Surfwheel Electric Skateboard Review

Surfwheel Electric Skateboard Review - The Surfwheel SU/HX One is a wonderful magnetic-based skateboard that allows you to turn your ride nosedive in both directions.

Surfwheel Electric Skateboard Review

The patented safety features include the patented surfing drifting tire tread to help keep you in control and the patented safety wheel out on the edge for a one pass commute or to get out of trouble quickly thanks to the safety wheel and it's one wheel one pass buck to help you not hurtle over the edge. 

The integrated phone holder also gives you a great place to rest your smart phone while surfing, skating or even walking along.

Whether you are learning how to skateboard or looking to take your surfing game to the next level, the Surfwheel will allow you to get a feel for both the techniques to turn into the waves and the balance you need while you master skating and surfing.

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