Best Accident Lawyer in San Antonio: A Few Things You Need to Know

accident lawyer san antonio

Accident Lawyer San Antonio - San Ontario is one of the most populous cities in Texas, with more than 2.3 million populations in 2020. This city even becomes the seventh most populous city in the Southern US. San Ontario is reported to have more than 75% of the driving-age population. 

With this large population, no wonder if there are more than 90% of households reported owning at least one vehicle in San Ontario. 

Accident Lawyer San Antonio becomes essential, remembering the significant number of traffic accidents there. In 2020 itself, the number of accidents was lower, but the fatality reached the history highs, increasing about 22%.  

You need to realize that accident is a severe case to take care of by seeing this number. An accident will send you into a complex situation that you need to deal with many things. 

Your safety, the vehicle insurance, the law, and many other things you need to take care of. This situation forces you to have someone to support and handle your problems. 

It becomes a complex and critical situation after the accident because no one knows how bad the accident will be. 

But one thing for sure is that you need to deal with many things. If you are in this situation, there are some essential things you have to do. 

Things You Should Do After Accident 

Being in the middle of dangerous situations like the accident is nobody's wish, but this kind of situation would never be under our control. 

All we have to do while having this situation is do our best to handle and fix it. However, it is understandable if we feel shocked and confused to decide what we should do after the accident. 

Here are some important things you have to do after the accident to protect your rights, as well as your vehicle, your health, and your unpleasant situation. These are quick step guides after you have an accident.

1. Call the Police 

accident lawyer san antonio

The first important thing you should do after the accident is call the Police. Whether small or big, if there is an accident, it is a must to call the Police because they will help you get rid of the situation. 

You can call 911, and the local Police near you will come to the accident scene. 

There are some reasons why you should call the Police after the accident. The first reason is that the Police will report the accident and secure the accident scene. They will also assist you with the accident and offer you to get any medical help faster. 

You have to remember to call the Police when you get an accident because they know precisely the best way out of that situation. 

They will also care for your legal issues, especially when the accident causes victims. They will write the accidents and all the facts related to the accident. 

2. Move to a safe place 
It is also essential for you to get a safe place after the collision because you never know where your vehicle ends up after the accident. 

It might be in the middle of the street, which is really dangerous for you and other drivers who pass by the road.

When you are still conscious after the collision and stay in your car, another crash might hit you. If you can get out and move, move somewhere safer than around your broken vehicle. 

Find some feet from your vehicle to ensure that you are no longer in danger. No matter where you move, just make sure you make enough distance from the accident scene, calm yourself there and wait for help. 

3. Do not move the vehicle and avoid a conversation with other drivers 
In many cases, some drivers move their vehicles after the collision. Do you know that it is not necessary to move your vehicle? Moving the vehicle from its place after the crash will destroy the evidence. 

Even for a few feet, moving your vehicle will change the accident scene, and it can cause some problems during the investigations. 

The Police and investigators need to see the scene as it is to have the best investigation. After they investigate and record things they need, they will move the vehicle to a safe place. 

4. Look for medical help 

accident lawyer san antonio

Another important thing you have to do after having an accident is look for medical help. It is critical because your safety and health are in danger. Obviously, you should seek medical care by calling the ambulance or going to the nearest health care. 

Even though you have no serious injury, you still have to get medical care to examine and ensure that you are really fine. Most of the common vehicle accident injures can be felt after a moment. 

For instance, it takes around a day or two days for you to feel the full impact of the pain you got from the accident. 

When you get severe injuries like head injuries, arm and leg injuries, soft tissue injuries, and other critical injuries, you need to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. 

These kinds of serious injuries can be handled easier with your health insurance. 

5. Fill out a report from the Police and get a qualified accident lawyer 
After the investigation and getting some medical help you need, the Police usually give you the accident report you need to fill out. They will ask you some questions, including your personal information and things related to the accident. 

Then, it might require you to have a qualified accident lawyer San Antonio to help you take care of all of the stuff regarding the accident. 

A qualified accident lawyer is needed, especially when you or your loved ones got serious injuries because of the accident. Your accident lawyer will take care of your health insurance, personal injury claim, company insurance, and other things. 

Some Recommendations of Accident Lawyer in San Antonio 

When you or your loved one experiences an accident caused by you or another party's actions, you need a qualified accident lawyer to help and protect you. An accident lawyer will represent you to take care of all the processes you need to and defend you to get your rights. 

Here are some recommendations of accident lawyer San Antonio for you. 

1. Ledger Law Firm 

accident lawyer san antonio

Ledger Law Firm is a famous law firm that you can find in every city throughout California, Washington, and including Texas, near San Antonio. Ledger Law Firm has professional and qualified accident lawyers who can help you with your accident case. 

By hiring an accident lawyer from Ledger Law Firm, you can focus on your recovery after the accident because they know exactly what you should do to finish your case well. 

They will take care of the legal rights, health insurance, ride insurance, and also your medical treatments. They will keep the case until they get the maximum possible success on your case. 

Ledger Law Firm is ready to meet you in the hospital if your condition does not make it possible to meet somewhere else. They will also offer you free consultation wherever the place you prefer to meet is. 

2. Hill Law Firm 

accident lawyer san antonio

Hill Law Firm was built by Justin Hill, a great lawyer with years of experience. He has spent his career helping people wrongly accused to get back their rights. 

The founder's action becomes the most significant motivation and passion for the Law Firm to advocate for clients to get back their rights. 

Hill Law Firm is located in San Antonio and has been helping many clients who are satisfied with our services. 

This Law Firm mostly takes care of some areas, including personal injury, ride accidents, oil and gas, product liability, and many more. They are specialized in taking ride accidents and offer you free legal consultation. 

They have accident lawyers San Antonio who are mastered in their areas, including cases related to riding accidents. 

They will make sure that you, as their client, will get back your rights, especially if the accident you experienced is because of someone else's fault or ignorance. 

3. Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo, LLP 

accident lawyer san antonio tx

Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo is a Law Firm partnership between Tim Maloney and Paul Campolo as the founder of Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo, LLP. Paul and Tim have been best friends since high school, and the friendship has been long-lasting 

They both believe that a Law Firm is not all about the number of clients they get. It is about the quality of services they give to their clients. It is about sitting together and listening to their clients, giving them legal advice with honest opinions and clear explanations. 

The location of Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo, LLP, is in San Antonio, Texas, but if you cannot meet them in the office, you can decide the location to have a consultation. 

Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo, LLP has qualified and professional lawyers who are ready to represent you in court for your accident cases. 

4. Barnes Law Firm 

car accident lawyer san antonio tx

Barnes Law Firm is located in Houston, Texas. They provide some services regarding personal injuries in Texas, The United States, and even worldwide clients. 

For decades, they have experienced defending their clients with various cases and won it with pride. 

Barnes Law Firm will help you investigate the accident that is caused a severe injury for you or your family members, leaving emotional and physical pains, material damage, and medical bills. Their lawyers are skillful in negotiating to get the best result for you. 

Their priority will be protecting the clients' rights so that they will do their best to reach the best possible results for you. If you want to get their services, you can try free consultation first to see how well they handle their clients.  

5. Carabin Shaw P.C. 

car accident lawyer san antonio texas

Carabin Shaw P.C. is located in San Antonio, and you can also find it in other places across Texas because they have some official offices. 

This Law Firm has been run for more than 28 years. Carabin Shaw focuses on fighting the rights of law victims of ride accidents, including car accidents, motorbikes accidents, trucking accidents, worksite accidents, and many more cases. 

They stand to advocate accident victims who have a severe injury or are even killed by that accident. Carabin Shaw also stands for the victims to get their rights from insurance companies and the responsible parties that are caused the accident. 

They have the best team works that will work their best to get what victims deserve because of the accident. 

They will stand by victims' sides, represent, and advocate for them with honest legal advice to get the best way to win the case. 

Carabin Shaw also provides all of their clients with free legal consultation for anyone in need. They will aggressively represent you to get what you have to get because you are harmed by that accident. 

Auto or ride accidents unexpectedly happen even when you already stay focused and be careful during your ride. Moreover, sometimes the accident causes severe and fatal situations or even victims. 

Legal investigators will take this accident into legal cases and bring it to court if it causes extreme material and physical damage. 

You need to know what you have to do after the collision to avoid more damage in this situation. Then, finding an accident lawyer San Antonio is the most important thing you have to do because you need experts to help and represent you in court. By hiring an accident lawyer, you do not have to worry about legal issues so that you can focus on your recovery. 

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