The Case for Gold at $10,000 an Ounce

case for gold at 10 000 an ounce

Gold price predictions are a dime a dozen. So many “experts” claim the precious metal will explode at any time but don’t provide much of a reason. They simply say it will rise and expect others to believe this based on status.

They also claim gold will take over the dollar. Humanity will return to a gold standard, and this metal will see a significant return to form.

These false claims lead one to believe: is there really a case for gold at $10,000 an ounce?

What gold at $10,000 An Ounce Means

If gold were ever to reach a massive price point, the state of the world is probably dire. Gold is seen by many as a store of value. They hold it to ensure their savings never go down due to inflation. Why would gold hit a high price if people weren’t trusting in their local economy?

This price point would also make it quite difficult to find gold. Multiple industries take advantage of gold, like jewelers, artists, and even the Olympics. In reality, many of these industries would struggle to justify themselves.

Of course, gold investors - those both who buy physical gold and invest digitally - would rejoice. They would see big rewards for holding their assets in the long term. However, this could cause significant income disparity—much more than the world traditionally experiences.

While these scenarios are unlikely, they’re not impossible. But we must also consider if it’s even possible for gold to hit that high. 

Can Gold Ever Hit $10,000?

The short answer is: probably not. The long answer is much more complex.

Remember that gold is a limited resource, but not that limited. Miners are still finding it all of the time, even if it’s harder to uncover than other metals. If it keeps being found, gold will struggle to rise. Plus, copper serves a lot of the same functions as gold, and miners may switch to that metal should the yellow one become rarer.

case for gold at 10 000 an ounce

For gold to be valued this high, countries like the United States are probably bailing out banks. They’re likely devaluing their fiat and forcing citizens into gold and other alternatives. Even if gold were to hit that price point during this time, it would surely crash soon afterward.

Gold doesn’t serve much of a purpose to most people. If the metal were to explode and reach the ten-thousand mark, holders would certainly sell right afterward, crashing the price overall. 

Otherwise, gold has only peaked at just over $2,000 in its entire existence. How can one expect the price to increase $8,000 more without catastrophic reason?

It’s largely better to expect gold in a more reasonable price range, hitting a couple of thousand dollars at maximum. To view gold as a reasonable investment instead of an asset that will suddenly shoot up in value.

Why Invest in Gold Otherwise?

Even if gold won’t hit $10,000, it’s worth your time and money otherwise. The metal has a longstanding use case in multiple industries, as mentioned above, so its longevity isn’t much of a question.

It’s also fairly simple to put money in, unlike some other assets and money-making methods. Anyone of any demeanor can buy gold on the internet, physically, or even anonymously with effort and the right research.

Compared to other metals, gold is one of the most popular. This means its price is much more stable than, say, platinum. But you’re also probably waiting longer for a profitable investment. Gold is a good beginner metal because it’s not unreasonable to buy and hold for years at a time.

In that same vein, even if gold takes longer to rise and fall, it usually does so in more drastic metrics than its competitors. This level of volatility means even newer traders should have no problems buying low and selling high.

There’s also tons of gold investment advice out there, as humanity has been working with the metal for centuries. It’s entirely possible to self-educate and learn everything there is to know about gold before investing. Then, if you have the funds to start, you’re probably set for a good while.

Many would benefit from gold hitting $10,000, which is why it’s a lucrative topic. But much of the world would be in a worse place as a result. This bleak outlook makes the $10,000 price point unlikely, but it doesn’t mean gold is a useless asset. On the contrary, it can be a valid way for newer traders to learn the ropes and get involved.
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