1972 Canadian Penny Fantastic Value

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1972 Canadian Penny – Talking about ancient money, we will discuss coins, where most of the money in ancient times was in the form of coins. However, usually, the nominal of coins is only a little, not as big as paper money. However, this is different if the coin has become a rare item, it will have a high enough value. One of the ancient coins that currently has a fantastic price is the 1972 Canadian penny. Regarding some things about the coins, they are described below.

Specifications Of 1972 Canadian Penny

Before we discuss the 1972 Canadian penny value, we first need to know some of the specifications of this Canadian coin.

1972 Canadian Penny

What is a 1972 Canadian penny made of? Some of the common specifications for the 1972 Canadian penny include:

  • Number of coins minted: 451,304,591
  • Made from an alloy of 98% copper, 1.5% zinc and 0.5% tin
  • The weight of the money is about 3.24 grams
  • 19.05 mm in diameter and 1.55 mm in thickness
  • The engraving on the front is Arnold Machin while on the back is G.E Gruger
  • The edges of the money are smooth and plain, not jagged and Non-magnetic

The picture from the 1972 Canadian penny is a maple leaf because the maple leaf is a symbol of Canada which is the pride and hallmark of this country.

For the design of this coin minted in 1972 using two maple leaves on a twig, this design was made by Kruger Gray, this logo design is not the first but has been used for coins minted in 1935 and 1937.

Most people are curious about the 1972 Canadian penny worth, so many are looking for info about this coin.

But before that, we need to know the specifications of the money for sure. The front design depicts an image of Queen Elizabeth II who was immortalized at the age of 39 with the words ELIZABETH 11 D.G.REGINA surrounding the image.

How Much Is A 1972 Canadian Penny Worth?

Many are curious and ask about How much a 1972 Canadian penny costs?, so many people have a perspective according to their respective opinions.

Now to be able to find out the 1972 one-cent Canadian penny value, we need to know some parameters for the valuation of a coin price.

Some things that affect the value of ancient money include:

1. Demand Rate

The price of the 1972 Canadian penny can first be based on the level of demand. Usually, fans of this ancient money will prefer to look for ancient money that is still in good condition and which has a small amount in the world, so for money in this category, many people ask and want it.

Due to a large number of requests, usually, the value of the 1972 Canadian penny kg will also increase and increase.

2. Rarity Rate

In addition to the level of demand, another thing that makes the 1972 Canadian penny kc a high value is based on the level of scarcity, where the rarer the money, the higher the value of the money. The scarcity is usually due to the small number of prints and the lack of circulation due to a 1972 Canadian penny error.

3. Obsolescence Rate

In addition to the level of demand and scarcity of goods, another thing that makes the 1972 Canadian penny so valuable is its level of obsolescence. Where if the money should have a high value but because the level of obsolescence is large then the money will have a normal value. Because collectors rarely like outdated things.

4. Bid Rate

One of the ancient coins that currently has many offers is a 1972 Canadian penny worth money. Where this also affects the price of the money. The theory is usually that the more demand and supply, the more expensive the item will be.

What Canadian Pennies Are Valuable?

We often hear this question about price, many of which ask How much does a 1972 Canadian penny cost? Answers regarding prices cannot be answered specifically, but can only be answered in general terms.

1972 Canadian Penny Value

One of the factors that influence the value of the 1972 Canadian penny is the error rate. Some of the assessments that are usually used to give value to ancient money according to their condition include:

• P-1

This is an assessment based on the condition of the item in the form of a 1972 Canadian penny, where this assessment is given to items in poor condition, where ancient coins are so outdated that it is difficult to identify whether the money is really good money to collect or not.

Usually, for this condition, the price of money is very small according to the nominal price at that time.

• F-12

The condition in which the 1972 Canadian penny is very outdated, but different from the previous state, although very outdated but he can still be identified.

The characteristic of money with this condition is that the money has a prominent mark so that we are not too difficult to identify it.

It’s just that the luster of this money is not there so the price is usually priced at a price that is not too high.

• MS-70

This assessment is an assessment of the condition of the goods that are still very good as they were first printed.

This condition can be said to be a perfect condition which is a 1972 Canadian penny value where the money still has perfect luster and has no defects and scratches even though it has been enlarged using 8x magnification.

So now you know how much would a 1972 Canadian penny be worth? Hopefully, this article can open the eyes and insight of the readers regarding the 1972 Canadian penny which has a premium value above the average.

Hopefully, you are one of the lucky ones who can get this precious ancient coin so that we can enjoy the beauty of preserving a past or history, and make ourselves part of people who appreciate the past, no matter how bitter the past is one day it will become the most beautiful memory.


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