Poured Limestone Driveway Benefits

Driveways can get very hot, and dealing with it can be not easy. Most houses have driveways that are made with concrete. The concrete pathways can get hot in summer. The hot sun rays increase the temperature of the concrete, and stepping on them can be difficult. The hot driveway also affects the tires of the car. Poured Limestone Driveway is new in the market, and they keep the temperature of your driveway cool.

This article will tell you all about the limestone driveway. How can you create one, or how expensive it is? The report will provide you with all the information. 

So don't get tense and read the article till the end if you are tired of your current pathway. Summers can get very difficult with the concrete, and it also looks old-fashioned.

Liquid Limestone Driveway: Introduction

Limestones are naturally fabulous; they don't get hot in the sun. To tackle the problem of hot pathways and driveways, you should use poured limestone to make them. Limestone keeps them cool in summer, and its wonderful texture looks good to the eyes. 

Poured limestone Driveway is the need of modern houses. The time is gone when people used to make driveways with concrete and cement. Now, most modern homes use limestone to create driveways and pathways. 

They even make an outdoor floor with this material. The best thing about the limestone is that it stays cool in hot weather.

So, if you want to transition to a limestone driveway, it is too easy. Just call a construction company to change your driveway into poured limestone driveway. If you are thinking about cost, then it won't be much. 

You can also do it yourself. It is effortless, and we will help you make your driveway using limestone. So, fear not when we are here. This article will solve all your problems bear with us till the end.

Material Used in Poured Limestone Driveway

Poured Limestone Driveways are made with liquid limestone. A liquid limestone mixture is used as concrete, and crushed limestones are the main ingredient of Liquid limestone. 

It is a lot cheaper than concrete and looks good on the floor. It is cos efficient, and people love it. Pools are also made with poured limestone because the outer surface stays cool this way. It also looks good; the off-white color of limestone gives a unique look to the pool.

poured limestone driveway

It would be best to have sand, cement, and crushed limestone to make liquid limestone. Some people use concrete with this mixture, but we don't recommend it. 

A Poured limestone finish is far superior to a concrete finish. You can make any designs with poured limestone. The unique textures that appear with a limestone finish are unmatchable.

DIY of Poured Limestone Driveway?

Poured limestone driveway is easy to make; if you have previous experience of any mason work, you will know how easy it is to make. You will need all the materials and tools to make the driveway yourself. 

You can also make a pool, pathways, and other floors made outside. You can do it yourself and save the extra cost you will have to bear as a construction worker. The satisfaction in doing it yourself is far beyond anything.

Making the driveway yourself is the best kind of adventure. You can teach your kids how to make a poured limestone driveway. First, you will need some crushed limestone, sand, and cement. 

You can estimate the material according to your area. You can take help from the internet if you want to. So, bring all these materials and clean the place where you want to make the driveway. You need to clean any extra dirt from that place and level it.

Mix crushed limestones, sand, and cement. You will use white glue for this job. You will need to mix them with proper proportion. Add three containers of sand and two containers of crushed limestone, mix them up and add one container of cement. 

Mix them up correctly, and then add water to the mixture. Mix it up again, and you are ready to pour your liquid limestone. If you have a sand mixture, you can use it for the task. The sand mixer will save your time and strength.

can you use limestone for a driveway

Now use a shovel or a wheelbarrow to pour the mixture where needed. Use an aluminum channel to spread and level the mix. You will need to do it quickly before the liquid limestone gets dry. 

Use a brick and margin trowel to spread the mixture equally. You will need a wooden and metal float to level the liquid limestone. Use the float to level and smoothen the surface. You will not want an unleveled surface. Make sure the pathway has a slope for rainwater to exit.

Leave the driveway to dry. Weight and put some water on after it dries off. It is essential to pour water on the newly made driveway. 

This way, you will have a new limestone driveway made with your own hands. Making things yourself is the best feeling one can have. You can also make patterns of your choice on the driveway if you want. You will have to do it before the mixture dries.

Is it Expensive?

If you have this question in your mind, our answer is no. The poured limestone driveway is not expensive; it is even cheaper than concrete. So, if you were only hesitating due to the price of the new material, then your worries are over. 

Just call a construction company and make sure they give you a nice smooth Limestone driveway. Limestone has some beautiful natural colors that add something extra to the driveway.

Poured limestone driveways are in these days. They look so good and classy that people think they might be costly. This is not the case; limestone looks elegant and expensive, but it is not. 

The cost of making a limestone is exact a making it with concrete. The difference is in the look and finish of the path. A limestone matches the looks of modern houses, but the concrete one doesn't, so if you have money and want to add something new to the home, call a construction company.

To reduce the construction company's cost, you can do it yourself. Suppose you know how to make concrete or have knowledge of making concrete floors. You can do this too, so don't waste time and money on a construction company and do it yourself.

Benefits of Liquid Limestone Driveway

Liquid limestone is quickly getting popular among the people. They want to add a new smooth texture to their floors outside. They want cooler pathways and pools. 

So, liquid limestone is best for all jobs. It has a unique color combination that looks good with a modern house. People love new and unique liquid limestone work. Following are some benefits of using poured limestone.

Cooler Surface

Concrete driveways and paths become very hot during a summer day. A cement pool can become a nightmare in the day. The hot sun heats the concrete, which doesn't cool down efficiently. It damages your car's tires, and you cannot walk on it barefoot. 

Pools become extremely hot during summer days due to the concrete flooring. Limestone can help you with all of these problems. Poured limestone driveways do not heat up like concrete; instead, it stays cool.

You can make a pool and path with liquid limestone. This way, you will have excellent water and pathways on the warm days of summer.


Limestone material is more enduring than other materials. Limestone paths can last longer than concrete pathways. Concrete gets hot and damages itself, cracks start to appear on concrete, but that's not the case with limestone. Limestone doesn't heat up, so the sunlight cannot damage it. Its heat-resistant quality saves it from getting cracks.

Apart from cracks, the cement is not durable lime limestone. Limestone has more flexibility and can last longer than concrete or other floorings.

Classy look

A poured limestone driveway or outside flooring looks more elegant or classy than concrete. The concrete looks old and doesn't match with the modern houses. The classy look of liquid limestone makes it more suitable for the contemporary home. More and more people are using limestone for the outside flooring because it looks more beautiful than other floorings.

You can also make patterns of your choice on the poured limestone. Such flexibility is not available in any other material. You can make any patterns that you line in your outdoor flooring or pathways.


Limestone looks expensive, the elegant and classy look makes it look costly, but the reality is different. More people are going for limestone flooring and driveways because it is cheaper than concrete. It has all qualities of concrete and much more and all of this at a lower price. Therefore, more and more people are going for this material. Experts say that use of crushed limestone has increased in past years.

No More Slippery Surface

Some people use tiles or marble on the outdoor pathways. During the rainy season, such paths become slippery. People use tiles and tiles because they look good, but they have flaws. Tiles and marble along pools are hazardous because they become very silvery and cause accidents. The main reason for using tiles and marbles is that they look good. Their while color looks good to the eyes.

Well, with poured limestone, liquid limestone will solve all your problems. Liquid limestone has a pale white color that looks good outside your house. Liquid limestone flooring around pools makes them look good, and you won't have the problem of slippery floors anymore. So, if you want the best results, use liquid limestone in your houses.

The solution to Gap Problem

If you use pavers in your pathways, they leave a crack. Such cracks are not good; they lock badly after some time. Weed can grow from these cracks that diminish the look of the pathway. You need some Strategy that can save you from such problems. 

Poured limestone driveway can save you from the crack problem. Liquid limestone covers the whole area, and patterns over coursed limestone are not the base. So, you won't have to face any problem of gaps with liquid limestone. It will take care of all the gaps.

Problems of Limestone

Limestone is best for your pools and paths. Where limestone has so many benefits, there are also some problems. Limestone is very clear, and it can quickly get dirty. 

The white texture of limestone can easily get dirty will look bad. Dirty tires of the car can leave marks. Black marks from car tires are visible on the limestone driveway.

Limestone driveways are bright in color and look good, but they get quickly dirty is a problem. They require high maintenance. You will need to wash the floor more often using liquid limestone flooring. Black marks from car tires do not quickly go out, becoming a big problem. If you can maintain a limestone driveway, it's the best.

Construction Companies for Liquid Limestone Driveway

Almost all construction companies work with liquid limestone. Its use is the same as concrete, so it is not rocket science. Choosing a good construction company can be a problem because you cannot undo the work once they are done. 

So, you need to do the hiring carefully. Several construction companies have websites now. You can use their previous work as a sample to check out who hires.

You can also use Google maps to check out their review. Reviews can talk about the experience of their previous clients. 

If a company has positive reviews, you can hire them, but if they do not have good reviews or don't have reviews, do not hire them. So, make intelligent decisions because the damage will be permanent if you hire the wrong people.


This article was about poured limestone driveway. We told you all about the limestone and its use in the driveway. Liquid limestone is better than any other material for your driveways, and it has a lot of benefits listed above. There are some negative aspects too, but they look tiny in front of their advantages. If you want your house to look beautiful, you should have liquid limestone paths outside your home. The article provides you with all kinds of information, like whom to hire or how to do it. Please read the article to know all about it.

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