Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario Canada (2022 UPDATE)

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario - The car has become the most popular motorized vehicle. It was noted that car users, especially in Ontario, according to Statistics Canada, even after Covid, car sales increased by 19%. This has proven that the car is a practical and comfortable motor vehicle and a choice, especially for families who need the best auto insurance companies in Ontario.

best auto insurance companies in ontario

Unlike motorbikes, many things are offered by cars, one of which is being protected from rain and heat. You don't have to worry if it rains or is exposed to the sun while driving. 

In addition, for those of you who don't really like crowds, cars are a good choice, because you don't have to queue with other people.

Driving a car doesn't feel complete without insurance. Even though you are very good at driving a vehicle, many factors can damage your vehicle. 

Even the worst case that happens is not only your car is damaged, but you are also a victim of an accident and injured.

Here we present several insurance companies selected through several criteria. Some insurance companies that will be described later meet at least 70% of the criteria. 

So that some of these insurance companies are the best recommendations for those of you who want to have car insurance, see the following list.

List of Auto Insurance Companies in Ontario

1. Allstate


The first insurance is Allstate, "You are in good hands with Allstate." This famous slogan by the Allstate insurance company is made to prioritize the comfort and safety of clients. 

This slogan also signifies that clients when working with Allstate insurance companies will be handled by reliable and experienced employees.

Allstate has accompanied and befriended its clients for fifty-five years. Because the best auto insurance company in Ontario, which is Allstate insurance company itself, has been around since 1931. 

For a long time, the Allstate insurance company has built trust and slowly became the primary choice by the public.

First, the insurance company Allstate was founded in Illinois and has become a pioneer. Allstate also stressed that they would redevelop the best protection to help customers for tomorrow and protect what is most important to clients. 

In 1950 Allstate insurance developed rapidly and started its insurance method into personal insurance, including life and health.

In terms of car insurance, Allstate insurance company offers a variety of attractive offers such as discounts, claims, coverage, and Police. 

The Allstate insurance company also proves that having car insurance will save you more money than buying a new car. 

You can check it yourself on the Allstate company website. If you are interested in registering with an Allstate company, you can call (1-800-255-7828).

2. Canadian Auto Association (CAA)

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

The second recommended insurance company is CAA. This CAA insurance company was founded in 1974 and has facilitated insurance for more than 6 million residents for more than 40 years. 

The great number proves that the CAA insurance company has captivated the public's interest in trusting the CAA company to take care of their car insurance. 

One of the things that makes CAA insurance very popular with the public is the various promos and discounts offered by CAA insurance companies.

The CAA insurance company also has various car insurance packages tailored to your circumstances. 

The first is MyPace car insurance; this package offers insurance for those who drive your car less than 12000 KM a year. 

Then there is the connect package which is more special because this car insurance package is adapted to Driving Habits to find out the right discount for your car insurance.

Finally, there is the Forgive and Forget package; this package also offers an excellent offer, namely if you have a good driving record for a year, then if you are involved in an incident, you will not be charged at all or free of charge. 

The offers above are an excellent strategy to attract clients, and clients are free to determine which package is right for them. If you want to use the services of a CAA insurance company, you can call 1-833-665-8239.

3. Aviva

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

The third is Aviva insurance company; this insurance company provides insurance for both cars, homes, health, and others to 2.4 million customers. 

The company also has more than 4 thousand employees who will create a bright and prosperous future for its customers and communities. With this claim, Aviva's insurance company has the integrity to always be at the forefront of customer service.

According to data submitted by the Aviva company itself in 2016, they handled more than 220,000 claims. This number continues to grow. 

Over time, Aviva's insurance materials have become more and more trusted, which has made them one of the best insurance companies.

One of the Aviva insurance companies offers you to combine your home and car insurance into one package. This is, of course, a unique attraction because it is practical but still profitable. 

Aviva's insurance company also adds a discount if you are a retiree. The company continuously offers attractive products and services that make customers not look to other companies and focus on the Aviva insurance company.

The next exciting offer is that if the car is damaged, it takes a few days to repair it, then Aviva's insurance company will provide a rental car instead, which you can use as long as your car is repaired. 

This offer is perfect for those who are busy and don't have time to go to the repair shop to repair their car. In addition, your first accident will not affect insurance, so it is considered that there was no accident. If you are interested in making a deal with Aviva, you can call 1-800-387-4518.

4. Belairdirect

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

The fourth recommended insurance company is the Belairdirect insurance company. This Belairdirect insurance company, before spreading throughout Canada, was initially established in Ontario and Quebec in 1955. 

Belairdirect insurance company, after more than 60 years of operation and has provided the best service in terms of providing car and home insurance to customers. 

In 1997, the insurance company Belairdirect became the first North American insurer to offer form insurance offered directly to customers.

The offer of online-based car insurance services is a history of the insurance company Belairdirect, a pioneer and influencer for other insurance companies. 

This made the insurance company Belairdirect get two awards in a row, namely the award for New technology and the best human resources and call center management. 

With a bold move, the Belairdirect insurance company made innovations and changes in the insurance industry that amazed the public and chose the Belairdirect insurance company as their insurance service.

The best insurance company in Ontario, Belairdirect insurance company, is listed as one of the cheapest insurance companies. The discounts and promos provided make the prices offered by the Belairdirect insurance company very affordable. 

Although the price offered is relatively cheap, it is still number one, the services and services they provide never disappoint. 

That is why people are loyal to using the services of the Belairdirect insurance company. If you are interested, you can call 1 833 938 3475.

5. Desjardin 

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

The fourth insurance company is Desjardin. This company was originally a bank, but Desjardin's insurance company expanded its wings to the insurance industry over time. 

Beginning of its establishment, Desjardin's insurance company was founded in Quebec in 1900. 

For more than a century of serving the community, Desjardin's insurance company has never lost competitiveness with other insurance companies, but instead, Desjardin insurance company is growing.

Desjardin insurance company has a mission to continue developing an integrated network of cooperation and profitable financial services owned and administered by members and controlled by members. 

Then the second mission is to educate people and employees about economic democracy and individuals and responsibilities. 

Desjardin insurance company, also a bank, certainly has its own strategy and way of marketing its products. 

Desjardin insurance company is always stable from year to year. Desjardin's insurance company offers a variety of attractive offers in terms of car insurance.

One of the offers offered by Desjardin insurance companies that make customers loyal to Desjardin insurance companies is Winter Tire saving. 

As we all know, driving in the snow is very dangerous, but now you don't have to worry anymore because someone is protecting your safety, namely the Desjardin insurance company. 

In addition, the Desjardin insurance company also offers various packages such as home and car package insurance, a combined package of many vehicles to packages that allow you to get a car through Desjardin's insurance company.

You may be interested in the best auto insurance company in Ontario, Which is Desjardin's company because of the packages it offers and also a trustworthy insurance company because the company is a bank. 

You can learn about the package, the promo, and how to register on the Desjardin insurance company website. If you want to work with the Desjardin company's insurance services, you can contact 1-866-647-5088.

6. Intact Insurance

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

The following insurance company that might be the best insurance company recommended is Intact. Intact Insurance is Canada's largest auto and home business insurance company. 

The Intact company itself stated that the Intact insurance company currently serves more than 4 million customers.

The intact insurance company has a slightly complicated history. Intact insurance was first discovered in 1809. Then in 1950, a Dutch group bought the company. 

Then in 1991, the insurance company Intact merged with the Postbank company and created a corporate company called the ing group. Intact's insurance company dominates the insurance industry and has become the largest.

Intact insurance companies also perform many valuable activities. One of them is that since 2006 the insurance company Intact has regularly sponsored Canadian speed skating athletes. 

This may be different and rarely done by some other insurance companies. This is also one of the reasons that make the reputation of the Intact insurance company excellent and make customers very loyal to the Intact insurance company.

The intact insurance company also claims that they are always available 24 hours, and if something unexpected happens, they will immediately process it within 30 minutes. 

The courage conveyed by the statement of claim states that the credibility and professionalism of the best auto insurance companies in Ontario, Intact, cannot be doubted. 

More than old friends from insurance companies, Intact does not fixate on the past but focuses on access to insurance companies in the development and good consistency.

The Intact insurance company is a role model and has a good reputation because it discounts motorists who take driving education programs. 

So, in addition to getting the security and comfort of the insurance services provided, the customer still gets an important thing, namely education. 

If you are interested in registering car insurance with the Intact insurance company, you can contact the number 1-866-464-2424.

So that is the list of recommendations of the best insurance company, which one do you prefer? Or what promo do you think has the best idea? However, you need to consider having an insurance company beside you.

Car insurance provides various services and protections that guarantee your and your car's safety. As stated above, it will be more economical if you use insurance than you have to buy a new car if something happens that makes your vehicle seriously damaged. 

You have to make a step-change and start determining from now on, by joining car insurance you will live more comfortably.

Ontario’s Best Car Insurance Companies Offer More Than Low Prices.

Power only offers ratings for the largest insurers, and we at m&w are only able to get pricing information for the companies we work with. 

The Desjardins Group is highly rated for its prices, discounts, financial strength, and optional coverages. It is home to the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and its most populous city, Toronto.

The Next Part Is Up To You.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

On average, seniors will pay approximately $585 per year at age 65, approximately $718 per year at age 75, and approximately $887 at age 85. 57 rows there is a lot of information out there about insurance companies, but there’s no one place to find it all. 

With up to eight car insurance providers to choose from in Ontario, our brokers research and compare several options at once.

Is One Of The Best Auto Insurance Company In Ontario.

 Desjardins group is a great choice for car insurance for new car owners as they offer many different discounts. The intact insurance company is one of the best insurance companies for seniors to purchase car insurance. How much does car insurance for seniors cost?

At City Best Insurance Services We Are Continuously Working To Provide The Individual Coverage You Require.

However, a good rule of thumb is to expect your car insurance premium to double in cost. Even though car insurance is mandatory in Ontario, there are other reasons you might want car insurance or extras within your policy. We’ve tried our best below.

In addition to car insurance, all the best auto insurance companies in Ontario mentioned above also have other insurance services, namely life insurance, health insurance, animal insurance, and others. You don't have to bother looking for various insurance companies because all can be handled by one company. If not you, then who else will make the change?

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