What are Penny Slots and How Do They Work?

what are penny slots

The one-armed bandit, or fruit machine, as they are known in the UK, has been around for
over 120 years. The first slot machine was created by a car mechanic called Charles Fey in

When Fey started building the Liberty Bell slot machine, he didn’t realize what a trend he
was creating. The demand was so big that he simply couldn’t supply them fast enough.
In 1907, when a Chicago manufacturer began producing slot machines, he added the fruit
symbols. By 1975, slots went electronic, surprisingly last in the line after poker and horse
racing machines.

In the 21 st century, new technology has meant slots have moved online. Although they are
still popular in bricks and mortar casinos, their popularity has increased online with more
people playing.

Why People Enjoy Slots

Slot games don’t require much understanding and provide high entertainment value. This
makes them a relaxing choice especially when compared to other games.
Everyone likes a game of chance, and slots are based purely on luck. No strategy will help
you win the game, so everyone has the same odds.

Slot games come in so many different themes, from Ancient Egypt to musical icons. The
colours, music and different icons add to the enjoyment.

There are progressive jackpots too, that’s why you’ll see sums like $43,000,000. Your
chances of winning these aren’t that high, but someone has to!

Slots are unpredictable but that one in a million chance of winning keeps players coming
back for more.

why people enjoy slots

Latest Slot Trends

Now, anyone can sign up to a site on their mobile phone and play a game in less than a
minute. It has become a huge source of entertainment for people on the go, or just sitting at

dollars. This is a figure expected to grow year on year as more people get involved.
However, although people still love to play at online casinos, many are tightening their belts.
Some want to spend more on other games or forms of entertainment, while others may have
had changes to employment.

This makes slots easy for people to return to again and again. They generally have a lower
entry level than other games, and you get a lot of value for little money.

Plenty to Tempt New Players

There is great competition in the slots market online, with new sites popping up daily. This is
good for players, as they get plenty of variety and can also take advantage of bonuses.

New to the market slot providers tend to offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players
and become established on the market. Many online slot providers choose to offer a number
of free spins to players for signing up.

Online casinos have all kinds of slots on offer, and some of these are penny slots.

What are Penny Slots?

Traditionally, penny slots were machines where you paid 1 cent to play a line. Now, there’s
often a minimum number of pay lines to play – the more you pay, the more you can win.
Most people say that online casinos don’t have penny slots, but that’s simply not true. They
may not be called that, but you have more choice, more chances and even free games

If you’re sticking with the minimum bet, you can wager small amounts, but don’t get fooled
by the word penny. Some online slots have upwards of 100 lines, which can add up to a
much bigger wager.

It might be called a penny slot, but if you need to pay 25 lines, that works out to $0.25. It’s
not that high but keep it in mind that it’s not just a penny as you play.

However, even if you pay $0.50 for a game, it’s still a lower bet than if you play at a
blackjack or poker table. Slots move much faster though, so you could end up paying out
more over an hour of playing.

Playing online gives much more control over your wagering, and some sets even let you play
free. This is great if you’re playing for simple entertainment, but if you hope to win big, it’s

how to make the most of penny slots

How to Make the Most of Penny Slots

If you want to wager less, penny slots is to set an amount that you’ll play and no more. You
don’t have to play any more lines than the minimum, but keep in mind that will lower the pay-

You may decide to play all the lines just a few times but set yourself an amount that you
won’t go over. Actually, you stand more change of a good pay-out when you play more lines
at one time.

Find yourself slots with a good return to player ratio. The good news is that online casinos
offer great RTP, so you have more chance of getting a pay-out.

Play for smaller jackpots sometimes, not only for progressive jackpots. It’s tempting to chase
the progressive jackpot, but you can just keep throwing away money and never hit it.
Look for sites with good bonuses and make sure you use them. This will ensure you have
more enjoyment for longer.

If you just play slots as a once-off, you might see your money disappear quickly. However, if
you play regularly, you will win at some point.
Give it a Spin

Players looking for a fun, easy casino experience can’t go wrong with slots. As long as you
know what your bankroll is and appreciate the random generator, you can have a good time.
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