What Penny Stocks to Buy Today on 2021-Guess it!

What penny stock to buy today, of course, it differs from the previous month. Never tried to find excellent stocks because it is the only way to invest in penny stocks. If you do not want to do this simple step, you will be a loser. Meanwhile, this small stock promises a fast profit for everyone who wants to fight. Do not confuse because you will find a lot of penny stocks to watch for 2021 here. Of course, this page never bore to remind out about the nature of penny stocks and others.

What Penny Stocks to buy Today

What Penny Stocks to buy Today: List of Stocks to begin your Early 2021 Trading

Seemly, you cannot wait to know what penny stocks to invest in today? Calm down and gather all stakeholder companies below properly. The list of penny stocks below will accompany you to trade in the early of December successfully:

1. HyreCar, Inc.

What Penny Stocks to buy Today

Well, you can call it HYRE to get professional service of the car rental. Last year, this stock got a negative clean operation cash flow of $ 7,15 million. Even though, it changes after the company is diligent to join investor conferences. This step made the stock increased by 106% in the new third quarter. By using the EPS the stock price for next year jumps up to 108%. Nowadays, the company becomes one of the potential stocks for investors.

2. Lightbridge Corporation
Lightbridge Corporation or LBTR comes as the company which shows a lot of space to grow. The work performance of YTD increased by 18%  although the stock price is between $ 0,49 and $ 1,12 for 52 weeks. It turns out the investors start to like LBTR after occurring Fukushima Nuclear in 2011. Is Lightbridge Corporation answer what penny stock to invest today?

3. Great Panther Mining Limited
This silver, gold, and junior zinc miner has the latest stock price of $0.77.  GPL (the code of the company ) announced a surprising negative profit of 300%. The profit covers the quarter loss of $0.02 per share but it increased $0.01 on Wall Street.

4. Koss Corporation
What next? The next is KOSS or the Koss Corporation is the manufacturer and marketer of stereo headphones. It has the headquarter in Milwaukee and exists since 1958. Seemly, the stock of KOSS fell down only in one night from $7 to $1. Even though, it changes now where the last income in the last quarter increased by 11.40%.  It also ever increased from $1.90 to $2.90.

5. Avino Silver& Gold Mining, Ltd
By the way, Avino Silver& Gold Mining, Ltd. will respond to what penny stocks to invest in today. It shows a bad work performance during last month with reporting a lost profit of $0.01 per stocks. The result that ASM released on August 7, 2019 states it was because of 15% decreases in the quarter income. Nowadays, the price of mining is fall and it influences the stock price too. It implies ASM's stock price will jump highly again if the prices of the mines also increase.

6. Rekor System, Inc
During August last month, REKR got a fast decrease from $5.44 to $3.00. It turns out this condition makes numerous potential investors feel afraid to invest. Moreover, the cost of the stock in Rekor System, Inc. does not stable yet. On the other hand, the company has a high debt rate. Nevertheless, it occurred explosive growth from the technology segment up to 240%. The increase happened between the first and the second quarter this year. It turns out Rekor System, Inc has predicted will increase up to 183% in next year.

7. Perceptron, Inc
What penny stocks to invest in right now, of course, it is Perceptron, Inc. or PRCP. This 3D metrology service increased thoroughly by 25% and leave penny stock for a while. Even though, it comes back again after reaching the peak of the trade on $6.54 on August 8, 2019. Now, the stock prices of PRCP decrease from $3.85 to $3.75.

What Penny Stock to Buy Today that Jump more than 420%?

Here, the page still gives the name of the companies that trade in penny stocks. Nevertheless, it takes different criteria where it takes them which jump more than 420%. Revolution Lighting Technology, Inc. is what penny stock to buy today. You can find it in NASDAQ using an online broker of Robinhood. It turns out RVLT (the code of the company) reported a 64% gain for investors. This news had just occurred last month so that it is still fresh to trade in 2020.

Additional Information: Remind the Nature of Penny Stocks

What Penny Stocks to buy Today

It feels never complete without remaining on the character of penny stocks. Besides knowing what penny stocks to buy today, this aspect always essential to remember. Firstly, you must remind that the stocks under 10, 5, or 1 dollar have a high risk. The risk of the fast loss profit threatens the existence of the fast profit too. Secondly, the volume of the stock is low so that you should be hard work to find it at a high rate. Third, it is about the market capitalization that is also low but you must find the better one.

Then, penny stocks also fluctuate and volatility making the price not table. You might watch the price low for now but it changes higher several minutes again. Apart from those factors, always beware of the frauds often playing pump and dump strategy. Beware of the company that buys the stock at a high price that outside of the common price. It is the strategy of fraud to damage the market stock price. Usually, they will trade again at a low price after the victims get the trap.

Be brave and find the best strategy to fight the fraud and the nature of penny stocks. Look for help from credible online brokers to lead your way. Pay attention to the market capitalization, volume, and liquidity properly. Avoid doing interaction with the companies that are new but promote their stock price excessively. Who knows they are just nonsense? Join a course to trade penny stocks rightly if it is necessary. Okay, thank you for reading what penny stocks to buy today? Good luck to invest in!

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