How Much is a 1963 Australian Penny Value?

1963 Australian Penny Value - Have you ever kept rare coins or didn't you even notice? Many people deliberately keep their coins because they think these coins can be sold at a higher value than face value.

But many people don't know that the coins they keep are rare, one of which is the 1963 Australian Penny. Even the 1963 Australian penny value continues to increase because of its appearance which attracts many collectors.

1963 penny australia value

How not, this coin has only been in circulation for three years since its minting in 1963. If you have seen or stored it by accident, we will give you how much you deserve with this rare coin.

1963 Australian Penny

Before we discuss further the Australian penny 1963 value, you also need to understand how the valuation criteria are and how the condition of coins can get high prices.

As we know that Australian coins have the same composition as the UK penny which is 97% copper combined with 2.5% zinc and 0.5% tin.

This coin features a statue of Queen Elizabeth II facing to the right. This image is known as the "First Portrait" of Queen Elizabeth II. Her beauty radiated from her hair tied with a ribbon.

The face of this coin was made by Mary Gillcik. On the other hand, the design of this coin was made by George Kruger Gray by showing a kangaroo jumping to the right.

This design has been in use since 1938 after previously using only inscriptions on Australian penny coins. In addition to the kangaroo, there is the mintmark "Y." behind the words PENNY.

This mark means that this coin was minted in the Perth Mint and makes it an error coin. 1963 penny Australia value continues to increase because many people are issuing collections.

This coin is considered rare because only 10,259,660 pieces were minted and only circulated for 3 years. Although only circulated briefly, these coins are considered legal tender and are used for transactions.

Meanwhile, to calculate the 1963 Australian penny value, several valid assessment criteria are needed. Because even though these coins were minted in small numbers, these coins are decades old and worn by time.

Many 1963 pennies were found in damaged condition, such as missing parts, coins scratched, burned, and others. Of course, this will affect the value you will get.

That's why many people are looking for this rare coin because it's only been around for 3 years and not many people realize that they keep it at home.

How Much is a 1963 Australian Penny Worth?

Each 1963 penny has a different value depending on its condition. Just like the article we discussed earlier 1912, 1943, and 1944 Australian penny value, the 1963 Australian penny value is affected by the condition of the coin and its rarity.

The 1963 penny is a rare coin that has only been in circulation for 3 years. This makes many collectors look for it at the high price you can offer.

But you also have to pay attention to several aspects to get the highest price. As we know that these coins are made of soft metal and have undergone many changes over time.

Many 1963 pennies were consumed by the time such as being thrown away, burned, stored, buried, and so on. This is what causes various damages or different conditions for each coin.

1963 Australian penny value can be obtained at a high price when you find it uncirculated. As we know, there are two types of pennies, namely circulated and uncirculated.

1963 penny circulated means coins that have changed hands or are used as legal tender. This coin was most likely found in a dilapidated, unkempt condition and the surface design of the coin has disappeared.

In contrast to the 1963 penny, the condition was uncirculated which meant that this coin was not circulated, or from the beginning, it was kept for collection. 

Not infrequently people who deliberately save it for collection, but they can get the highest price now.

Here is the 1963 penny value that you can get in circulated and uncirculated conditions:

• 1963 Australian Penny Circulated

This coin is a coin in circulation and found in various conditions. These coins are also usually used as legal tender.

The price you can get is $0.45 in the F-12 condition, $0.65 in the VF-20 condition, $1.15 in the EF-40 condition and the highest price is $2.30 in the AU-50 condition.

• 1963 Australian Penny Uncirculated

Uncirculated coins are coins that have not been circulated and stored for a long time. Even some people treat it well to get the highest score.

1963 Australian penny value you can get from the price of $5.10 for MS-60 conditions, $16.20 in MS-62 conditions, 26.00 in MS-63 conditions, $30.60 in MS-64 conditions, $49.50 in MS-65 conditions, and the highest price you can get in MS-66 condition is $49.50.

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