10 Penny Nail: Complete Information That You Must Know

10 Penny Nail - Nail is a small metal item that has an important role in any constructions.  It turns out this small item has various metal ingredients, types, and sizes. You might do not know a 10 penny nail although you every bought and used it. The contractors, bricklayers, and other related-parties also call it 10d. It turns out there is a long history of the penny nail before you know this term and function. 

Previously, you might feel impossible to find the information on this building material on the internet. However, you read all here.

10 Penny Nail

The History of 10 Penny Nail Size

Penny's nail exists since medieval times in English where it has many sizes. The 10 penny nail size formerly describes the amount of the nail to buy this building material. Exactly, penny nail is the number of English pennies to bought 100 nails. 

Meanwhile, it started the change in the 15th century where 100 six-penny nails had the cost of sixpence. The rule applied for the next numbers and now it becomes the length nail measure for wood application.

Do you feel dizzy understanding 10 penny nail topic of the day? Unluckily, this information must convey in many people like you and important to know. 

Moreover, each building material (wood, concrete, and others) can need a different types of nails. Although this page focuses on that size, it does not matter to show some types of penny nail sizes. Let’s see below:

  • Penny nail in 2d is the same as 1" length and it as the diameter of 0.067.
  • The size of 3d means 1.25” length size and 0.076 diameters.
  • 4d means the nail has a length of 1.5 inches with the diameter 0.080.
  • Next, penny nail in 5d still has 0.080 diameters but the length is 1.75 inches.
  • Afterward, 6d penny nail appears in 2 inches length and 0.099 diameters.
  • Same as the prior size, 7d penny nail also produces in the same diameter size (0.099) but in 2.25" length.
  • 8d means it has 2.5” length size and the diameter is 0.013.
  • The size of 9d shows the same diameter size (0.13) but the length is 2.75”.
  • 10 penny nail size has 3 inches length and 0.128 diameters.
  • Then, penny nail in 12d comes in 3.25 inches with the same diameter size.
  • 16d shows the diameter 0.135 with the length 3.5” and the diameter 0.135.
  • Lastly, there is penny nail in 20d with the diameter 0.148 and the length 4 inches.

So, what do you can do with 10 penny nail above? This mini metal building material is useful to nail plywood walls, floors, ceiling, and so on. It turns out there is a strong decrease when nailing on the roof or floor. 

It happens on the toenails and plate lap when using the "d" version of a pennyweight. For more information, let’s perceive this example! You are nailing a pallet wood wall using 6” o.c. on 10d. 

It turns out there is often an error that contractors do when asking for the nail. They often ignore whether they receive the real 10 d or 50-pound box of 10 penny nail or not. They never ask for it and directly use carelessly. Meanwhile, Southern Pine Framing Lumber or Larch and Assuming Douglas Fir assume:

Box nail in 10d with 0.128" diameter is the same as 76 pounds per Code.
On the other hand, Common nails of 10d in 0.148 diameters are the same as 94 pounds per Code.

Also, the box nail only has 80% power from the project plans when nailing on the wall. Anyway, each contractor or the related people must know to avoid the mistake from now.

How Long is a 10 Penny Nail 

Most people guess the letter of d in the nail size as diameter and you might agree with this case. Well, you are wrong because it is a symbol of the penny. Same like its appearance in England, it has a long history. The letter of “d” has two kinds of theories where the first is “d” for Denarius. 

In the English language, denarius means cent or penny. Secondly, it refers to the Ancient Roman Empire coin and the status is cent too. 

10 Penny Nail

Hopefully, you still have a high spirit to follow this page until here. Although you are the people outside of contractor or architecture, you should understand it properly. It is because repairing a house or space should not ask for a handyman. 

Return to the explanation on the symbol of “d”. This page wants to outline three theories about the letter and how it came into being:

People call it with the 10 penny, 12 penny, and other penny nail sizes because 100 nails need tenpence, twelvepence, and so on.  

There is a theory of 8 pounds are the same as 1008 penny nails but it does not explain the length. 

Lastly, the theory such as return to the first point but there is a where exceptional inside. Unluckily, you get one very expensive cost nail even it is not reasonable both in the past and present.

Next, it is more information on 10 penny nail and 10 box nails that you should know. However, do not judge anything although you have read it above. The common 10d nails have a length of 3 inches with 0.148" diameters and a gauge of 9. 

Meanwhile, the box 10d nails have some differences in diameter and gauge. Exactly, the diameter is 0.128 inches and the gauge is 10.5. 

Besides nailing the wall, the penny nails are useful to make a frame. Both nailing the wall and wood frame, it just refers to the nail sizes. The usage of the size usually depends on the material wood type. 

By the way, those are what this page can inform on 10 penny nail size for you. Hopefully, it helps you to find the best size to repair or remodel your living. Knowing this information is also useful to help your handyman choosing the right nail. You can ease their job by providing the right nail and you can answer their question about it. Okay, thank you for reading and following until I finish. Please share it!
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