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6 Top Penny Stocks Today: The Last will be Your Full of risk Game

Keep spirit to hut penny stocks until finding the best one for your company. The fluctuating character, indeed, forces the traders must always search it every morning. However, you will find a lot of top penny stocks today because here is the source that you search. You will surely find the best one to save until the right time to trade comes. What information do you need besides the best penny stocks in July 2019? Everything you need exists in this page so let’s focus paying attention to some following information.

Looking for the Top Penny Stocks Today without forgetting its Volatility

You surely remember how dangerous the penny stock is! Besides you must be careful on the fluctuating character, you should also remember on volatility. It common, the volatility of penny stocks is always strong in the market.

Even, this aspect often becomes the main causes to fail to get profit from the trading. On the contrary, the volatility does not always bad and there is a new lesson from it. The volatility, apparently, often creates the number of millionaires where it emerges in unpredictable areas.

Top Penny Stocks Today

So, could you be one of the millionaires like them? Of course, this opportunity is available for you as long as you never give up. Besides that, you keep being aware and looking for the information on how to invest penny stocks.

Do not make the weakness or risk of penny stock as your enemy which will weaken you. In spite of this, you must use it as your spirit to always find the best penny stock.

6 Top Penny Stocks Today to Buy

Okay, let’s start with 6 penny stocks to watch for July and August 2019 such as below:

1. Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. ( ASM)
Recently, ASM has been showed its performance by giving at glance information of two-digit profit. The information very useful for the precious metal investors during the short-term until middle-term.

Avino got a sharp decline from 2018 until 56% and now the price is in $0.56. Nonetheless, the company has got an increase for 6 months until 30%. Half of the growth occurs in the last week of this month.

Besides the sharp growth in this year, there are other factors to consider Avino’s company. It has low debt rate with better-advanced P/ E ratio from 6, 87.

The company is also sure that the stock will increase twice easily during the next 6 month. It is because of how great the increase before and the silver price chases the gold price. 

2. CRV Partners, LP-UAN
You might know that CRV got a bad experience in June where it lost 0,79% overall. It occurred without a clear reason but many people tried to guess it. Anything the answer, some people have given a negative view of this nitrogen fertilizer's manufacturer.

By the way, that is only an old story because it has changed into the hot NASDAQ penny stocks. CRV Partners arouse for several last weeks on July increased until 10%. Even, it climbed to the top on $3.80 only in several last days.

Top Penny Stocks Today

The company also shows the earning per share (EPS) 68%. CRV still predict EPS in next year up to 28% so it is very interesting for numerous investors. Typically, the traders who look for high risk and high reward.

3. Rekor Systems, Inc (REKR)
On May, it made a great surge in 62% %1.12 and it increases again into 117% during this month. Overall, the income from the year- to-the- the date is 208% after showing an exponential in its client victory.

Even though, there is some dangerous sign here where the ratio of equity debt increase in 14.53. Seemly, REKR is not able to maintain its ratio and the RSI exists in 82. It implies the company’s stock is overbought. 

4. Chesapeake Energy (CHK)
Most people categorize CHK as the best penny stock to buy although it was inactive for several last years.

The company has been getting good progress where it trades the stock downs 63% from last year in $1.90. It arouses from the destruction of oil gas that causes the company has the debt of almost $10 billion. Besides that, the income became far lower than before.

The investor should understand its risk. Moreover, the debt always becomes the main attention when the gas and oil fall again. Once again, do not to feel anxiety because of the recent income increase in the last eleven quarters. Nowadays, it changes into a classic penny stock with high risk and gift. Usually, long-term stockholders prefer a company like CHK.

5. Dennison Mines (DNN)
The DNN offers the best chance for a big profit although it just a small traditional miner. Dennison Mines with the location in Athabasca Basin, North Canada targeting uranium resource as its property. Nowadays, the price of the uranium increases after the giant Cameco Corp close.

Alongside that, it offers a short-term catalyst for the price and discount.

Top Penny Stocks Today

All penny stocks to invest, of course, have plenty of risks including DNN. You might do not get a profit from the trading and you need to increase the capital. However, it does not right overall because Dennison Mines can provide any mining stock. The effort does lift the price of uranium. 

6. DHX Media (DHXM)
DHXM  has quite a bad reputation several times ago after the stock decreased by 30% during last year. The debt increased with the ratio of 115% but it keeps having some reasons to optimistic.

One of the reasons is the ability of DHXM adding the wealth of Peanuts Intelectual its portfolio. It occurred after agreeing with the Iconic Brand Group. The company adds Gadget Inspector, Teletubbies, and more portfolio. DHX also reduce the debt while carrying a high-quality partner with selling 39% Peanuts to Sony.

The next reason is the hottest top penny stock today tried to push of cost-saving besides reducing the debt. It is full of risk game because ICON's share decreases more than 99% during the last five years. The cause of the decrease is too much debt and too weak portfolio. Nonetheless, DHXM must be able to avoid and keep the potential for pushing a good profit.

Okay, those are 6 kinds of top penny stocks today that you can buy and save. Which one you will choose?