Get 10 Exide Life Insurance Policy Surrender Value
. Exide life insurance company offers term insurance plans, child plans after paying a stipulated premium or continuing the policy for a stipulated period, the policy reaches a surrender value. If all payments have been paid, a surrender value will be acquired.

Term Insurance | What is Term Insurance Plan?
Term Insurance | What is Term Insurance Plan? from
In these situations, many policyholders take the traditional approach of going to their insurance company and surrendering their insurance policy for the surrender value. Do i get surrender value in all life policies? Unit linked insurance plan (ulip) is a life insurance policy which provides a combination of risk cover and investment.

Visit the nearest exide life insurance branch to get the surrender form.

Say, if you have a plan for 10 years and you want to end the plan and avail any benefit after the first 5 years itself, it is called surrendering the policy. As you pay premiums, permanent life insurance policies typically accumulate cash value — that's the investment component. My montyly premium is around rs. So, pure term plans will not acquire any surrender value, while traditional plans like endowment and moneyback, as well as ulips, will.

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