13 Stocks to Buy Under 10 to Watch in 2022

Hello August! In the early month, are you ready to be a penny stocks hunter again? At this time, your target is the stocks to buy under $10. More than ten stockholders are ready to fight and win your heart. You may have the best one according to your mind where you can realize it by researching. Anyway, the research includes one of the ways to find the best small stocks such as the stocks under $10.  Do not worry this page will follow how to select them easily although you have known it. Just to remind you!

stocks to buy under $10

13 List of Best Stocks to Buy Under $10, Special to welcome your Winner in 2022

Due to it including penny stock type you must be able to play beautifully. The victory of getting a high profit is not a priority but how to win it. Such as you know, the best stocks to buy under $10 have fluctuated and volatile characters. Those make it easy to high and down as fast as the flash. 

That is why finding the best way to play professionally is more important than the result. Moreover, there are lots of fake stockholders and scammers.

Well, let’s discuss it later because something more essential needs to see first. Yeah, it is about 13 list of stocks under $10 which will bring a victory in early January 2022:

1. Platinum Group Metals Ltd

stocks to buy under $10

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Or PLG is mining focusing on palladium and platinum production. It offers the stock is $1.60 with the returns 1-year soar of 771.93%. The fortune also looks at the returns 5-years increasing 14.62%.

2. MoSys Inc
MOSY or MoSys open the price at $2.23 or in the percentage of 6.30%. Then, the daily change reaches $0.15 with a return per year increase of 738.35%. Meanwhile, the return per 5 years decreases by 2.34%.

3. Pacific Drilling S.A. (PACD)
It is the oil and natural gas industry that opens the price to $3.19. The return 1-year increases by 745.48%. It turns out the return 5-years is also down by 16.52%.

4. Westwater Resources Inc. (WWR)
WWR is the best stock to buy under $10 Company focusing on uranium and lithium mines (product and development). Here, it offers the stock price of $3.28 along with the increase of return 1-year at 1332.31%. Alongside that, the returns 5-year sit on 8.22% where it increases too.

5. SPI Energy Co Ltd.
For your information, SPI is the company that provides the photovoltaic (PV) solution for many parties. It serves businesses, residential, investors, utility customers, and the government. It opens the price on $3.50 with the returns data 1-year soar up to 1074.50%;

6. NeuBase Therapeutics Inc.

stocks to buy under $10

Along with the code of NBSE, this healthcare company throws the stock price in the market at $4.82. The company which develops medicine for patients with genetic neurological disorder soar the returns 1-year up to 1761.72%. However, the returns 5-year decreases by 7.40%.

7. Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc
One of the best stocks to buy under $10 comes from the healthcare field primarily from pharmaceuticals. Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SLRX) is a company focusing on clinical-stage oncology. It trades the stock is $5.33 along with the returns 1-year at 887.04%.

8. Cesca Therapeutics (KOOL)
The stock price of KOOL in 2019 reaches $6.16 and the returns data 1-year jump 1301.91%. By the way, the company works for regenerative medicine that needs cell-based therapies. Therefore, it engages in the research, development, commercialization, and marketing of automated technologies.

9. Navios Maritime Acquisition  Corp
NNA which engages in the marine transportation business now opens the price at $6.44. The returns data 1-year of this stock to buy under $10 increases up to 1401.37%.

10. Eldorado Gold Corps.

stocks to buy under $10

The company in the code of EGO opens the price at $7.81 and increases the return 1-year by 768.16%. On the other hand, the gold mining venture has a return 5-year which also increases at 3.64%.

11. Nephros Inc (NEPH)
Same as SLRX, Nephros Inc. includes a healthcare company but it focuses on the medical device. The company with the liquid purification filters as one of the best products gives the price at $8.35. It also gets an increase in the returns 1-year up to 1084.40%. The great increase as well as occurs in the returns 5-year at 61.46%.

12. Bio-Path Holding Inc.  (BPTH)
It is a biotechnology company producing pipelines that include Prexigebersen, BP1002, and BP1003. Those products are the result of the research and development of therapy. It can relieve acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

13. Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc.

stocks to buy under $10

RRTS is the code of the company engaging in the provision of logistic services. The price of this stock to buy under $10 is $9.59 with the return data 1-year of 1119. 95%. Meanwhile, the returns 5-year decreases by 15.67%.

Where to Buy, How to Find, and How to Buy

Where can you buy those small stocks? If you think to buy it in the big stock exchange such as NASDAQ and NYSE, it is less precise. You might be able to find them there and you must use Robinhood and the best brokerage. 

Only Robinhood can help you to get small stocks in the big stock market. Meanwhile, the most penny stocks under $10 trade-in OTCBB (Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board) and in Pink Sheet. 

If you come here, you can use some specific online brokers. Usually, they are TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Interactive Broker, E-Trade, Charles Schwab, or Trade Station.

By the way, those are some information on how and where to buy the stocks. Additionally, you must know to find the best stocks to buy below $10 that only need 3 steps:

1. Check

2. Search
Find at least 10 best stocks or the top 100 active small stocks from credible sources.

3 Sign up
Lastly, you should sign up for a service for an alert. You may find the services which ask for monthly payment. Usually, it is better by adding video lessons, community access, email coaching, and others. Later, you will get the service via SMS or Email

Once more, the best time to find one of the stocks to buy under $10 is in the morning. So, you must get up so early and connect your device to internet access immediately. Well, happy trying and keep beware of the risk and fraud. Good luck!
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