Seven Of The Best Company Stocks to Watch in September 2021

More regular people than ever are now trading stocks and shares using apps such as Robinhood.

Seven of the Best Company Stocks to Watch in 2021

First, we MUST make clear this article should not be treated as financial advice. Although we have thoroughly researched the company stocks discussed on this page, you should always consult a professional broker before investing your hard-earned savings. 

With that disclaimer out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the stocks!

Tesla Inc - 662.16 USD – 1 Year History +555.6%

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The world’s largest electric car maker has been expanding at a blistering pace over the few years. The company is building as many of their enormous “Giga factories” as they can all around the globe. The current price of $662.16 is a little lower than it was a few weeks ago, and may not have finished dropping just yet. Have no doubt though, it is only a matter of time before Tesla shares make another huge jump, with some analysts predicting prices as high as $2,000 to $3,000 per share within the next 18 months.

Kindred Group PLC – 146.55 SEK – 1 Year History +464.5%

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This online gambling operator currently operates nine of the largest and most popular brands in this rapidly growing sector. Their flagship site Unibet caters to more than 16 million customers across 100 markets worldwide. The company operates entirely online and currently offers poker, bingo, casino, live casino, and sports betting via a wide range of different brands spread across the European continent. 

The company’s rapid growth over the past year looks in part to be linked with their expansion into the rapidly growing US online gaming market, but don’t let that put you off – Kindred have much more expanding to do yet. Unibet in partnership with the Mohegan sun now operates the largest online sportsbook in Philadelphia and is ready to launch their service immediately as soon as more states enact legislation to permit online gambling.

Fisker Inc – 19.29 USD – 1 Year History +90.24%

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Whilst the numbers given above look somewhat quaint in comparison to Tesla and Kindred, don’t be fooled – Fisker is one of the most promising up-and-coming manufacturers of electric vehicles. You need to be willing to be patient and hold your nerve if you do choose to invest in Fisker, as they are not expected to start full production of their first car, the Ocean SUV, until 2022.

Despite this, the company is extremely well funded and has significant backing from some of the world’s largest investors. They are currently sitting on over $1 billion in cash, and their founder Henrik Fisker has experience building and releasing electric cars. For these reasons, I believe that long-term, Fisker has massive potential for investors – who knows, maybe they will be as big as Tesla one day in the not-too-distant future.

Alphabet Inc. CI A – 2041.35 USD – 1 Year History +80.65%

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Just in case you are unaware, Alphabet is the parent company of Google but also has a wealth of other companies operating under their banner too. One of the most important of these is its Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Business, whose technology looks set to be integrated into cars produced by many of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers soon.

Their Android mobile phone platform continues to do well, and their recent acquisition of smartwatch maker Fitbit could see them making a push into the health and fitness market this year.

I would be extremely surprised if Alphabet has reached its peak just yet, although it is difficult to know if now is the right time to buy or if it would be better to wait for the price to drop a little first.

Microsoft Corporation – 237.60 USD – 1 Year History +60.16%

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I’ve heard people question how Microsoft is still in business – their Xbox division is known to be difficult to profit from, Windows sales are at their lowest in decades, and not one of their attempts at making a consumer product has taken off yet – anyone remembers the Zune?

And yet, the company has seen a huge increase in value over the past year. Why is this? In short, those who question how Microsoft is still in business must not realize that they make the lion’s share of their profits. Their cloud computing division is now the backbone for hundreds of essential internet services, and it is this area that is expected to continue growing in 2021. 

At present, I like many others watching the markets closely believe that Microsoft is currently undervalued.

Bitcoin – 54,220.20 USD – 1 Year History +699.1%

best company stocks to watch in

Throwing a wildcard in here, whilst Bitcoin may not technically be a stock, it is without a doubt a tradable asset with investment potential. Bitcoin prices have risen dramatically over the past year – almost 700% growth is astonishing. This isn’t the first time Bitcoin has hit a large high before losing a large share of its value, so there is no question that Bitcoin is a risky proposition.

On the other hand, Bitcoin technology has the potential to revolutionize banking and payments all over the world, but worries about its use in illegal activity on the so-called “dark web” still haunt the digital currency to this day.

It may go back down a little first, but make no mistake – Bitcoin WILL hit $100k at some point soon, so if you currently have some stashed away you know the drill – HODL.

Intel – 67.65 USD – 1 Year History +21.15%

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Intel has had a rough time of late, with their Core series of computer chips being thoroughly trounced by AMD’s Zen 3 Ryzen line-up. The difference between the two companies is that Intel fabricates its chips in-house, whereas AMD closed down all of its fabs many years ago.

The truth is though, Intel is still the king of the personal computer (and laptop/server) market, with a total market share more than double that held by AMD. In the enterprise space, AMD is virtually unknown despite the amazing performance of its EPYC server chips.

Let’s cut to the chase – Intel seems dramatically undervalued at this time. The problems they have been experiencing reducing the size of the nodes on their CPUs look like they may just be starting to dissipate. If this is true and Intel 10nm CPUs are finally on the way, their current price is certain to increase dramatically.