10 Robinhood Penny Stock List and 3 Guides to use this App

What is new in Robinhood's penny stocks list? Of course, you can update your information on your small stocks through this broker

Only with this broker, you can trade in NYSE and NASDAQ to find under $1 holdings. You might be not strange with this app tool but do you it well? Besides revealing the list of penny stocks Robinhood, this page wants to inform it at glance. 

You surely need to know this case as your consideration material. Thus, you will be sure to take Robinhood service and success in your trading.

Robinhood Penny Stock List Update in August 2021

Let's come closer to Robinhood! You might guess that an old animation movie with the same name inspired the company. Maybe, you are right. 

However; who one knows? Robinhood itself established on April 18, 2013, by Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. 

They made it one of the best stockbrokers and an electronic trading platform. The office center is located in Menlo Park, California, United States. 

Nowadays, Robinhood has a site and mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch. But, it doesn’t have storefront offices and operates entirely online.

robinhood penny stocks list

By the way, those are a little bit of knowledge about the company of Robinhood. It turns out the company serves the customers while following the advance of the era. 

Thus, it will be easier to find penny stocks on Robinhood 2021. So, how many companies you will see on the list? Watch below:

1. Ziopharm Oncology, Inc.

robinhood penny stocks list reddit

It is one of the healthcare penny stocks trading in NASDAQ with the code ZIOP. The stock profit results in  $ 1.29 per share toward Wall Street in March 2019.

2. Solenoid Therapeutics, Inc.

robinhood penny stocks list 2021

Seeing from the name, it also includes a healthcare company. Soleno Therapeutics is Robinhood's penny stocks list 2021 that focuses on rare diseases. It trades in NASDAQ with the code of SLNO. In the third stage, the stock increased more than 95% after March.

3. Blink Charging Co

list of all penny stocks on robinhood

Blink of BLNK is the manufacturer which supports electric vehicle production. In NASDAQ,  the YTD of the stocks increased more than 70% but its weekly volatility is over 11%.

4. GNC Holdings, INC

Furthermore, this Robinhood penny stock list trades in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). GNC runs the company as a health and vitamin supplement retailer. Recently, the stock increased more than 15% YTD after reached $ 2.14 per stock in December 2018.

5. Chesapeake Energy Corporation

how to find a list of penny stocks on robinhood

Next, there is Chesapeake Energy Corporation from NYSE with the code of CHK. It is a mining of oil and gas company that reached the lowest level of $ 1.71 the last December.

6 Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd.

robinhood penny stocks list

Company including one of the best Robinhood penny stocks list is the common stock that opens in $0.65. Then, NAK closes in % 0.70 with a change of 6.47%.

7. Sandridge Mississippian (SDT)
The stock is suitable for this month with an opening of $0.50 and closed at $0.58.

8. Maiden Holdings
MHLD opened on $0.50 and closed on $0.53 also the change reached 6.64%.

The opening price of Aemetis was $0.75 and closed at $0.80.

10. Kelso Technologies, Inc.
KIQ is the ordinary share with a $0.70 opening price and closed on $0.74.

Robinhood Penny Stocks Lists: How to use Robinhood Apps

Well, you have seen ten companies including on Robinhood's penny stocks list. Now, this page asks you to know more about this broker. It will inform the features and weaknesses of the broker and how to use the app. 

The following are four powers of Robinhood broker:

Robinhood serves the user to watch the replay income easily.
It does matter to use this online broker only for buying and trading.
The app of Robinhood gives you free stocks.
Watch the stock graph quickly although it outside of the determining date.

Meanwhile, Robinhood saves 3 weaknesses that you should know such as below:

Unfortunately, you cannot change the chart.
It is still not sophisticated.
You cannot use this mobile trading app to add your stock volume or the stochastic.

Do not be disappointed because all online traders also have pros and cons. By the way, you do not allow turning back but you only need a guideline to use it. So, follow the 3 steps below to use and watch the Robinhood penny stocks list:

1. Download Robinhood Apps
Firstly, you have to download these apps on your mobile phone, iPhone, or others. Start by opening your Google Store and type Robinhood. 

Open it and see on the top right corner to get the free stocks. Besides that, you can use the BAR SEARCH to find new stock. The Home space itself shows many recommended stocks of various types.

2. Watch Stock Graph
Secondly, you continue to reach the stock graph but you cannot adjust it. Nonetheless, this app that is free of commission still allows changing the period time.

3. Trade the stock
The last step is trading the stock using the Robinhood broker app through the “Trading" button. The position is under the stock graph where you will get two kinds of tutorials. 

By the way, two tutorials include the "Buy” option and “Trade". Of course, you have perceived the purpose of the buttons. Alongside those buttons, you can also use the option of "Stop Limit or Stop Loss” and “Review”. 

In conclusion, Robinhood is one of the online brokers which serves people to trade penny stocks. The trader can use it to invest in NASDAQ and NYSE with the stocks under five dollars. 

Robinhood also becomes the stocks with no commission which doing a surprising innovation. It realizes the advanced service on mobile apps both on the smartphone, Apple, and other Android devices. 

On the other hand, it saves some advantages and disadvantages that become essential things to consider. Even though, the users do not need to worry if the broker will make the loss.

It turns out Robinhood has provided short smart steps to invest in small stocks. The broker shows three steps from downloading the app until use it to trade. 

Okay, that is some information on Robinhood's penny stocks list of the day. This information is very useful to win the stock that looks like a game. All of the information above helps to get the stock profit without feeling afraid toward the risk and fluctuate. Happy trading!
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