4 Hot Penny Stocks Today Support Your Trading with 10 Rules to Follow

Some people choose to avoid trading in penny stock but others hunt it almost every day. They like to watch and then select that they think it is the best. If you want to get plenty of hot penny stocks today, do not forget to wake up early.

The trading always happens in the morning with a lot of traders inside.

hot penny stocks to buy today

However, you must be careful in playing this small share not only as its fluctuating character. Not all stocks there are real so finding the hot penny stocks to buy now also needs a strategy.

4 Appealing Hot Penny Stocks Today to trade this Week

Do not need to see many choices to get the best penny stocks in July 2021 to trade this week. Occasionally, the more option is the more confusing and it is possible most of them are fake.

Well, do not let them trap you with their sweet promises the earlier. Afterward, they are ready to fall you with a big loss in an instance. Here, this page just provides 4 stocks to choose from easily:

1. Tuesday Morning Corporation (TUES)- YTD profit: -7.7%

Introduce it Tuesday Morning Corporation, a retail company from Dallas establishing in 1974. Since 2001, TUES has been operating its branches in 41 states and it keeps fighting to the profit.

Nowadays, it becomes one of the most expensive socks after operating 724 stores in the US. It reports the net sales and comp down more than 5% with the margin up to 30%. By the way, it is the report on the last quarter and it keeps regard it like the speculative stock.

The investors must regard it because they should estimate the net loss of the year and next year.

Unluckily, its penny stock price is about $1.67 per stock with a low market capitalization of $88 million. TUES categorizes it as low income because the manufacturer compares the income in 2014 ($22 per stock).

hot penny stocks to buy today

Even though, it still has a high opportunity to get many buyers. TUES only needs to maintain the income increase and return the stock to profitability.

2. MCig Inc (MCIG)- YTD profit: -183%

MCig is a cannabis industry in Las Vegas but it also operates in California, New York, and Nevada. It becomes one of the top marijuana stocks in the US although the financial is still rare.

The company starts to grow in 2016 with its income of $1.72 million and increase $4.78 million in 2017. During that fiscal year, Mcig had resulted in more than $1.53. It turns out the company still earn more than $7 million in 2018.

Nonetheless, you must keep considering Mcig as the speculative stock which offers a quick profit and income. Here, you should know that Mcig never trades its share above $1.

It always determines its price about six cents and it traded 92 cents per stock in 2014. Nowadays, the income of the market capitalization reaches $80 and it can be more than that.

3. Arotech Corporation (ARTX)

The profit of the year-to-the-date is about -30, 56% and it includes as one of hot penny stocks today NASDAQ. It is the company of defense and security with a market capitalization of $84 million. 

Nowadays, ARTX competes with Honeywell International Inc. (NYSE: HON) and General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). They compete in the power system division. On the other hand, ARTX still has numerous functions. It comes as a defense contractor, military equipment company, law enforcement, and homeland security.

As its speculative stock, the company reached $96.9 million as income in 2018. Unfortunately, it is not good news for the traders because ARTX earned $103.57 million in 2014. 

Nonetheless, the profit in 2017 reached 17 cents per stock and 19 cents per stock in 2018. Even though, it dares to estimate 26 cents per stock this year.

4. Mid-Con Energy Partners LP

MCEP has a profit of the year-to-the-date of -53.19% and it trades in NASDAQ. By the way, it is an oil and gas company with low prices and income. 

The stock of MCEP traded $27 per stock in 2013 and then it traded 73 cents per share in 2016. This year, the company trades in almost 40 cents per share and it ever reached $1.75.

If the company counts the amount since 2014, the income decreases. It decreases from $96.61 to $56.1. The decrease occurred in 2016 and it keeps influencing the income estimation. Perhaps, the company only will receive an income under $60 during 2018-2019.

10 Rules to Trade Penny Stocks that rare to discuss

Reading on how to buy and trade penny stocks, tips to beginners, and choose the broker is common (7 Best Penny Stocks Brokers to begin your Investment without Hesitation). It implies those topics often emerge on the internet but you may never hear the rules to trade.

Although it is rare to discuss, it does not the information is not important. Due to you must follow it, this page will show 10 rules to trade penny stocks below:

1. Never trade when you do not hold enough money. It is better you wait for a while until your budget is enough. If you force to trade, you may lose all without reward when you do not win it.

hot penny stocks to buy today

2. Stop the disadvantage
The management of stop loss is important to use because it helps you to prevent bad trading. Without the stop loss, you will lose all although you get a 20% profit for 5 tradings.

3. Limit the order
The third penny stock tip is with limiting your order and avoid using the market order. It may contain a big difference between the price on the screen and reality. Alongside that, most penny stocks inside are not liquid.

4. Out of the trading when you loss
Do not waste time staying there longer when you know that you will not a success.

5. Look for high volume penny stocks
Most penny stocks have a low volume but you must find one which has a high volume. The high volume helps to reduce the additional payment when you buy or trade the stock.

6. Do not excessive
Trade your stock naturally and do not overtrade although the change to win is big (Penny Stocks that Went Big: 6 Steps to save and shine Your Small Expertise). When you are too passionate and spend all the money, you may lose it without reward.

7. Do not fall in love
Stay in penny stock does not mean you are investing. You are playing so that you do not need to fall in love.

8. Note your trade and learn from the mistake that you make
Keep spirit if you eventually lose and improve your trading. Find out and learn what makes you not win it. If you have understood, it is time to hunt the hot penny stocks to buy right now.

9. You do not allow relying on tips
The tips to trade existing on the internet, brochure, or others may be the trap from the frauds. Just be careful!

10. Make your own rule
It is additional information to make your own rule. Nevertheless, do it properly until really finding the best.

Okay, those are 4 hot penny stocks today and 10 tips to trade. Feel free to follow the rules above because this page does not have any business with this trading. So, it is sure to inform you and you are safe.
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