20+ List of Stocks on Robinhood for all Penny Stock Traders

Here, you will watch plenty of list stocks on Robinhood in two categories. It is the continuation of the prior discussion. Besides that, there is another thing informing on the assets that get support and opposite. So, update your information soon to face the fluctuating character of penny stocks. Robinhood itself is a broker that helps you to find the best penny stocks to trade

This provides numerous under $1 stocks that do not exist in the common stock exchange. Most people say that the broker is the home of beginner traders. Is it true?

20 List of Stocks on Robinhood Which are Excellent for Millenial Traders

Now, it is a millennial era where the traders have different styles in starting the stocks. They look more passionate in searching the penny stocks on Robinhood. Indeed, they have different needs in buying and selling their stocks. Luckily, this page understands these Millenial trader's styles so much.

List of Stocks on Robinhood

So, it shows 20 Robinhood stocks holdings that become favorite of these kinds of traders:

1. Microsoft +3)
2. Apple (+1)
3. Ford
4. Advanced Micro Devices  (-4)
5. General Electric (+2)
6. Facebook (-3)
7. Go Pro (-1)
8. Fitbit (+2)
9. Netflix (+6)
10. Twitter (+3)
11. Amazon.com
12. Square (+1)
13. Alibaba (-2)
14. Snap (-2)
15. Disney (+1)
16. Bank of America (-2)
17. Micron Technology
18. Starbucks
19. Tesla (-3)
20. Nvidia

Some Assets That Get and Do Not Get the Support of Robinhood Financial

Wow, those stocks are very appealing to buy soon. Okay, you can continue to select one of 20 lists of stock traded on Robinhood above. 

Precisely, do not continue your step before knowing the next information. It relates to the assets getting the support of Robinhood financial or not. Let’s reveal together:

Robinhood supports:

1. ETF and share listing in the US exchanges
2. ADRs serving for over 250 globally listed manufacturers
3. Option ETF and stocks in the US exchanges
4. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin

It does not support:

1. Foreign exchanges
2. Select OTC equities
3. Tracking stocks
4. Mutual funds
5. Preferred stocks
6. Foreign-domiciled stocks
7. Fixed-income trading and bonds

Top 5 Stocks That Trade in Robinhood

The previous 20 lists of penny stocks on Robinhood are tempting and excellent. Even though, this platform still has another category as the best choice. If the prior options are for the millennial trader, the next 5 stocks are for all:

1. Ziorpharm Oncology, Inc (ZIOP)

Firstly, you get an offer from the healthcare field venture namely Ziopharm Oncology. You can mention it as ZIOP and it runs in developing and commercializing a new cancer therapy. 

Exactly, it focuses on the treatment of never handle clinical niches. ZIOP produces sophisticated medication for gene therapy, immunotherapy, and others to helps the patients.

This healthcare penny stock improves the income of $1.29 per stock toward Wall Street in 2021. Even though, ZIOP also loses about $0.13 per stock where a profit of $207 million is the cause. Now, the stock is volatile where you can play the peaks and valleys to find profitable trades.

List of Stocks on Robinhood

You also should count the market time rightly. Besides that, always make sure to keep your stops and stick to your entry or exit plan.

2. Soleno Therapeutics, Inc.  (SLNO)

Next, there is Soleno Therapeutics (SLNO) researching also developing nanotechnology and the clinical phase pharmaceuticals. The result of the research is to treat rare illnesses. SLNO traded the stock as the mid-thirties in 2015 but it changed with the price under $10 since 2016. The company does it consistently until it existed in the dump.

However, this penny stock to watch for August 2021 is ready to return the condition. Recently, the stock of Soleno increases by more than 23% from last year

The increase also occurs on the year-to-the-date with more than 36%. In March 2019, the stock soared more than 95% after continuing phase III trials. 

3. Blink Charging Co. (BLNK)

Blink is the owner, supplier, even operating the charging stations to support electric vehicles. The company that improves the stock by more than 70% YTD (year-to-the-date) also provides other equipment for the vehicle.

However, the price of the stock tends to move drastically because the volatile percentage reached over 11%. BLNK itself has promised to supply electricity to EV customers in the US and Europe

It also installs the charger on the electric vehicle in the Whole Foods area. Yeah, it is very profitable for Blink Charging Co. 

4. GNC Holdings, Inc (GNC)

What makes GNC interesting to discuss? Yeah, it is a health and vitamin supplement retail company. Seemly, it is the list of stock on Robinhood 2018 that is getting pressure with passing the Q4 and Q3 reports. It passed the quarter reports last year so that the stock fell to $2.14 in December.

List of Stocks on Robinhood

Even though, the decrease of the stock makes the YTD increase over 15%. It implies GNC stock keeps stronger and able to survive in the middle of bad news.

5. Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK)

Perhaps, this last penny stock to invest in Robinhood does not sound strange in your ears. It is because this manufacturer has a good reputation and very well-known.

Besides that, the stock that destroyed $1.71 in December 2018 has improved again. This summer with the gas price increase, the holders of CHK wish they get more profit and advanced level.

By the way, you need to remind me what CHK is! It is a natural gas and petroleum venture. CHK operates all wells in the US  and grabs the most income from the oil of shale-related assets. In other words, it improves the stock through the price of WTF crude. 

Well, those are numerous lists of stocks on Robinhood. Now, you can trade the stock that under $1 by purchasing the first category or the second type. 

Here, you only need to remember that it includes penny stocks with having a high risk (How do Penny Stocks Work and What Essential Things you must Understand?). It is also fluctuating where this character is ready to make you fly or drop you on the dark valley. Besides understanding today's information, you must master tips to buy, trade, and finding the broker. It turns out Robinhood is the best online broker that provides numerous stocks and friendly to beginners. That is true!
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