Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

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What is All-Terrain Skateboard?
All Terrain Electric Skateboards. Evolve is famous for its all-terrain electric skateboards. Grass, gravel, or dirt tracks: tackle any surface with an AT board and your adventures will be limitless.

Can You Skateboard Off-Road?
Off-road boards are designed for all kinds of terrain, such as gravel paths, grass, the beach, forest trails, dirt tracks, and so on. Bumpy streets are also easier with an all-terrain skateboard. Depending on the board, it might actually not be good for riding on paved roads, but it depends.

What is An Off-Road Skateboard Called?
Moto Tec is what you would call a true off road electric skateboard. It is more like a monster board on wheels. With powerful 1600w dual belt-drive motors, Moto Tec gives you a good 18-22mph of max speed.

How Much Does an Off-Road Skateboard Cost?
Which results in a much smoother riding experience compared to rubber AT wheels. The boards have a Flexy deck made out of fiberglass, bamboo, and maple wood, double kingpin trucks and two powerful 1500 Watt Belt motors.

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