Cost vs. Salary - Is It Wise Aiming at CISCO CCNA Certification In 2022?

cisco ccna certification cost
Numerous times we have heard that the CISCO CCNA certification gives an instant career boost and strengthens the market worth of the bearer. 

What’s not discussed much is the initial investment that one has to make just to sit for the single exam, also known as the CCNA. If you have passed such a test on the first attempt, then good for you. Else, one has to keep on investing in the CCNA badge till the time the perfect score is earned. 

Still, the CCNA certification exam fee is not something that everyone can afford or invest in just like that. It’s a huge sum and one has to think twice before making a move. 

Thus, in this article, we’ll do a detailed analysis of the demanded cost and delivered salary hike by the CCNA credential to figure out whether or not it is a.

How Much Does CCNA Cost You?

Earning the CCNA certification can be pocket-pinching for many. Depending upon the status of the examinee, the test fee can be as little as $405 and as high as $555 for the first attempt. Wondering why such a huge difference? Here is the reason. 

The final price varies as per the membership status of the test-takers. 

So, if you are a CISCO member and take the CCNA exam, you will then pay $405 while if you sit for the official evaluation and are not a member of this organization, then the exam fee to be paid is $555. 

Other than this, any successful CCNA designation holder has to pay a CCR fee once in 3 years to maintain the certification validity. Thus, for CISCO members, this fee is $60, and non-members will have to spend $150 for the same task. As you can see, it further adds up in the investment. 

And heaven forbid if you’re not able to taste success on the first attempt! Then get ready to make an additional investment of $275 for the retake if you're a CISCO member and $375 if you are not. And we haven’t included the exam preparation cost in it. 

One definitely has to buy reliable study materials or become a part of an official training course. With this, the CCNA expenses swell up even more. 

This seems too much, doesn’t it? But, let’s not reach any conclusion before knowing what you will reap after earning.

CCNA Salary Prospects

If the words of are to be believed, a CCNA certified project manager earns $114,900 per annum in the US. Indeed, this figure is very lucrative. 

CISCO, the vendor, also conducted a market survey to figure out the real-world viability of the CCNA credential and to justify the high investments. The survey collected data from more than 32,000 project management practitioners spread across 42 countries, and the findings concluded that the CCNA holders are paid 22% higher than their non-certified peers. 

This hike is considerable and can’t be ignored. Besides, it will cover all your CCNA expenses in a blink of an eye.

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Ending Notes

Not only hard work and commitment are invested in earning the CISCO CCNA certification. A huge sum is also needed to be funded by the aspirant. 

However, all of this will become insignificant once you pass the final exam and earn the badge as this will give an instant 22%-salary hike. So, don’t hold yourself. Invest today for a better tomorrow.
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