Suzanne Scott Net Worth 2022: Age, Husband and Salary

Suzanne Scott Fox News Net Worth 2022 - Suzanne Scott, 53, made not just headlines but also history last year when she replaced Roger Ailes as chief executive of Fox News. The promotion made the Fox veteran the first woman to lead a cable news network and was intended to be a strong statement from an operation whose previous regime had mostly been swept away by sexual harassment scandals.

Since taking over, Scott has led what the network describes as a complete revitalization of Fox News’ culture and revamped its programming to feature more women as anchors and hosts, including Martha MacCallum and Dana Perino. Women also make up more than half of the company’s senior executives. 

Suzanne Scott Net Worth

Scott has launched monthly breakfasts at which female leadership discusses workplace issues with female employees of all levels.

Meanwhile, Fox News remains the most-watched cable news channel. The network expects to deliver its best year for advertising revenue when its fiscal year ends this month.

Suzanne Scott Biography:

Scott previously worked as an executive assistant to Chet Collier at CNBC before moving with Collier to Fox News at its inception in 1996. She began her work there as a programming assistant.

According to a Fox press release, “Throughout Scott’s Fox tenure, she has risen through the ranks in a number of programming, production and creative positions including executive vice president of programming (2016); senior vice president of programming and development (2009); vice president of programming (2007); network executive producer (2005); as well as associate producer, producer and senior producer of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (2002-2005).

In addition, Scott was responsible for the launch of numerous on-air and digital initiatives, including the 2002 primetime debut of On the Record.”

After former CEO Roger Ailes resigned in 2016, Suzanne Scott, Jack Abernathy, and Jay Wallace are credited with “turning Fox News around” after the Ailes scandal. 

In that time, Scott worked as the president of programming, overseeing Fox’s opinion shows including “Hannity” and “Fox & Friends.”

On May 17, 2018, Suzanne Scott was named CEO of both Fox News and Fox Business Network. During this announcement, Lachlan Murdoch said Scott “has now made history as [Fox’s] first female CEO.” Scott is also the only woman in charge of a major TV news organization.

This decision has been met with some media backlash due to Scott’s alleged complicity in several sexual harassment suits within the company.

She was not a defendant in the suits, but was cited within them, and was involved in several internal complaints. She denies the accusations.

Suzanne Scott Career, Salary & Net Worth:

Suzanne's profile makes no mention of her pre-FOX News career. Reportedly, she enjoyed stints at CNBC and America's Talking.

An employee of FOX News since its inception in 1996, Suzanne took over as the network's CEO from late Roger Ailes. Her predecessor had resigned in 2016 amid sexual harassment allegations.

In April 2019, Roger's alleged victim Laura Luhn sued Suzanne for defamation. She accused the media executive of covering up the sexual abuse at the network. Per reports, she was seeking $120 million in damages.

Unsurprisingly, FOX News defended Suzanne. As the network's most prized asset, she - at the very least - is deserving of every honor there.

Working as FOX News' CEO, Suzanne reportedly takes home an annual six-figure sum in salary. Her earnings should further boost her reported seven-figure net worth.

Suzanne Scott Married Life & Husband:

Her obligations at FOX News never stifled Suzanne's personal life.

A married woman, Suzanne shares a daughter with her husband. She and her mystery life partner welcomed their only child around 2006. The trio calls New Jersey their residence.

During weekends, instead of socializing at the parties, the veteran media executive works at a New Jersey club as its certified YMCA stroke-and-turn official. Her daughter is a competitive swimmer there.

Suzanne Scott Net Worth is perhaps all too aware of the pitfalls of leading a public married life. Her stint at FOX News must've taught her a valuable lesson or two on the same subject.

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