Roman Atwood's Net Worth 2022: Biography, Family, Wife and More

Roman Atwood Net Worth - Atwood’s net worth has been estimated to be around $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He owns three houses in the Cincinnati area, all of which are within 20 minutes of each other, giving him and his family plenty of room to grow. His biggest home can be seen in the Beware of Dog video he uploaded in June 2015, which was shot in his Ohio home and has garnered nearly 30 million views on YouTube so far. If Atwood continues his work into the future, he might have an even higher net worth someday soon!

roman atwood and his wife
Roman Atwood and His Wife

Roman Atwood's Parents

Roman is of Mexican descent. His father was in the U.S. Air Force and his mother is an artist. He has an older brother named Dan who appeared in several of his videos and a younger sister named Robyn, who also appears in his videos sometimes as well as being featured on her own channel RoRo. 

The family moved frequently during Roman's childhood, living in more than 17 different homes. For part of his childhood, he lived with his grandparents while his parents were overseas.

Roman Atwood's Girlfriend

In 2003, Roman met a young lady named Brittney Smith in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Roman’s family knew Brittney’s family for several years before he asked her out on a date. They dated for about three years before she moved to Orlando, Florida with her two children from a previous relationship. 

The couple lived together and got married in 2006. Together they had two children: Emma born March 12, 2008, and Noah born December 18, 2009. 

They separated in 2012 due to infidelity issues on Roman’s part; things haven’t been ideal between them since then and they have been working out custody arrangements ever since.

roman atwood girlfriend age

Roman Atwood's Height, weight

6 feet 1 inch, 190 pounds. Net worth: $5 million to $10 million. It wasn’t always that way for Roman Atwood. Born on Nov. 7, 1983, in Akron, Ohio, he grew up in humble beginnings as one of eight children. 

He graduated from Revere High School and went on to earn an associate degree in communications from Ohio University Eastern Campus before dropping out to pursue a career in comedy full-time at age 21. Since then, he has established himself as one of YouTube’s most famous faces.

Roman Atwood's Family

Roman Atwood has been married to his wife Suzanne since 2006. Together they have four children. They all live in a home located in Edmond, Oklahoma and that is worth an estimated $1.5 million. All of Roman’s children and family members are frequent subjects of his comedy videos; a few of which have gone viral with over 200 million views combined! We estimate that Roman’s net worth currently sits at $5 million. 

That number will continue to grow as he continues to produce new content on YouTube and via other social media outlets!

Roman Atwood's Car collection

His first car was a car he bought as a teenager for $200 in cash. He called it his midnight hot rod and painted it with dark blue paint and red flames. 

roman atwood gtr car

However, his father talked him out of keeping it because he didn't have insurance on it. In 2011, Atwood purchased a Bugatti Veyron after doing trade with fellow YouTube star, Brusspup: If Brusspup gets 1 million YouTube subscribers by 2013, then Roman would buy him one. 

By December 2014, Brusspup reached 1 million subscribers and was awaiting delivery of his brand new Bugatti Veyron!

Roman Atwood's Net worth

Roman Anthony Romeo Atwood is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, prankster, comedian, and rapper. He is best known for his pranks and social experiment videos. 

As of January 2018, his main channel has 4 million subscribers and more than 797 million views while his second channel has 822 thousand subscribers and more than 127 million views. 

With an estimated net worth of $8 million, he ranks number 1 in terms of popularity among vloggers and has been featured in many news publications including The Huffington Post, BBC News, Daily Mail, The New York Times, CNN, etc.

Roman Atwood's House location

Ohio, USA. Since 2009 he is living in a small city named New Carlisle. It is located in Clark County, Ohio and it has an estimated population of 1,968 as of July 2014. 

He owns a big house with a swimming pool which is so near to his family. He also owned two expensive cars which are Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. One of his most famous cars is Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 2015 model.

roman atwood house address
Roman Atwood House Address

Roman Atwood's Income source #1 - YouTube channel

Atwood started a YouTube channel in 2009. The channel is called RomanAtwoodVlogs, has over 2 million subscribers and over 400 million views. His videos are very famous for their pranks, challenges, and funny moments that are so popular that people copy them. 

Some of his most watched videos include trying to go viral with a challenge video where he gives money to people for saying thank you on camera as well as him pouring things down other people’s pants (including Nutella). 

In 2014 alone he made $2 million from his channel according to SocialBlade. In 2015 he earned $3 million from his YouTube channel, according to Forbes.

Roman Atwood's Income source #2 - Instagram

Much of his income (upwards of $10 million a year) comes from his Instagram account. His most popular social media handle is @romanatwood, which has garnered over 20 million followers since its creation in 2010. 

Like most of Atwood’s online content, Instagram allows him to showcase his real-life comedy videos and stunts that he posts with his wife, Brittney Smith (aka Brittneyslayer). 

The two can be seen pranking their friends and family members or just showing off their love for one another with short clips of them hanging out at home or on vacation.

Roman Atwood Interesting Facts:
In 2010, Roman became an entrepreneur and opened his own ice cream parlor which was sold in 2015. In 2012, he began to gain fame on YouTube when he started a prank channel called Natural Born Pranksters with his friend and fellow YouTuber Dennis Roady. His videos often featured him pranking family members and co-workers including his wife Brittney Smith who Roman married in 2014. During his time on YouTube, Roman has amassed over 14 million subscribers as well as over 5 billion views across all of his videos making him one of YouTube’s most successful content creators today.

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