Best Places to Live in Idaho: A Comprehensive List

Best Places to Live in Idaho - Idaho is a state in the Western United States. It's located in the Northern Rockies, bordered by Wyoming to the east, Montana to the north, Oregon to the northwest, Nevada to the south, and Arizona to the west. Idaho has a population of over 2 million people and spans an area of 77,899 square miles.

Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, restaurants, and other natural features are all present in Idaho. In the winter and summer seasons, tourists, backpackers, travelers, and various other families come to Idaho to visit. 

According to reports, Idaho's prime season is around these times, and there are several events to choose from. As a consequence, it is the ideal vacation spot for everyone.

It also provides the best places to live in Idaho in 2022 for families, retirement, hiking, singles, and young adults. You'll see that the majority of locals are friendly and helpful, which will help you have a better life. Before moving to Idaho, there are a few things you should know.

A Brief History Of Idaho

Idaho is a state that is known for its natural beauty, rich history, and variety of cultures. It's also home to some of the best schools in the country, making it a great place to raise a family. The state's economy is strong, making it an affordable place to live. 

In addition to all of this, Idaho is a great place to raise a dog or cat!

What Are The Benefits Of Living in Idaho?

Idaho is a great place to live - not only does it have a variety of job opportunities, but it's also home to many benefits that make living here a pleasure. 

For instance, living in Idaho comes with affordable housing, low crime rates, and plenty of natural resources. In addition, the state is known for its great weather. 

So whether you're looking for a place to raise a family or to take a break from the city, Idaho is a great option. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your move to Idaho today!

What Is The Criteria for Selecting Best Places to Live in Idaho?

When it comes to the best places to live in Idaho, location is key. You want to be in a place that is convenient for work, shopping, and recreation. 

Additionally, you should consider the cost of living, climate conditions, and recreational opportunities. To make things easier, we've compiled a list of the best places to live in each of Idaho's nine counties.

Cost Of Living in Idaho

In the hunt for the best place to live? Look no further than Idaho! Not only is the cost of living low, but the cost of living in Idaho is lower when compared to other states. This means you can save money on groceries, housing, and utilities. 

Additionally, tax rates in Idaho are also lower, making it easier to take advantage of bonuses and salary increases without having to pay more in taxes elsewhere in your income.

Pros & Cons Of Living in Idaho in 2022 for Families, Young Adults, and Retirement

Idaho is a fantastic state in which to realize your American dream, which you may not be aware of. We respectfully disagree that it isn't the first location that comes to mind when you're thinking about the finest place to reside for you or your family. 

Idaho is a fantastic secret gem with endless possibilities, as it offers everything you need for a comfortable life. 

In addition, Boise, the state's capital city, was the fastest-growing American city in 2018 and attracted over 26% of the approximately 80,000 new residents that year. 

Furthermore, according to statistics, 194% more people have moved into Idaho rather than leaving since the pandemic began.

Idaho is a wonderful underappreciated gem with high living standards, a feeling of safety, a robust economy, low joblessness rates, and exciting outdoorsy settings. 

Furthermore, you will be constantly surprised by the unique artsy legacy. There may be a few cons, such as public transportation being inconvenient, infrastructure needing attention, and if you're a fan of luxury shopping, Idaho is definitely not for you. 

Living expenses, job possibilities, and average home value are all factors that everyone should consider when deciding where to live. Other issues such as access to excellent public schools and crime rates are important for parents or prospective parents.

The Top Best Places to Live in Idaho in 2022

There's no doubt that living in Idaho can be a great experience. With a diverse geography that ranges from the idyllic river valleys of the Coeur d'Alene to the snow-capped peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains, it has something for everyone. 

To help you choose the best place for you, we've compiled a list of the top best places to live in Idaho in 2022. Check it out below!


Boise, Idaho - best cities to live in Idaho

The Boise River Greenbelt, which runs through the city and provides a serene water hole, is another attraction in Boise, Idaho's capital. It is called "The City of Trees." Boise has a rich, dramatic past that complements its natural wonders. After the wool trappers, the town became a gold rush destination. 

Boise is a metropolis as well as a living example of the diversity of natural regions. As a consequence, in January 2022, the average home price in Boise was $548.k. 

Is it a pleasant place to live in Boise, Idaho? Because of its low crime rates and wide range of outdoor activities, Boise is an ideal location to raise a family. 

It is also suitable for retirees because it is close to the metro area. In Boise, Idaho, why do apartments cost so much? Because of the working ability gained by migration due to Boise metro's relative affordability compared to expensive parts of the metro, the buyer's demand has increased in terms of historically low mortgage rates. 

As a result, even new homes have become more costly.


Meridian - best places to live in idaho

Meridian is a major city in Idaho. It has an old name and a huge history. There are many things to do in Meridian, such as shopping, entertainment, and more.

Meridian is the home of Boise State University. As a result, it has great facilities for students and their families. The cost of living in Meridian is relatively cheap compared to other cities in Idaho. 

The average rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment is $521 and $584 for two-bedroom apartments in February 2022. The rental price starts from $859 for two-bedroom apartments in Moscow.

As we know that Moscow gets 42 inches of snowfall during winter time, but Meridian only receives 16 inches of snowfall during the winter season. So, if you want to live in a place that receives more snowfall than Meridian, consider living in Moscow.


city of moscow idaho - places to live in Idaho

While most of the community is situated in a valley, some parts are high up in the mountains. This area is filled with lush green vegetation and forests, making it an ideal place to live. The community has more than 30,000 residents, and its median home value is $265,600.

Moscow is renowned for its natural beauty and cultural richness. It boasts a number of parks and recreation areas where you can enjoy your free time on the trails or by hiking through the forest.

With all these things taken into consideration, it should come as no surprise that Moscow's housing market has been growing at a rapid pace over recent years. The median home price here is $279,700 while real estate costs here are 50% higher.

-Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls is located in the northwestern part of Idaho and is home to nearly 50,000 people. The cost of living here is relatively low when compared to other places in the state, making it an ideal place for people who are looking for a lower price point.

Idaho Falls has a strong economy and better quality of life and comes with an extensive recreational greenbelt. You will get amenities like a regional airport, a university campus, and much more at Idaho Falls. Nowadays, it has become a business and nuclear technology hub. 

The median rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment is $531 and $578 for two-bedroom apartments. 

In addition to being affordable, Idaho Falls also offers many benefits that make it an excellent place to live. It has great public transportation options that connect you with all parts of the city and neighboring communities. There are also many shopping and dining options available. 

Idaho Falls is a great place to raise a family, with excellent schools and plenty of opportunities for children to participate in sports and arts programs.

Idaho Falls is one of the best places to live in Idaho for families and also for a working professional to retire. It offers many attractive activities to them like parks and trails, with better living standards. 


Pocatello idaho

Pocatello has very low crime rates, and it is the home of Idaho State University and technology manufacturing giant ON Semiconductor. Also, it has a Regional Airport and Portneuf Medical Centre for locals’ and tourists’ comfort.  Rents in Pocatello are generally lower than the state average, and you can find a furnished apartment for between $600 and $1,000. 

The area is home to many restaurants and nightlife options that will fit all kinds of lifestyles. You can also find plenty of outdoor activities here such as biking or hiking trails.

Furthermore, it offers many attraction points to visit, like Zoo Idaho, and people can spend several days seeing these spots. 

-Sugar City

Sugar City, Idaho

This is one of the most beautiful places in Idaho. It is nestled in the southern part of the state and is a great place to live. The median household income here is $54,063, while the cost of living here is 55% lower than the national average. 

Sugar City has an excellent school system with highly ranked schools that produce graduates ready for success in college or even careers outside of school. 

Sugar City is also a great place to live if you are looking for plenty of entertainment and recreation. The community has many restaurants, clubs, and events available that will cater to everyone’s interests. Additionally, it has beautiful lakes for fishing or swimming, as well as a variety of hiking trails throughout the area.

-Coeur d'Alene

Coeur d'Alene idaho

This is also one of the most beautiful places in Idaho. It is made up of natural beauty and has many parks, lakes, rivers, and mountains to explore. The median household income here is $60,000, while the cost of living here is only 30% higher than the national average.

Coeur d'Alene has an excellent school system that ranks among the best in Idaho and produces graduates who are ready for success both academically and professionally. Coeur d'Alene is also a great place to raise a family. The community has many parks, Activities, and cultural events available that will keep children 

The Best Places to Live in Idaho in 2022 | Rent. Blogentertained both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the area has numerous shopping options for residents who want to purchase items not found in most other places.


Eagle idaho

Eagle began as a community with Peregrine Falcons, Railways, and a population of 350 people, but it has evolved into one of the Treasure Valley's most dynamic and attractive communities. Eagle did not become a city until 1971, despite the fact that several of its structures were built in the 1900s. 

Families with children will appreciate this lovely town. The town's excellent educational environment is fostered by its large public school system and a high concentration of college-educated people. 

Eagle real estate rates are not only among the most costly in Idaho but also in the United States, with 31,699 residents and a median home value of $796,100.

Education in Idaho

When it comes to finding the best place to live, education is of the utmost importance. That's why Idaho makes the list - the state has a great mix of colleges and universities, great weather conditions, and ample opportunities in the technology and engineering sectors. 

With a degree in hand, you're guaranteed to find a job that is a great fit for your skills and interests. Plus, the state's strong education credentials make it great for those looking to start their career in a great place.

The Population of Idaho

This comprehensive list of the best places to live in Idaho provides an overview of each town and city in the state, so you can find the perfect place for you. 

The population of Idaho is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2020, so there's plenty of room for everyone. 

Boise is the fastest-growing city in the state and has seen a surge in population in recent years. 

This city has everything you're looking for - great schools, high quality of living, and plenty of activities and amenities. Dive into this list and find the best place for you!

Recreation in Idaho

No state is complete without its share of activities, and Idaho is no exception. Whether you're in the mood for a day of hiking, biking, skiing, or kayaking, you can find the perfect place in the state. 

In fact, there are so many great places that it's hard to choose just a few. That's why we've made a comprehensive list of the best places to live in Idaho, so you can explore all of them for yourself! 

Not to mention, Idaho offers a variety of climates which means you can enjoy different types of weather all year long.

Conclusion: Best Places to Live in Idaho

After reading through this comprehensive list of the best places to live in Idaho, you will have a better understanding of what makes each place great. From cost of living to amenities and resources, this list has it all! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your move to one of the amazing places on this list today!

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