Atom Electric Skateboard Review: Here Are 10 Reasons

The Atom brand is quickly becoming one of the most popular skateboard brands in the market, with many people choosing their electric skateboards as their primary mode of transportation. But why should you choose an Atom electric skateboard instead of a non-electric one? What makes them so unique and special? The 10 most important reasons are listed below, and these are just some of the many reasons why everyone should own an Atom electric skateboard!

1) Performance and Safety

In terms of safety, electric skateboards come with a lot of added bells and whistles that you would not find on regular skateboards. 

Most boards are equipped with LED lights so that you can easily navigate through dark pathways or dimly lit streets in a safe manner. 

These also come with brakes and speed control features so that you do not have to worry about crashing into objects or people while riding at high speeds. 

Many even come with regenerative braking capabilities which convert kinetic energy into electricity and helps charge your battery pack more efficiently.

2) Style and Colour

Choosing your new board should be all about how you want to look, not just how fast it goes. Boards come in all kinds of colours and styles, from sleek and understated to bright and bold. 

Try finding a colour that suits your personality, or match it with a piece of clothing to make sure you look good when riding! There’s no point in getting something that doesn’t fit your style—you want people to see you on that board, not just admire it from afar. 

One thing worth considering is matching your bag with your board so they’re coordinated perfectly. Not only will they go together perfectly but it can also help give a good first impression.

3) Speed and Range

It's never fun to run out of power when you're riding, and pushing is for suckers. The XR offers a top speed of 17 miles per hour, which is certainly fast enough for most people—I wouldn't want to go much faster than that anyway. But that's still not as fast as some of its competitors. 

The Boosted Dual+ can hit 22 mph and goes about 10 miles before it needs a charge. It also costs $100 more than your average electric skateboard (the base XR model retails for $1,000). 

But what gives? According to Atoms' website , their trucks and motors produce less friction on rougher terrain, allowing you to go faster with fewer miles per watt. That’s legit.

4) Build Quality

The build quality of an electric skateboard is one of the most important factors to consider. A poorly-built board will have weak motors and battery life, which may make your ride frustrating or dangerous. 

When you’re browsing boards on sites like Amazon, pay attention to details such as construction material and customer reviews, both of which will give you a good sense of a product’s longevity. 

While it might be tempting to spend as little as possible on your board, remember that you’ll likely use it for several years and want something that can hold up to regular use.

5) Accessories

If you’re a little wary of electric skateboards and aren’t sure they can be safe, it might help to know that there are several accessories you can buy to make them even safer. 

For example, there are wrist straps so you don’t drop your board if you lose your balance, as well as devices that will stop your board from moving if it detects a collision. 

These things go a long way towards making these skateboards easier to use and reducing their inherent risks. In fact, many people who own electric skateboards will tell you that safety is one of their favorite features. They feel more confident riding because they have a sense of control over what happens next.

6) Charging Time

Atoms take 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. On a full charge, it can run for up to 15 miles at speeds of up to 18 mph (29 km/h). 

Although slightly more onerous than charging your smartphone, it’s not a long-term commitment in terms of charging time. And if you forget to plug it in, that’s where battery life comes into play. 

The board will last for about 30 minutes on a single charge—enough time to get home from work or school. It takes just four hours to recharge, so it’s easy enough to get back out and about within a day or two. 

If you do happen to leave it plugged in too long, don't worry: The company says that its batteries are designed so they won't lose any capacity over several months of regular use.

7) Value for Money

It’s true that getting a top-of-the-line electric skateboard can be expensive, but you have to remember that investing in one will help you become fitter and healthier. 

By riding your board to work or for leisure, you are sure to lower your carbon footprint and save money on fuel costs. It’s definitely worth it. After all, some of us still need those things! 

To get fit and healthy like me, check out my review of my very own atom electric skateboard. I love riding it around town – it’s got a super long range so I don’t even have to worry about charging it often!

8) Warranty

Atoms have a one-year comprehensive warranty. Additionally, they are covered by a lifetime limited repair warranty, which covers all parts except for non-skid grip tape and charger connectors. 

Because of their rigorous testing procedures, Atoms rarely experience malfunctions during normal use and when they do it is usually due to wear and tear. If your board breaks or malfunctions because of faulty craftsmanship or design, it will be replaced for free, no questions asked. 

But if you run over something or drop it on concrete and break it yourself (they’re not indestructible), you’ll need to fix or replace your own board.

9) Return Policy / Guarantee

If for some reason you decide that our best electric skateboard isn’t for you, we want to make sure you have a happy experience. 

If within 30 days of receiving your board, you aren’t satisfied with it or find something wrong with it that is our fault, we will take care of it and issue a full refund. (See full details in Terms and Conditions.) 

In addition to that if your Atim longboards arrive damaged or broken due to no fault of your own, just let us know within 30 days and we will be happy to send out a new one free of charge! (We just ask that you cover shipping costs.)

10) Safety Precautions When Riding

Riding a self-balancing electric skateboard is fun and easy, but there are some safety precautions you should take to ensure that you have a smooth ride. 

Whether you're commuting to work or cruising through your neighborhood on a sunny afternoon, always wear appropriate protective gear such as helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. 

Having these key pieces of equipment will not only keep you safe while riding, they can also make your trip more enjoyable. Most importantly, obey all traffic laws. 

It's important to recognize that self-balancing electric skateboards are not motorized vehicles and as such do not adhere to state traffic regulations concerning things like licensure requirements or registration of vehicles. However, you should still adhere to basic state laws regarding personal safety on public streets and sidewalks.

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Atom B10 Electric Skateboard Reviews:

Atom B10 Electric Skateboard

Most longboard wheels are between 70mm - and 80mm. The Atom B10X features our 100mm All-terrain wheels! The wheels are 78A which means they are nice and soft to deal with those bumps and cracks. 

Our all-terrain wheels have high rebound polyurethane which means you'll have less rolling resistance allowing you to pick up speed fast! 

The tread isn't super aggressive but will give you extra grip on gravel corners, rather than flat wheels which give you little to no grip on the highway.
  1. The 35.8-inch bamboo has a lot of flexibility, accompanied by soft urethane wheels, making the board feel very comfortable when hitting road boards, dusty roads, and bad asphalt.
  2. The B10X actually uses the same system as our super reliable B10. The battery and motor will take you everywhere around the city. It has the ability to climb hills and with a Samsung battery, it has a fantastic range.


There are lots of reasons why you might need an atom electric skateboard. Whether you’re a commuter that needs to travel across town quickly, or you’re simply looking for a fun way to get around, these devices can help. They’re affordable and easy to use; they give people a way to travel while doing their part for environmental conservation. If your kids are begging for wheels, consider purchasing one of these devices. We hope our review helps you find one that works well for your lifestyle!

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