1943 Silver Penny Value: Controversy and Its Value

1943 Silver Penny - Coin collecting has been a famous hobby and an alternative way of investment. Even the US Mint estimated the number of coin collectors in America is up to 140 million. Famous and rich people find enjoyment to have coins that have been owned by no one. The high demand for rare coins also makes the value of the coin keeps increasing, 1943 Silver Penny value as an example.

Because this hobby mostly is done by the rich and famous people, this hobby is also known well as the hobby of the kings. 

Back then during Renaissance Era, Kings and nobility people also did the same thing and their action is copied and continued by the rich nowadays. Coin collecting also becomes a good investment for those who understand that the value of rare coins is precious.

Not only because of the rarity, but the artistic design, the history, and the popularity of the coins are also leading this coin into worth collecting and investing. 

The best part of being a coin collector is that you can increase the value of your coins as time goes by. The older your coin is, the more valuable it will be.

Generally, The United State of America did a big change in 1909 when the government decided to change their coins from Indian head design to Abraham Lincoln portrait design. 

This change was an appreciation to the 16th president of the US for his 100th birthday. The coin was designed by Victor David Brenner, and he even put his complete initial on some of the coins.

There were three pennies of Abraham Lincoln portrait design that are always on the top list of coin collectors’ coins favorite. First is the 1940 Wheat Penny which has different marks from three different places the coin was minted. 

The second is the 1955 Doubled Die Penny which was an error coin becoming popular and collectors’ favorite. The third one is the 1943 Silver Penny which is not made out of copper.

The Short History of 1943 Silver Wheat Penny

Unlike the most common coins in the US, the silver penny was quite unique and new when this coin was firstly produced in 1943. 

Silver penny might be the most unusual coin that had been produced by the US Mint since most of the coins in the US are made from copper. It was quite new for people back then to find out silver coins in their pockets.

It was all started during World War II when the war needed lots of copper to make munitions, guns, and shell casings. That reason came to a decision from the US Mint to produce new coins from silver instead of copper. The silver coin was made of steel that had been coated with zinc.

The war did not only require more copper to make munitions and so on, it also required lots of food, for instance, meat, sugar, cooking oil, and of course canned food. This critical situation led the US Mint to maintain the economy by producing silver coins.

1943 Silver Penny Controversial 

In order to help the manufacturing of ammunition, the US Mint decided to produce silver coins instead of using copper to make coins. This appearance of 1943 Silver Wheat Penny in circulation confused people back then because of the zinc coating.

As the 1943 D Silver Penny circulated among the US people, the zinc coating had started and turned to dark grey, even almost black. 

The US Mint used steel as the main metal material for the silver coin that had been coated with zinc. Unfortunately, as time went by, the zinc coating and wore off.

This led the steel underneath the coin to start to appear and the worst happened when the coin was exposed to moisture. 

The coin started to rust when it was exposed to moisture. Due to this condition, many people rejected this silver coin because it caused problems with the pocket on their clothes. The rusting stain was left on their pocket when they kept the coin inside.

How Rare The 1943 Silver Penny Is? 

After knowing the short history and the controversy of 1943 Silver Penny, you might be wondering about the 1943 Silver Penny value. What is the value of a 1943 Silver penny? Is worth to be collected due to the controversy the US people had back then when they got these coins in the first place?

The US Mint was produced more than 2 billion 1943 silver coins and lots of those coins still survive today. It can be said that most coin collectors must have this silver coin that was produced in 1943. Each of the silver coins is worth differently, based on its condition.

In conclusion, the 1943 silver coin is not that rare because there are lots of them that survive today. But you need more effort to find the silver coin which is in good condition. The circulated silver penny might be worn off due to the moisture and zinc coating.

How Much is a 1943 Silver Penny Worth?

When you are already been in this field for a long time, you will understand the value of coins is different from each other. There are some aspects you should consider to measure how much coin worth is. Here are some of those aspects

1. Coins’ date and origin

Each coin has its date, the year when the coin was made. The origin, or the country that made the coin is also stated on the coin. Some information also can be found on the coin such as the mint mark and sometimes famous slogan from its country.

The date which is printed on the coin is important information to determine how old your coin is. If your coin has language printed you do not understand, try to find it out from the internet to get more information about your coin. The older coin you have, the more value you can expect from the coin.

2. Coin’s condition

The next thing you should consider a lot about collecting coins is the condition of your coin. If you have a higher quality of the coin, it is generally more valuable compared with the one that is dirty or blemished. The uncirculated coin will be worth higher than the circulated one.

If you have a rare coin that is dirty, never try to clean it by yourself because you may cause damage to the coin. You need to find professionals to take care of your coin so they can clean your coin without damaging it.

3. Get the coin certificate

The certificated coin is the highest value coin you may have. You may join a numismatics group to get more information about coin certificates. Get one for your coins and the value of your coin will reach out the peak price. Some experts will appraise your coins and if they are perfect, they will give you a coin certificate.

If you want to buy coins to collect or invest, you also need to see this aspect as your main consideration. The certified coins are the best and have the highest value among others. You need to prepare your bill because these certified coins are precious and hard to find.

After you know some aspects to consider before purchasing some coins for your collection, you will be able to consider which coin is worth collecting and investing. Here is the value of 1943 Silver Penny you might be wondering. 

What is a 1943 Silver Penny worth? The answer is down here.

The 1943 silver penny that was circulated generally is worth 20 to 50 cents nowadays. The uncirculated silver penny is worth $1.50 up to $5 nowadays. The uncirculated 1943 Silver penny that is well-preserved is worth higher, it is more than $100.

If you are a beginner, the silver penny will be worth it for you as a starter of your collection. The buying price is still affordable and the selling price keeps increasing over the years. But you need to take care of it well as the silver penny can be rusting easily due to the moisture.

This may be not easy work to do because the zinc and the steel from the coin are easily being oxidated. But that is not the only consideration you have; the history of the coin is also important. 

Many collectors are fond of unique coins that have an epic story behind them. One coin brings an important story that ever happened in the past will be more valuable for your coin.

Other Abraham Lincoln’s coins you probably want to consider as your collections, besides 1943 Silver Penny value, are the 1944 Wheat Penny and 1955 doubled die penny. These two pennies have their own unique stories as Wheat Penny became the gift or an appreciation for the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln on his 100th birthday. And 1955 Doubled die penny was the error coin that became popular and extremely unique for coin collectors to collect.

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