4 High-Risk Penny Stocks in 2021

Do you want to challenge yourself to buy penny stocks that are too risky? Maybe some of you are interested in buying High-Risk Penny Stocks in order to get the potential profit from this. High-Risk Penny Stocks maybe are too riskiest to try but have you ever imagined that if you are a success in this then you will get a large profit. Taking these high-risk penny stocks is suggested for everyone who loves to challenge themselves. By getting the biggest reward maybe you will feel satisfied with this thing, and no surprised if there is someone who decided to choose high-risk penny stocks nowadays.

high risk penny stocks

And here are some lists of High-Risk Penny Stocks that you might be interested to buy for developing your company profit. Every penny stock here are having its own potential, so it is really useful information to read by the traders.

1. Scientific Games Corp (SGMS)

high risk penny stocks

In the previous years, Scientific Games Corp was a low-growth provider of lottery tickets and terminals. But from now on, this company is really changed significantly from the low level up to a high level. Scientific Games Corp gained slot machine manufacturers from Bally Technologies and WMS Industries. And the next, Scientific Games Corp become the largest and the dominant company which provides and supplies equipment maker, gaming table to the Casino industry worldwide.

2. Smart Sand (SND)

high risk penny stocks

Smart Sand company is working in the field of frackers and oil drillers. With the focus on hydrocarbon, it directly specializes in hydrocarbon recovery for Big Oil Hydraulic Frackers. This company also owns another sand mine, such as Wisconsin Area, Jackson County, Oakdale, and Wisconsin. Their business is growing very well nowadays, with Smart Sand income that increased from $7.56 million in 2014 up to $26 million. This company is really suitable for the one who wants to buy high-risk penny stocks.

3. Ship Finance International (SFL)

high risk penny stocks

Ship Finance International is working in the field of shipping which is commonly known as the “Bermuda Triangle” for some of the capital investors. Ship Finance’s profit, which currently yields 9.5% may be risking. But in the other case, those great stocks are suggested to buy if you can handle this in a good way. This company is also one of the best shipping that is available for the premium that can be booked in a value.

4. Coffee Holding Co (JVA)

high risk penny stocks

Maybe you probably rarely hear about Coffee Holding Co, a little company that works in the business of beans. Coffee Holding Co sells coffee in a wholesale way for several purposes, that included green coffee, branded coffee, and private label use. In 2011, JVA became the biggest company in the world. Even Forbes put the Coffee Holding Co as the number 41 on its “Biggest Small Companies”. 

While the only coffee stock you are familiar with is Starbucks, which is the cousin of McDonald's. But surely, Coffee Holding Co still to be the one in the matter of prices. And become the trends since November 2016. And maybe if you want to focus in the field of the coffee business you can consider JVA as the high-risk penny stocks that may bring a great reward for you.

The lists that had been mentioned above were the high-risk penny stocks that may give a potential reward and profit for your company. For those who love to take risks to get a better chance, you may start to think about your choice in this matter. Before you make a great decision for this, it is better for you to look up some information from the trusted sources whether from digital or from a person.
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