's amazing if you look at the 1912 penny value UK which is now getting higher. This UK penny coin features the Britannia on the top design of the coin.

1912 Penny Value UK

This penny UK's classic design makes many people calculate how much it is worth today. 

For those of you who want to know how much the penny UK costs, then see the following article which will discuss various sides of the UK penny.

Facts About George V Penny 1912

The penny UK was made of bronze which replaced copper coins, due to the increasingly expensive price of copper. But these bronze coins are also durable, even today you can still find them in good condition.

This 1912 George v penny was designed by Bertram MacKennal for the front with the image of King George V's head facing left. But during the reign of King George V, many problems were encountered especially in the manufacture of coins.

This resulted in a large number of bronze blanks that would be used to produce coins by private companies in Birmingham. As a result, they encountered many difficulties when printing these coins.

Since it is made of bronze, this penny UK weighs 9.4 grams which makes it slightly heavier than copper coins. The back of the coin made by Leonard Charles Wyon shows the figure of Britannia facing to the right.

1912 United Kingdom Penny Specifications Heaton Mint:
Monarch: King George V
Edge: plain
Weight: 9.4 grams
Diameter: 30.8 mm
Comp: bronze
Minted: Birmingham, England
Mintage: approx. 16,800,000
Scarcity: harder in higher grades
This figure represents a British woman wearing a Corinthian crested helmet and revealing a flowing gown. For this coin is worth one penny.

How Much 1912 Penny Value UK 

Just like the article, we discussed earlier 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1937, and 1971 new penny value, if you know how this UK penny design is made, then you should know there are two varieties of the penny that you can find in your pocket. 

Here are the types:

• 1912 Penny Royal Mint
This first variety has no mint markings and is printed in Birmingham. The amount of this 1912 penny without a mint mark is 48,306,048 which makes it a change that is generally used for transactions.

The rarity itself is quite common because it is printed in large numbers, errors that occur are usually unintentional, and finding it will be more difficult.

• 1912 Penny Heaton Mint
This penny is minted in the Heaton Mint and has a mint mark H next to the date of manufacture. This coin is minted less than the no mint mark variation, which is only 16,800,000.

1912 Georgivs penny value is higher because rarity can be found easily. This error occurred during the print process

Both variations of this coin are equally circulated and used as change for transactions. However, some errors make it have a higher value.

1912 George V Penny Value

Most people will use these coins for transactions ( most valuable foreign coins ), but some people tend to keep them. Therefore, the set value of the 1912 UK penny also varies depending on the conditions.

1912 George V Penny Value

For this mint assessment, there are several conditions that you need to understand first. Here are the conditions that you must understand:
  • VG: Very Good
  • F: Good
  • VF: Very Good
  • EF: Very Good
  • AU: Unpublished
  • AUnc: Unpublished
From this provision, you can determine the 1912 penny value UK. Here's the price you can get for 1912 penny UK:

1. Value of 1912 Penny Circulated

These coins are mostly used and circulated. Some of the top prices for the 1912 penny no mint mark are £1.60 in the EF-40, £7.20 in the AU-50, and £10.00 in the AU-55.

The 1912-H penny is priced higher at £0.80 in VF-20 condition, £7.60 in EF-40 condition, £34.80 in AU-50 condition, and £48.40 in AU-condition. 55.

2. Value of 1912 Penny Uncirculated

For 1912 British penny value that is not circulated of course has a higher value because of the condition of the coins that do not experience wear or abrasion.

The penny 1912 no mint mark is £15.20 in MS-60 condition, £33.60 in MS-62 condition, £66.90 in MS-65 condition and the top price is £80.00 in MS-66 condition.

Meanwhile, the penny 1912-H has a higher value of £59.70 for MS-60 conditions, £118 in MS-62 conditions, £169 in MS-63 conditions, £243 in MS-65 conditions and the highest price is £251 for conditions MS-66.

1912 penny value UK has a different value depending on the conditions that are circulated or uncirculated. The condition of coins that are not circulated is certainly shinier and the surface of the coins is not lost due to wear.
You can get a higher price depending on the condition of the coins you have. If you have coins in circulation but are still in good condition, then you can still get a higher value than face value.

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