Best Hot Penny Stocks to Explode in 2022

Are you looking for the Penny stocks to explode in 2022? Of course, it will be not difficult to find it because this small stock is common. Many sources appear with complete information including this page. It presents some penny stocks to watch for 2022 along with other important things. 

So, you do not need to open other sources and waste time. Meanwhile, finding the stock that you want to trade must do in a fast step. Therefore, this page is suitable for fact-finding penny stocks. Let’s go!

Stocks Under $1 That Will Explode

Penny Stocks to Explode

There are two meanings of the penny stocks ready to explode today where it is for small stocks under $1 and $5. Why does it appear in a different style of small stocks? It is because penny stock itself has some criteria so that it is very important to inform on this case. 

The following are the symbols of the companies holding small stocks under one and five dollars:

1. Superior Energy Services (SPN)
The stocks share below a dollar on the trade on July 16th, 2019, and reported worse-than-expected earning. It occurs aftermarket and now the new support level is under $0.56 with the resistance of $0.90. By the way, the stocks increase the volume between July 31 st and August 5th.

2. Workhorse Group (WKHS)
On July 8th, this penny stock ready to explode of Workhorse Group shared the stock price of $2.77. It got an increase on July 31st to $5.225 and results in $25 million in financing. During July, the volume of WKHS is stable and the funding of the agreement increases by 10%.

3. Stigma Labs (SGLB)
The stock price fell over 50% from the premarket on July 30th to 31st. SGLB announced the offering price of 2.875 million shares at $0.80 per share. It shows that many people are still willing to pay for Stigma Labs stock and forced the price to under $1.

4. IZEA Worldwide (IZEA)
On August 1st, IZEA shares the stock price 40% and received 30 times more volume than the the90-day average volume.  The penny stock getting ready to explode is 20% of the next day and it flattens out.

5. Valeritas Holding (VLRX)
On July 10th, the stock price stayed at $4.13 where it increased $1.19 from the close the day before. The volume increases 12 times more than the average volume.

6. Encana Corp
It is an oil and gas company headquartered in West Canada. The penny stock to explode today had just felt the stock price of $4.78. Even though, it still supports a $6.7 million market cap and keeps it. This small stock trading in NYSE struggle for the price this year. It increased by 300% in cash flow and profit margin.

What Penny Stock is About to Explode

Penny Stocks to Explode

Okay, you have seen 6 penny stocks under 5 and 1 dollar above. However, how to take them easily? Of course, you need a trick and strategy to personalize it and this page has summarized all to trade penny stocks

Knowing more Penny stocks

The first step to get penny stock is with knowing more such as what kind is it, character, and the risk. Such as you know that it includes small stocks with the most market exchange in OTCBB of Pink Sheet. Nonetheless, it also appears in NASDAQ and NYSE although the amount is not many and rare. On the other hand, it is quite a high risk of profit and fraud. Penny stock is low volume and low market capitalization.

How come Penny Stock Explode or Soar?

When looking for penny stocks set to explode, do not only receive the item but find the history. You must know why the stock soar but it is usually because of the liquidity. Penny stock includes in the not liquid share so that each good news improves the price. This, the announcement of the company which is profitable become the catalysts for penny stocks. On the other hand, the investor trades small stocks to increase their offering and fulfill the order. Alongside that, it is useful to attract investors that want to get profit to buy your stocks.

Unluckily, penny stocks are full of frauds where many the fake promotors running pump and dump trick. It is the trick to cheat honest investors with information that penny stocks will increase immediately. Later, the investors will get influence to buy it so that the price increase. It becomes their chance to sell all their stock to make a profit. Then, the price will return to the normal level and make the investors get loss.

How to find the right Penny Stocks and Potential Breakout

Seemly, your decision to trade in penny stocks is fixed and will not change again. Therefore, you should know how to find the right penny stocks set to explode and which one potential breakout.

Penny Stocks to Explode

Okay, we know it one by one from how to get the right penny stocks. Penny stocks include micro-cap stocks between $50 million and $300 million of capitalization of the market. It implies you need to research the fundamentals and techniques of the company. You can do it by checking the industry and security financial reports. Besides that, you should check the management quality.

Then, find insider buying of company stock, attractive products, having a contract with larger companies, and reasonable financial performance. Check the stock’s price over time on a chart. Then, you should evaluate the rising of the consistent price.

Find it without evidence of spikes due to stock promotion. Meanwhile, how to find the potential breakout stock for you? Well, use technical analysis to identify the stocks that are ready to increase the price. Find a company with a good income, strong volume, and good company growth. Both the volume and the price can make the trading higher. 

However, those all not ensure the stock will soar 100% but at least it can prevent you from fraud. Okay, that is some information on penny stocks to explode in 2021. Hopefully, it is useful and works for you to find the best penny stocks. Good luck!
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