2009 Lincoln Penny - Get To Know 2009 Penny Briefly

2009 Lincoln Penny - 2009 was a special year for Pennies. Because in that year there were four different design variations of the backside of the coin. Not infrequently people today are also curious about the 2009 Lincoln penny. 

It should be noted that the design commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln penny and the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth. So it will have a different design with rare coins as before.

2009 Lincoln Penny

The United States has printed the 2009 Penny without any mint marks and also applies to the 2009 D and 2009 S Proof Penny. The mint mark, if any, can be found on the front side of the coin, just below the date. 

In addition to standard pennies as well as anti-copper cents, Mint sells special edition copper pennies in a satin finish as part of a set. The money isn't put out for circulation so you won't find it on your dime. 

The weight of the 2009 copper coin is 3.11 grams. This coin has the same weight as the old copper Lincoln coin from 1909 – 1982. As for the 2009 zinc coin, it weighs 2.5 grams.

Design Penny 2009

As it is known that currently there are four varieties of different designs on the reverse side of the coin. Where the design turned out to show the four stages of the life of Abraham Lincoln.

And the phrase "E PLURIBUS UNUM" will be written on each design. Where the meaning of the expression is "one of many". Of course, every design has a similar creation and none is more valuable than the other.
  •     Birth and Early Childhood
2009 Penny Birth and Early Childhood
In this design you can see on the backside of the 2009 Abraham Lincoln penny there will be a picture of a log cabin that almost looks like the residence where Lincoln's parents are. And it is also believed that Lincoln was born in his parents' log cabin. The year 1809 What is written in the city itself is a sign of the year when Lincoln was born.
  •     Formative Years
2009 Penny Formative Years
In the design of this coin, you can also see that on the back, you will see a picture of Abraham Lincoln when he was young, sitting on a piece of wood. In the picture, it can be seen that Lincoln is reading a book while resting after chopping wood. Because it can be seen that Lincoln also worked as a rail divider.
  • Professional Life
Professional Life of Penny 2009
In the design, you can see a picture of an adult Abraham Lincoln on the back of the coin. The picture shows Lincoln standing in front of the state capital of Illinois. It turns out that he once represented Sangamon County in the Illinois House of Representatives and later represented the Illinois 7th district in the United States House of Representatives.
  • Presidency
2009 Penny Presidency
The last design that can be seen on the back of the penny is an image of the U.S. Capitol Dome when Lincoln was in office. The image symbolizes how the nation was torn apart by slavery and the US civil war. So that's the difference between the four 2009 Lincoln penny.

What is the Value of the 2009 Penny?

So previously you already know about some variations of the 2009 Penny. So now you can find out what the value of each penny variation is. Below is information on a list of the value creation prices of each 2009 penny.
The value of this penny can be grouped into several designs. So by distinguishing them based on the design and also the materials used.

2009 abraham lincoln penny

2009 Birth and Early Childhood Lincoln Penny,
  • If the penny is made with Zinc material & and the condition is Brilliant, so it can be valued at 20+ cents.
  • If it has Copper base material and has a Satin Finish touch condition, then it can be priced around $8.
  • If you have Zinc as the base material, and the grade you have is Brilliant Uncirculated, you can get around 20+ cents.
  • If the mint type is 2009-s, then it has Copper base material & and the quality grade is Proof, then it can be priced around $3.50+

2009 Formative Years Lincoln Penny
  • For pennies with this type of design, if the penny is made with the main material Zinc, and has a Brilliant Uncirculated grade, then you can appreciate it around 20+ cents.
  • If the main material for making a penny with this design is Copper and added with a touch of Satin Finish then the value is around about $ 8+.
  • If this penny has a “D” mintmark and is made with the Copper base material and a Satin Finish touch, it can be priced around $8+
  • Different from penny with mintmark “S”, because the price is cheaper even though it is made with Copper material, and has a Proof grade because the price is only around $3.50

2009 Professional Life Lincoln Penny,
  • Penny with this design which is made with Zinc base material and has Brilliant Uncirculated grade, you can appreciate it around 20+ cents
  • If the penny is made with Copper material and finished with a touch of Satin Finish, then it can be valued at 8+ cents
  • With the "D" mintmark on the 2009 penny this design and made with Zinc & still in Brilliant Uncirculated grade, the value is equivalent to 20+ cents
  • Even though it has a “D” mintmark but if it is made with Copper & Satin Finish, it can be seen that the price is around 8+ cents
  • If it has an “S” mintmark and it is made of Copper & graded Proof, you will know that it is around $3.50+
So that's a comprehensive list of the values of the 2009 Lincoln penny by variation.

Importance Of The 2009 Pennies' Mint

If we don't know what mint is yet. Mint is the place where coins are made. So if you delve deeper into rare coins, you will often hear some mints. Examples include the Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, and the San Francisco Mint.

Each mint produces a different number of coins. This varies greatly in price and depends on a particular case. Also, know that where the coin is made is one of the most important factors.

2009 Penny D Score: Rare and Valuable Mistakes

In the case of these pennies, there are only two mints, namely Philadelphia and Denver. If it's Philadelphia output then there will be no sign or Mint. However, if manufactured in Denver, the coin will have the letter “D” marked under the year of manufacture.

The 2009 Penny is not one of those coins with common errors like other coins. So it's only natural that you rarely find a coin with printing defects. And that's an important factor to increase the price.
Although there are no exclusive fault characteristics of the coin, you can find several specimens with the same error:

2009 Penny - Rare – Double Minting

We found the reverse of the 2009 Lincoln Penny Formative Years and the rare and valuable Lincoln Early Childhood error, which was double printing. In other designs, it will likely appear, but in the two variations, this coin will have more characteristics.

This includes hitting the coin twice during creation, which will give it a thicker or doubled design. As in the case of the 2009 Penny Lincoln Formative Years, we can appreciate the faults at the hands of Lincoln, which were somewhat flawed and slightly multiplied by mistakes.

In Lincoln Early Childhood, the type of error was also the same and can be seen in the cabin log which turns out to have a thicker composition than usual. Or mistakes like these can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 in medium-high quality. Because this makes the 2009 cent very rare.

2009 lincoln penny errors

What Happened When the 2009 Penny was Made?

As we previously announced, 2009 was also an important year for Penny. In addition, 2009 was also quite busy in the news. And there are several occasions when the year in which this penny was made?
  • The United States inaugurated its 44th president and vice president. Namely Barack Obama and Joe Biden
  • Michael Jackson died in 2009 which gave grief to the lovers of Pop songs. He died at the age of 50 years. Even his funeral procession was broadcast nationally on various media networks.
  • During a live TV broadcast by Kanye West during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift is especially interrupted
  • 181 people die in the worst bushfires Australia has ever experienced.
So at this time for you a collector, of course, you must know various information about rare coins. Whereof the many pennies Lincoln coins, the 2009 penny is quite interesting. Because it has a design that is quite different from the previous coins and even has four designs at once.

This was made to commemorate Lincoln's 100th cent anniversary. the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth. So it will have a different design with rare coins as before. It can also be seen that the 2009 Lincoln Penny has different values.