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Important Things You Have To Know Before Start Investing In Penny Stock Penny stock and new stock trends

If you hear about penny stock news today, you will realize that current stock trends are starting to change. Penny stock is a stock trend that arises because of the existence of a new system, which allows the playing of buy penny stocks at a low price. If previously the stock exchange was very identical with companies with high stock lots, so now there are lots that can be bought at low prices. It can be said that the price is much cheaper than stocks on the official stock exchange. Penny Stock uses a stock exchange system that can be called over the counter. This allows anyone to buy shares freely, without having to participate in the official, registered stock exchange. This opens up opportunities for private companies, who then work together and agree to become dealers.

penny stock news today

Not only played by those who have the authority as an official stock dealer, but also many private companies who later opened up and want to become dealers and brokers for retail stock games. This is due to shifting stock trends, which are no longer only focused on large values but have begun to work around this by providing low prices. If viewed positively, this is certainly beneficial, because this indeed opens up speed for those who have a small capital, to start investing and joining the stock market. This also paves the way for companies with small share prices, to participate in the stock market.

The Pro of penny stocks

penny stock news today

In the penny stock news today, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages, as well as the pros and cons. Even in a penny stock, this happens. You must also know that the risks in penny stock still exist, and do not disappear simply because the share price is much smaller. Some pros appear in the penny stock game, for example, if viewed from another side, if the penny stock limit is opened, it indeed has the potential to increase liquidity on the stock market. Because there are still many who conduct transactions of these shares through the negotiating market. There are still those who sell, even those who buy positions to accommodate stocks whose prices are already at a very low level. This means that it provides an opportunity to increase the flexibility of the shares because the sale and purchase price is not monotone. And even with low prices, many people are willing to open slots and put stock in them. The goal is to expect an increase in issuer, which makes the profits can reach 100 percent.

The Cons of penny stock

However, when the limit in the stock price is opened, it becomes so free in the penny stock market, then investors should also be wiser. Investors must understand exactly what risks must be accepted if you enter a stock with a price level like this price. Investors must protect themselves more independently because the limits that have been made by the stock exchange authority to protect investors will be lifted. This goes back to the risk profile of each investor, if you have seen that the shares purchased are very low in price, he must understand the future consequences. Because with the removal of price limits, investor protection automatically disappears.

Buying shares in a penny stock must also pay attention to company independence. For example, you buy a stock for 5 dollars, worth one hundred dollars. In the next period then your share price rises to 6 dollars, then the profit will be felt to surge, reaching 100 percent. However, if the share price plummeted to just 2 dollars, the losses suffered would be even direr. This is what is then said that penny stock does not mean eliminating the risk of loss, due to shopping for shares at a low price. Because the actual loss is still there.

Those are some things about a penny stock news today that you should know, before trying to join in it. Penny stock still has risks like the stock game in general, therefore you cannot be careless and still have to have a clear stock strategy.