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View 10 Professional Indemnity Insurance Images. These can occur honestly or dishonestly by. Pi insurance can help to put mistakes right.

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Professional indemnity insurance, also known as indemnity insurance or pi, provides cover to protect you if claims are brought against you by a client. Professional indemnity insurance is a type of insurance which is designed to protect professionals from claims made against them by clients. Professional indemnity insurance helps protect professionals against legal liability for breach of professional duty in the conduct of their professional business practice.

Professional indemnity insurance (also known as professional liability insurance) is a large and growing sector of the commercial insurance market, with many insurance companies actively.

So, you need to make sure your professional indemnity insurance is right. Having it means you get the might of an expert insurer in your back pocket, ready to fight your corner and protect your finances. Professional indemnity insurance protects your business if you're found to have provided poor services, bad advice or dodgy design, which has resulted in your clients or others losing money. Professional indemnity insurance is your secret weapon.