How Much is a 1921 Penny Value UK?

1921 Penny Value Uk - The 1921 penny is one of the most popular types of UK coins today. Because many people hope to get more value than the 1921 penny they have saved until now.

Of course, to determine the 1921 penny value UK, several important points are needed to determine what price you deserve. Moreover, the 1921 penny is also a coin that is generally used in daily transactions.

For those of you who may still have 1921 penny UK and want to sell it, we will give some important points that can determine how much value you get.

1921 Penny Value UK

All penny coins have their respective conditions and this depends on the owner and this affects the price they will get.

About 1921 British Penny

Just like the article, we discussed earlier 1912, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1937, and 1971 new penny value, the 1921 penny, we know that this coin was made of bronze and was minted in very large numbers. 

A private company in Birmingham changed the composition of the coins to bronze, having previously used copper to mint coins.

Of course, the selection of bronze will affect the condition of the coins that are stored to date. However, this private company is trying to combine it with other material compositions, so that the coins can last a long time.

Let's go over the details of this coin. The face of the coin has a King George V head design by Bertram Mackennal. As we know that George V was the king who reigned from 1911 to 1936.

Hence all the coins minted during his reign, showed his head facing to the left. As for the design of the back of the coin, it is made by showing the figure of Britannia.

Where this Britannia is a representation of a British woman sitting facing the right. 

In addition, this woman's right-hand holds a shield with an image of a cross which is a combination of the Union Flag and her left-hand holds a trident.

The design of the front and back of the 1921 penny georgivs was made the same since 1911 or during the reign of King George V. 

Until now, the thing that has become an important consideration in determining the 1921 penny value UK is the condition of the coin design.

Once we know how the 1921 penny was made, then there are several varieties minted from this coin. Here are the varieties that the 1921 penny had:

• 1921 Penny Farthings

This Penny 1921 UK Farthings features a left-facing King George V head design for the front of the design. As for the back, it shows Britannia sitting wearing a helmet and holding a trident.

The specifications of the material used in the 1921 penny, which is similar to the British coin made in 1921. We can recognize this coin by the penny no mintmark type.

Because there is no mint mark on this coin that indicates where this coin was minted. However, this coin was minted in as many as 129,717,693 pieces and became the change that was generally used for transactions.

Georgivs v dei gra 1921 has a very large number and is mostly used by people for transactions. However, there are still a large number of people who prefer to keep it instead of using it.

• 1921 Shiling

This second variety can be seen from the composition used in minting coins. In 1921 this penny shilling was made in a 50% silver combination and printed in London.

The design itself still shows George V facing left and the reverse design has a lion standing on the royal crown. This design is slightly different from the 1921 penny in general.

• 1921 Florin

The 1921 penny florin design, still shows George V's head facing left and the reverse design looks like Queen Victoria's florin.

This coin was only minted from 1921 to 1926 so it is a rare coin.

• 1921 Crown

The 1921 penny crown design, still shows King George V facing left and for the opposite design, there is a crowned shield. In addition, this coin is made from a combination of 50% silver.

Uniquely, this coin was only minted from 1920 to 1922 which makes it a rare coin and this coin is not in circulation.

How Much 1921 One Penny Georgivs Value

The value of the coins you get is influenced by circulated and uncirculated conditions. 

Here is the 1921 penny value UK that you get with the terms circulated and uncirculated values:

• Penny 1921 Circulated

For a penny 1921, it's worth £1.20 in an EF-40 condition, £6.60 in an AU-50 condition and the top price is £9.30 in an AU-55 condition.

• Penny 1921 Uncirculated

The 1921 penny value UK uncirculated has a higher value at £13.00 in MS-60 condition, £32.90 in MS-62 condition, £43.70 in MS-63 condition, £48.80 in MS-64 condition, and the top price is £79.70 in MS-65 condition.

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