26 Best Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now Especially in 2022

Penny stocks derive from various fields such as mining, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and so on. At this time, this page asks for focusing on the best tech stocks to buy right now. Spoil your desire with numerous stockholders or companies from the technology field here to gain your success. Besides it carries a lot of stocks, you will not lose important information. 

What is that? It relates to the tips to avoid failure where penny stock is volatile, liquid, and fluctuate. Let’s watch top tech stocks to buy right now!

best tech stocks to buy right now

26 Top Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now for High Profit

Before seeing stocks that this article means, you should perceive what penny stock is first! Always remember the characteristics, places to buy, how to find, and how to buy. When you find a stockholder trade the stock in not more than $5 and looks risky, it includes as a penny stock. The stock exchanges for small and cheap stock are OTCBB and Pink Sheet. Besides both, it will be difficult to find the top tech stocks to buy right now and later.

Alongside that, penny stocks need typical brokers to buy such as Robinhood, E-Trade, TradeStation, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, or Charles Schwab. Special for Robinhood, It will help you to buy in NASDAQ and NYSE

Well, let’s discuss it later but 25 top tech stocks to buy right now are ready to welcome you below:

1. Alphabet

best tech stocks to buy right now canada

Alphabet still becomes a killer stock pick with a $1,346 average analyst price target.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is an eCommerce company consistently innovating for the future in acquisitions, technology, and new markets. AMZN as the best tech stock to buy right now reaches an average analyst price target of $2,215.

Apple (AAPL) that trades in NASDAQ will launch the first real “iPhone generation” in 2025.

4. Applied Materials Inc
Same as the prior, it also trades in NASDAQ with the code of AMAT. It is a half-century-old chip equipment maker that has a one-year Gain – 45.58% Average Analysts Recommendation. On the other hand, AMAT offers the Buy Average Price Target is $55.27.

5. Electronic Arts Inc

best tech stocks to buy right now canada

Within the code of EA in the NASDAQ stock exchange, the company gets fortunes when its revenues soared 26.29% in 2015. On August 16, 2019, the company engaging in video game software maker closes the stock high of $119.25. 

6. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB)
This social media of Facebook continues to perform excellently and fueling strong gains in advertising revenues. FB grows in monthly and daily active users also offers Buy Average Price Target at $192.62.

7. Fastly ((FSLY, $31.60)
Fastly is a company giving modern online experiences with speed, security, and scale.

8. IPG Photonics
NASDAQ offers IPGP to the stockholders as the manufactures fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers to use in several applications. Exactly, IPG produces materials processing, communications, medical and advanced applications. Recently, it reaches 95.13 percent Average Analysts Recommendation while the Buy Average Price Target at $182.

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9. Medallia (MDLA, $35.62)
Media that has headquartered in San Francisco is pioneering a new type of customer analytics. It does by gathering customer experience data; analyze customer satisfaction levels and others.

10. Micron (MU)

best tech stocks to buy right now canada

Micron or MU in the NASDAQ stock exchange is the company that results in data creation with its DRAM/NAND memory portfolio. It has just reiterated its “buy” rating with a $60 price target and its “moderate-buy” analyst consensus rating of $54.

11. Microsoft (MSFT)
You surely never feel strange with the name of this company that becomes the core of each laptop, tablet, and computer. You can find it in NASDAQ with the code MSFT increases the average analyst target price increase at $142 (17%). That is why Microsoft includes one of the best tech stocks to buy right now.

12. Nvidia (NVDA)

best tech stocks to buy right now canada

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) is suffering over the last six months. Fortunately, it rises into one of the top stocks to buy and hold because of the long-term picture of NVDA.

13. OpenText (OTEX, $39.09)
OTEX or OpenText presents to develop and sell EIM software (enterprise information management). By the way, it is the largest software venture in Canada.

14. PayPal (PYPL)
PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) appears an $1117 average analyst price target, offers a massive scale and controls the entire consumer experience.

15. ProofPoint (PFPT, $113.61)
PFPT comes to help customers to stop malware, phishing, and impersonation across email and the cloud.

16. Rapid7 (RPD)

best tech stocks to buy right now

Rapid7 (NASDAQ: RPD) is a cyber-security company using a unique data- and analytics-driven approach.

17. RingCentral
RingCentral that trades the stock for $141.13 is a company providing a ready-to-go contact center and all-in-one cloud phone solution. Even though, RNG also produces video conferencing and team messaging.

18. Sea Ltd
Due to the stock price at $32.12, SE belongs to one of the hottest tech stocks on Wall Street. Recently, SE gets an increase in the stock up 184% year-to-date. So, it performs properly as the leading digital game-maker in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

19. Simulation Plus, Inc
Simulations Plus (NASDAQ: SLP) is a pharmaceutics and biotech company. The Average Analysts Recommendation reaches 73.99 percent and the Strong Buy Average Price Target at $17.35.

It is a penny stock trading in NASDAQ with the code of SWKS running the business for mobile connectivity. The products are a mixed-signal semiconductor and a high-performance analog. On June 8, 2019, the stock price closed high at $110.66, return 5-year on 19. 16%. Then, the Net Profit Margin reaches 27.90% also ROI at 25.80%.

21. Splunk (SPLK)

best tech stocks to buy right now canada

If you do not know what Splunk company is, listen to this page. You will find it in NASDAQ in the code of SPLK as a great technology venture. The skill is monitoring and analyzing machine-generated big data. Alongside that, it turns machine data into searching and via a web-style interface. Now, the average analyst price target of Splunkis $ 155.

22. Synopsys (SNPS)
Synopsys (SNPS) which appears in NASDAQ uses SNPs as the familiar trading code. Basically, it is an “arms dealer” for AI and all things chip-related says RBC Capital. The price of $109 average analyst price target makes SNPs one of the best stocks to buy.

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23. SVMK Inc.( (SVMK, $ 16,74))
It is a parent company of SurveyMonkey that gathers actionable feedback from customers. The goal is to power curious individuals and organizations by allowing users to create their online surveys. It turns out what SVMK does in business is effective to measure and acts on the opinions of others.

24. Twilio (TWLO, $130.47)

best tech stocks to buy right now

Introduce a company namely Twilio emerging as the cloud communications platform. The role is offering other communication functions for web service interfaces. This company develops a software development program to make and receive phones (both in calling and texts).

25. Weibo Corp
Weibo is a Chinese company trading in NASDAQ with the code SINA established in 2009. This best tech stock to buy right now reached the highest closing of $98.21 on August 24.

26. Wix.com (WIX, $140.25)
It is a company coming for eases anyone including they are in low technical know-how to create their website.

3 Tricks to Find the Best Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now

After gaining the 26 best tech stocks to buy right now, you should be smart to get one of them. You need to pass 3 tricks to get it through the following instructions:

• Look for tech stocks in Pink Sheet and OTCBB (Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board) and observe it alone.

• Use the credible website to see the 10 best stock lists or 100 active stocks.
• Join a service to get a service alert both from Email and SMS.

Okay, those are some precious information on the best tech stocks to buy right now in 2022. Happy hunting and bring one of them to invest in the future.

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